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Tripod - Benro or Manfrotto

markst33 Avatar
markst33 14 78 2 Ireland
10 May 2019 1:30PM
I am in the market for a new tripod and have narrowed down the choices to these :

Benro FIF28CIB2 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Manfrotto Befree GT Aluminum Tripod

Both are exactly the same price - can handle pretty much the same weight and weigh more or less the same.

So I was wondering if anyone has either of these or has experience of them and why I should pick one over the other

Thanks in advance.

spickles Avatar
spickles 12 11 United Kingdom
10 May 2019 8:49PM
I recently exchanged my Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod with 804RC2 head for a Manfrotto Befree Ball Head Advanced Aluminum Travel Tripod to save weight. It does not give the height of my previous tripod, will not be as stable in the wind and I do not find the ball head as easy to operate as the 3 way pan and tilt head but it does the job for me and the lighter weight means a day out with the camera is much more pleasant. I have no knowledge of the Benro tripod

Hope this helps

davereet Avatar
davereet 19 448 United Kingdom
10 May 2019 9:04PM
I have had a Manfrotto and a Benro tripod, not the same models that you are looking at and they are both fine, but when I damaged my Manfrotto I found that you can buy every single part of them, all models.
I fixed the tripod very quickly, I could not find anywhere that I could buy spare parts for Benro.
Tripods in the field have a hard life and being able to repair one is important to me.
May be something to think about when making your choice.

sherlob Avatar
sherlob Plus
17 3.3k 133 United Kingdom
11 May 2019 6:04PM
The CF tripod is likely to be a tad more stable.

However, TBH I've found limited success with both companies. I used to shoot a lot of costal landscapes and the alloy lugs corroded very quickly - leaving me with a broken tripod usually within 12 months. The last manfrotto model I had I returned as the centre column couldn't be replaced with a shortened column - yes it had a fancy swing arm centre column, but in practice I find these can easily destabilise the camera, and can be tricky to alter when the camera is mounted. Most recently I have been using a tripod by Novo - its the best I've ever had.
pink Avatar
pink Plus
20 7.4k 11 England
13 May 2019 7:27AM
Another vote for the Novo tripod, they seem well made and very sturdy.
I have had Manfrotto's (many) over the years and most just lasted out the warranty, seawater is a killer, even if you rinse in freshwater straight after a shoot it still seems an issue.
My Novo is my everyday tripod and I also have a Leofoto large tripod that I use for landscape and Seascape photography, it is very sturdy as it has 40mm large leg tubes (largest) and no centre column.
Many years ago I had a £1000 Gitzo carbon fibre tripod that I (wrongly) thought would last me a lifetime, it seized up after 2 years and now resides in the cupboard at home.
I have not had a Benro tripod but you do hear good things about them.
It is a Tripod minefield out there and along the way I am sure we all make the wrong decisions from time to time.
Good luck!
gill_f Avatar
gill_f 19 122 England
14 May 2019 9:43AM
I have a Benro. Yesterday I discovered I'd lost a very small piece at the bottom of the central column. Rang 2 Benro stockists who could not help. Rang Benro direct and they were amazingly helpful. They sent the part by courier ten minutes after I had paid them £3 for the part. So ....Benro support was 100 percent, particularly as this particular model of tripod is no longer sold.
I used a Manfrotto before the Benro. It was OK but I like the fact that Benro use Arca type plates rather than being restricted to Manfrotto quick release plates.
markst33 Avatar
markst33 14 78 2 Ireland
14 May 2019 11:48AM
As a follow up to the thread - I went down to the shop to have a look at the Manfrotto and they pointed out that I would have to pay €50 for an adapter in order to attach an L bracket to the manfrotto so they suggested and showed me a 3 Legged Thing tripod.

I can't remember the model name (I have tweeted them asking them what it was) but does anyone here use 3LT tripods and whats your opinion.

Its a bloody minefield.
pink Avatar
pink Plus
20 7.4k 11 England
14 May 2019 3:13PM
I had a 3LT 'Steve', it was hopeless, first time out on the beach and it failed, the leg tubes filled with sand and it had to go back under warranty, was never right when it came back, still gritty when extending/collapsing the legs.
Next trip the head failed, locked it up tight and it snapped the thread into the ball head, replaced the head with an old Gitzo and then the centre column fixing to the head detached, gave up after that and it is now living with the Gitzo tripod in the cupboard.
It might be an isolated incidence as I do look after my gear.
No problems with the Novo or Leofoto yet though Smile
markst33 Avatar
markst33 14 78 2 Ireland
14 May 2019 3:48PM
Its the 3LT Brian I am looking at


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