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TV Licence

capto Plus
8 6.4k 21 United Kingdom
8 Jun 2020 7:54AM
As an oldie who has enjoyed the free TV licence for awhile, but will soon have to start to pay again.... I was wondering, in light of all the repeats in the schedules now, would it be O.K. if I just used one of the old licences from some years ago.Wink
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.1k 58 United Kingdom
8 Jun 2020 8:57AM

Quote:would it be O.K. if I just used one of the old licences from some years ago.Wink

Seems fair enough Wink as you say all the old TV repeats.

I sometime watch the BBC news - perhaps i can pay for just that, and not all the other programs.

I think our needs for TV has changed, we don't often sit down a a particular time each evening and watch that days perscribed dose of entertainment - even gardeners world get viewed on iplayer now days.
dark_lord Plus
16 2.7k 699 England
8 Jun 2020 9:53AM

Quote:would it be O.K. if I just used one of the old licences from some years ago

As long as the old licence you have covers the year in question of the particular repeat Wink
Dave_Canon Plus
14 1.8k United Kingdom
8 Jun 2020 1:32PM
When they run a repeat there is a similar cost in the technology to transmit. Also they still have to pay royalties to the actors and writers. I also suspect that you would choose the repeats rather than current programmesWink

I almost never watch live TV but watch recordings, Netflix, Amazon or last night I watched YouTube

JackAllTog Plus
11 6.1k 58 United Kingdom
8 Jun 2020 4:01PM
Looks like the Gov is giving over 75's a few more weeks of free television, and you can reuse your expired licences ( for just a little while)

BBC vs US media and worldwide venture capilists.

Dave_Canon Plus
14 1.8k United Kingdom
8 Jun 2020 10:12PM
The free licence will be gone before I get there but then I do not think that I should get a free licence. It seems the BBC is struggling and there are clear signs of this; they could not fund the 4th series of The Last Kingdom and Netflix had to take it over. Either the Government must provide a subsidy (and they must be bust after COVID 19) or perhaps the free licence should be based on the means to pay.

Jestertheclown 12 8.3k 253 England
8 Jun 2020 10:23PM
No-one should be forced to pay for a TV licence.
The BBC needs to support itself in the same way that other TV channels do; subscription and/or advertising.
The problem that might arise with the former, of course, is just how many people would be prepared to pay a subscription for it.
I certainly wouldn't.
The problem that might arise with the latter, of course, is that advertisers might decide not to touch it either.
Again, I certainly wouldn't.
The third alternative would be to just let it go the way of the dinosaurs.

9 Jun 2020 12:00AM
A very interesting read on television in the UK. Here in the 'States our networks - NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. continue to be advertiser driven only when viewed via an over-the-antenna means. However, you can get these and many other cable exclusive channels where you both pay and get to view ads also. Which makes no real sense - pay and ads, too. So many ads on some channels that you eventually lose track of the story line in the program you are watching, at times. To be honest, I am more and more returning to simply reading books once more. You know old fashioned books that you can check out from a public library for a few weeks for free. More than enough entertainment for me. My waistline and grocery bill likes it, too. I notice I snack much less when reading a book.
davereet 16 443 United Kingdom
9 Jun 2020 3:59PM
I don't understand why people are fussed about 150 od for BBC when they are prepared to pay three times as much for Sky.
If you time Sky, the ads in programs and ads between progs it is nearly 50% ads yet all the other payed for tv eg Netflix, Prime etc are ad free.
How do they get away with it?

saltireblue Plus
10 11.1k 68 Norway
9 Jun 2020 4:05PM

Quote:I don't understand why people are fussed about 150 od for BBC when they are prepared to pay three times as much for Sky.

It's about choice. People don't like being forced to pay for something they perhaps never use. Paying for Sky is a choice they make.

Quote:How do they get away with it?

As long as there are enough people willing to pay for the products they offer, then that's how...
9 Jun 2020 5:37PM
I think SKY 'get away with it' because they corner the market in certain fields making it too expensive for anyone else to challenge them. Formula 1 is a prime example.
davereet 16 443 United Kingdom
9 Jun 2020 6:04PM
You are right about buying things up, they nearly killed cricket, they will probably kill F1

Squirrel 13 467 7 England
9 Jun 2020 8:33PM
Its not only about television - its radio too. I listen while I work. I love our local radio station BBC Three counties. Jonathan Vernon Smith is a brilliant presenter. His talk show is always interesting and his consumer hour very informative. He has tackled some very serious subjects over the years, but he is also very amusing I think he's a bit of a giggler .He has got me into trouble so many times - its difficult to mow straight lines when I am laughing so much. I like Radio 4 in the afternoon - the plays and programmes such as Brain of Britain, The Food programme with the wonderful Shelia Dillon and Counterpoint. Heaven help anyone that rings sunday morning when the Archers is on, or sunday afternoon when Gardeners Question time is broadcast
Some of the comedy slots I'm not too sure of, but I can turn to Radio 4 extra if I feel in need of something more my sense of humour I was bought up with Round the Horne and the Clitheroe Kid. They also have some good Sci fi plays and crime series - The Toff is on at the moment. Old programme but still worth a listen.

Dave_Canon Plus
14 1.8k United Kingdom
9 Jun 2020 10:22PM
Many years ago a labour government promised that the key mains sports Football, rugby, cricket and F1 would remain available on terrestrial TV but soon went back on this. F1 was most successful when it was free on terrestrial TV. Bernie believed that the more available it was then more people would see the adverts and they would earn more income for F1. Occasionally, Sky will show an F1 for free and their presentation is very poor compared with CH4, BBC or ITV.

Dave ,
9 Jun 2020 10:34PM
But ITV never understood that a race is ruined by the continual appearance of Adverts. Channel 4 on the other hand have always screened the entire race without adverts - loading the pre- and after race conversations to make up the difference.

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