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TV's portrayal of Photo Studio in Aylesbury

RoyBoy 13 259 2 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2013 4:57PM
I have been a member of EPZ for quite a few years and this has got to rank as probably the best thread that I have read.

I recently watch the TV episode and formed many of the same thoughts as others mentioned earlier in this thread and felt quite sad. However Andy came over as a very nice lady and protective of her girls, which was lovely to see. I also loved the bit where Andy was shaking in the studio of the other professional and one of the her girls immediately got involved in starting to offer some direction to the model, which clearly took some of the pressure off mum. There were also other parts which clearly demonstrated the family bond and this was great to watch also.

What has then made my day is that then up pops Emma and Andy on EPZ to tell us the truth of what really happened. What an eye opener and shows you what some not so very nice people will do in the name of "entertainment".

What I would love to see now is another programme about the truth behind the making of the initial programme such that it shows the reality about Andy and her girls and the twisted version portrayed by these so called programme presenters..... won't happen of course.

Good luck to you Andy and your "team" and thank you for putting us all straight on things.

Best wishes

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adrian_w Plus
10 3.7k 4 Scotland
24 Feb 2013 6:19PM

Quote:I'd be surprised if Peach Lane Studios hadn't benefited in any way from the publicity and advice

Yep.............. no such thing as bad publicity, they say. Smile

We would never have heard of Peach Lane had it not been for the TV show.

The problem is that only people who read this forum will know the truth. Others will believe the view put out by the TV & may be put off using Peach lane Studios by that.
PeachLane 4 18
24 Feb 2013 6:44PM
That's what we' worried about. Sad
PeachLane 4 18
24 Feb 2013 6:46PM
However, we've had over a hundred form messages over the past few days. All either encouraging us or saying they'd like a photoshoot. So hopefully we'll come through this.
Newdevonian 5 466 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2013 6:54PM
Why don't you add some portraits to this site. It can't hurt!
Andy_Cundell 6 1.1k 5 England
24 Feb 2013 6:59PM
Hiya PeachLane (Andy)

People starting there own businesses 'have balls' in my book, they gamble a hell of a lot on it and it's something I don't think I could ever do (not with Photography, I'm just an enthusiastic amateur!). I watched the program but didn't realize we had a thread on here with the 'stars' of the show Wink

Does Polizzi really talk through her nose that much and does she always have a cold???

All I can really say is "No publicity is bad publicity". The whole of the UK have seen you and what you can do and I wish you, your family and business all the very best!

Andy (No, I'm not restating your name, I'm an Andy too!)Tongue
EmmaLou76 4 4
24 Feb 2013 7:13PM
It was a huge gamble starting the business, particularly for my mum putting her life savings into it. But we had to do it. We all have to start somewhere and can't be experts at running a business straight away.
I have to say I am really touched by all the new messages on here - nearly bought a tear to my eye and I don't cry as easily as my mum and sister. Wink
Andy - yes Alex is a very loud nose breather! I don't think she ever had a cold? Lol
Yes the publicity is going to be great, so I guess we will have to just ride the ridicule and keep doing what we are doing and more!
We are going to be at Focus next Monday, which I am dreading a little as there wil be so many photographers that will have judged us on what they have seen on the show. I just hope that all our photographer friends will have managed to get the real story out to as many as possible. Maybe we will meet some of you kind folk there? If so, please come and say hi! X
Carabosse 14 41.0k 269 England
24 Feb 2013 7:16PM
I'm sure you'll be fine! Smile
lemmy 10 2.7k United Kingdom
24 Feb 2013 8:58PM

Quote:Yes the publicity is going to be great, so I guess we will have to just ride the ridicule and keep doing what we are doing and more!

You presumably did it for the publicity. The programme gets its show. You both gain. People who know you know what you are like, why would you care about people who don't know you?

From your point of view you are centre of a storm. The truth is most people know nothing about you or your business.

There is a wonderful story about Einstein when he moved to the USA. He was great friends with Charlie Chaplin and one night Einstein went with Chaplin to a premiere of one of Chaplin's films. People were banging on the car windows and chanting their names, whooping and cheering. Einstein turned to Chaplin and said, "Charlie, what does all this mean?" "Nothing", replied Chaplin.
Pete Plus
16 18.8k 97 England
25 Feb 2013 11:32AM
I watched it last night. I normally miss programs like that so I'm glad this thread started

I didn't read all the comments in here before viewing so I could have an open mind. Whatever the slant or bias - fiction or none fiction. I thought it was a great program that any photographer considering starting out as a pro should watch as it gave a real insight into the dilemmas that may appear. I imagine many who start up have little or no experience of anything other than being able to take a decent photo. The various angles that were covered seemed from a snapshot point of view good: how to market better, how to promote, how to understand cashflow, through to presentation, diversification etc. If I was starting out I would have gleamed some useful snippets of info from this. Having a real life example, and illustrating it as it not working well, emphasised/dramatised that more.

Now we know the truth, and some of what we saw was not really the truth, but it could easily have been, so I place it in a more fictional account and it's helpful for learning. It would have been poor entertainment for the masses if they'd said here's a business that's doing ok but we can make it do a bit better. Viewing figures would plummet, no one would talk about it. As it happens people were saying did you see that program...blah blah. And it even triggered someone to post on our forums, so you got much more exposure. No doubt people have talked about it elsewhere.

When watching you can see that it's not actually lazy daughters, it's more about not knowing the more detailed aspects of business and management, which you're all clearly clever enough to grasp and appear to have done so as the program unfolds. Taking feedback about the crappy logo and changing it to a much more professional one, presenting your work better etc, getting out and marketing yourselves etc. So no matter how it made you look it (and my thoughts were inexperienced not lazy) it will have made you stronger. Add that to your photography which was already really good I'm sure it's been a worthwhile move. I wish you well in the new studio, which it turned out towards the end was actually saving you loads of money not costing, so again TV dramatisation at play! I think you ended up with a much more professional looking business in similarly professional location. Would/could you have done that without help of the TV program?

I'd say a result!

And now you've found us... I hope you both continue to contribute...and maybe even post some of the photos in your profile Andy? BTW I really felt for you in that first studio session with Jessica (she's been photographed before fame by several of our members and used to be a regular face in the gallery) what pressure in what I imagine was a busy TV set with hardly any pre-planning. I'd like Rachel to join too and post some of those advertising based photographs. She has a good eye for angles and focus point.

If commercial is something you are hoping to do more of, I would reflect that a bit more on your home page which is still very much portrait session based.
lemmy 10 2.7k United Kingdom
25 Feb 2013 3:04PM

Quote:I'd say a result!

Funny how people involved in media and publicity see it differently from people not.

Personally, the services of a professional whom I could never afford off my own bat giving me advice for nix in return for a few knocks - sounds a bargain to me.
lobsterboy 13 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2013 3:15PM

Quote:Now we know the truth, and some of what we saw was not really the truth, but it could easily have been,

That is an interesting turn of phrase, if you are going to make up what "could easily have been", why bother involving real people? Why not just use actors?
Its a slippery slope from making up "what could have been", as it soon becomes "what we want it to be" and before you know it your The Daily Mail Wink
lemmy 10 2.7k United Kingdom
25 Feb 2013 3:26PM

Quote:Its a slippery slope from making up "what could have been", as it soon becomes "what we want it to be" and before you know it your The Daily Mail

That remark makes sense so long as you know nothing about entertainment and TV production. Even someone making a YouTube video knows that you cannot show 'real life' as it happens. Hours of video has to be edited unless viewers are prepared to watch a program lasting days. In the editing choices have to be made. Already it is not truth, even if everyone could agree what truth was.

The Daily Mail in general does not print out and out lies. It presents a version of the truth, slanted to some people's eyes. The Guardian et al do the same thing. You can buy or not buy the Daily Mail or the Guardian. But if you are looking for yer actual truth, you had better join an organised religion or the more tribal members of a political party. It still won't be truth but the members will have been browbeaten or brainwashed enough to all agree with one another.
petebfrance 5 2.5k France
25 Feb 2013 3:31PM
?As an aside, I wonder if there's any chance of changing the title of this thread, oh moderators?
pulsar69 13 1.6k 6 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2013 3:31PM
Hi Peach Lane !

I have watched the program and read these comments too with great interest as have always considered starting a studio but as a wedding photographer its never really been a necessity, more a luxury which i havent needed.

I can quite see how the TV team would want to make sure that the program made ratings and how things would be twisted but would also say in their defense too that you did know what program you were going on and would have been quite aware of the idea behind the program.

Its testament then to your business skills whether you mean to go on or not that you have now created yourself a great deal of publicity all of which can only be good for your business so from your point of view you should view it as a good thing no matter how badly you think you may have been portrayed - the very factor of your tv appearance will bring with it more brand awareness and more customers , it will be down to you to convert them and own them and I am sure you will.

Quite a funny remark Alex made about Peachy Pics being a childish name ! I have just a moment ago watched a national tv advert for a new loans company called - you guessed it - 'Peachy ' !

Andrew Davies Photography North East

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