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Trading up Canon EOS

mmish Avatar
mmish 3 3 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2019 12:31AM
I live in the UK and travel, so am also taking pictures in the Med, mostly wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and ancient sites.

I abandoned my old faithful 35mm auto-focus EOS 500 many years ago for pocket digital ixus and others. But now I wonder if I should buy an EOS digital body - if my existing lenses would fit.

If so, which would be the best model EOS - for a pensioner! As I change lenses often I would expect the replacement digital body to have metal lens mountings etc. I would like bluetooth but would cope with wifi to transfer pictures.

Existing lenses from the 500 are -

EF 28-80; 3.5-5.6, 58MM DIA

EF 75-300 1.4-5.6 II 58MM DIA

I would look at a totally new camera with lenses if the deals are better!

LenShepherd Avatar
LenShepherd 15 4.7k United Kingdom
18 Nov 2019 9:08AM
Why not visit a camera shop with a Canon body in stock?

This way you will know hands on how well the lenses fit and how the combination feels in your hands.

As you change lenses a lot think carefully about mirrorless - which would require an adaptor for EOS lenses.

Digital sensors when powered up attract dust.
With ML the sensor is on all the time the camera is powered up to see through the viewfinder. This is one reason why dust on the sensor is a much bigger issue with ML than with a DSLR.
mmish Avatar
mmish 3 3 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2019 12:37PM
Len, thanks for your helpful comments.

I will be visiting our local family owned camera business where I will see how the lens mount adaptors fit and function. (Do you have experience of these adaptors by the way?)

I am not so bothered about a mirrorless body. Although I like our Ixus, which when I bought it was near top of the range and the separate viewfinder appealed. Although in itself it is not 'through-the-lens'. I find an LED screen is not well enough illuminated in the Med sun.

Indeed, this is the point I like about the SLR, to help frame say a wild bird using the long lens and steadied by a tripod. I am not concerned by the weight of an SLR with this extra mechanism.

I am not too bothered by video as its not something my generation are concerned with. If I do shoot the odd video its on my phone! (No vlogs or youtube feature films!)

So a mirrorless with its sensor problem would not bother me. As for connectivity, a further chat with my wife confirms that the desirability of bluetooth is of no great advantage for us to download to laptop as that is our preferred storage.

But to replace the Ixus would allay these worries; although we have found that the software in a lot of the small pocket digital cameras is not so comprehensive as the original Ixus software. In that after taking a picture in say, macro mode, the software re-sets to its default 'auto' setting. So, in order to take another macro one has to go through the setting steps of the software to get it back to the macro setting. Ditto for other settings too.
JackAllTog Avatar
JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2019 12:56PM
Hi Jon,

EF lenses should fit all the EOS D-SLR as i understand it. Though things like AF may not work the same?
Your lenses are old now and newer ones are likely to be much better.

As its such a big jump i'd consider all brands, nor just Canon ( Sorry Canon).
But also consider weight and hand luggage restrictions for your trips.

One big change of late has been mirrorless led by Sony and followed recently by Canon & Nikon - there are small weight/size savings to be had from these new models, though new lenses always seem to be bigger to more than offset the size/weight savings. Also battery's don't last as long on mirrorless bodies.

The other approach is that with quite a few upgrading to the new systems, they are selling the old systems - buying 2nd hand could save quite a bit while you fully decide on the bigger cameras or not.

Its well worth a trip to a camera store, or even the duty free shops to handle the newer bodies.

There are 3 main Sensor size's in the typical commercial space - Full frame like you were used to, smaller APS-c and even smaller M4/3 - these smaller ones are lighter and more compact with Olympus and Fuji and interesting models.

Really the question is what is you rough budget and how many lenses do you expect to end up with?
mmish Avatar
mmish 3 3 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2019 1:03PM
Thanks Jack.

I am motivated by the cost of lenses! I would prefer to keep my long lens worth about £150, and also make use of the standard lens supplied with the old EOS.

So to buy a body my budget would be stretched at about £300 - well, I am a pensioner !

But accept that a new camera with lenses would be more effective.
JackAllTog Avatar
JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2019 1:15PM
So a 2nd hand APS-c camera might be of interest as the smaller sensors mean the lens 300mm is effectively 1.6 times longer - i.e about 480mm. You do have to offset this with the wide end of the other lens not being as wide. IE and 18 -55mm kit lens is 28mm at the wider end.

I'd look at maybe a 2nd hand EOS 550D or perhaps even a EOS 60D APS-c canon camera to reuse your old EF 75-300 1.4-5.6 II 58MM DIA.
Please do get someone to confirm its going to work on the new EOS Bodies.
dark_lord Avatar
dark_lord Plus
19 3.0k 836 England
18 Nov 2019 2:25PM
All EF lenses will fit current EOS full frame abnd APS-C EOS bodies, and fit the EOS R series. and EOS M series via their adaptors.
EF-S lenses will only fir APS-C bodies and the EOS R series via the adpator.

Given your budget, second hand is a good place to look, some bargains to be had if you look around.
New, then there's the EOS 2000D, small and lightweight, 24 MP, wifi and £289 body only from Wex. By all means look at other makes but you'll need to budget for lenses too.
mmish Avatar
mmish 3 3 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2019 6:09PM
Jack thank you - used suggestions taken on board. I see some refurbed in Amazon with a year's guarantee. Although, again I worry that the software is supported, as we find that the Ixus software now has no support.

Don't worry, I will not buy anything until I take my lenses down to our local Canon shop to double check compatability. I just love those lenses and would not wish to part with them as long as their features are not lost with adaption.

Dark-lord, points taken and pleased you are so positive about the compatability. I was thinking of the 2000D which would fit in nicely with my budget if I can use the lenses seamlessly. Some bodies only even cheaper on Amazon.

But say black friday throws-up one of the new Nikon range at a price not too far from my budget? Should I turn my back on Canon?


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