UK Police Claim Filming Them Is an Offence

JohnnyGraham 14 102 Scotland
22 May 2008 9:39PM

Quote:He starts off in an alley way then runs to his garden

its his garden path.

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keith selmes 16 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
22 May 2008 9:51PM
no alley, no running.
JohnnyGraham 14 102 Scotland
22 May 2008 9:52PM

Quote:No alley, no running.

thank goodness I was starting to wonder if I was watching a different video from everyone else lol.

redsnappa 17 2.0k United Kingdom
22 May 2008 10:09PM

Quote:he then felt the need to goad and humiliate them.

I think those two cops humiliated themselves because of their lack of knowledge of the law

The thing to remember is that while these coppers were making prats of themselves there would have been real crimes being committed, maybe old ladies being mugged, and children being attacked at which they should have been attending
22 May 2008 10:57PM
so your in the street talking to you notice someone hiding behind a hedge filming you would you just stand there? i agree coppers looks like fools but the fact of the matter was he was hiding filming and seemed like he was waiting for a reaction. but anyway the film maker got what he wanted both parties looked and sounded foolish , green behind the ears coppers and nothing better to do so called film maker. but he does make a sharp exit from what looks like a communal ally path and he is in a hurry.
22 May 2008 10:59PM
i cant believe i got into this topic hahaha its a dodgy person with a video camera and not a regular photographer on a street shame on me. my last entry in this silly thread Smile
Krakman 13 3.6k Scotland
22 May 2008 11:14PM

Quote:So your in the street talking to you notice someone hiding behind a hedge filming you would you just stand there?

Of course.

Unless you're a drug dealer, in which case, probably best to leg it.
JohnnyGraham 14 102 Scotland
22 May 2008 11:27PM

Quote:communal ally path.

garden denialists are everywhere!
ZenTog 18 7.9k 1 England
23 May 2008 8:44AM
pity his camera skills are not good for a film maker!

how old was that police girl, was she on release from 5th form on job training?

both sides looked like planks in the end, plus that accent always cracks me up!!
sidaorb 13 3.9k 2 England
23 May 2008 9:14AM

Quote:how old was that police girl, was she on release from 5th form on job training?

Don't joke about it, a few of my colleagues help out with officer training, basically local shopping centre and you get told by the trainer what your scenario is and how you should react to the officers, ranges from very timid and upset to full on throwing F's, kicking off and resisting arrest, loads of fun..........nickname for the new recruits.....'Plod in Pampers'..... as some look soo young Wink
ZenTog 18 7.9k 1 England
23 May 2008 10:06AM
plod in pampers like that a lot carl

on a serious note though , I had four defectives (pun intended) and one uniform (the only decent one there) raid my house a few years ago convinced I was dealing / posessing section one firearms! they didnt even know what a section one firearm was, and had to phone the station over a webley air pistol, if they can muck up on a really serious issue like that what hope for these plods in pampers
doug_7 14 482 England
23 May 2008 11:04AM
It can't get any better than this.
A motorist in Melksham, Wiltshire was told by the police to remove the England flag from his parcel shelf because it could be offensive to immigrants.
He only put it there because he had just fitted speakers to the shelf and he wanted to hide them from view.
The police told him it was racist towards immigrants and if he refused to take it down he would get a 30 fine. The flag by the way was laid flat and not obscuring his view.
I have the English flag on my number plate instead of a GB sticker, I thought this was law if you went abroad.
What was it old Brownie said, fly the flag for England!
Just Jas 18 26.3k 1 England
23 May 2008 11:10AM
Are the immigrants domiciled in England not regarded as 'English' then?
pepperst 12 2.3k 4 Wales
23 May 2008 11:12AM
Is that a real story or another case of express/mail chinese whispers?

Could be they pulled him for somthing else, couldn't get him on it so tried to find another 'offence'.
sidaorb 13 3.9k 2 England
23 May 2008 11:26AM
I'm not sure about that story, but bearing in mind the number of times we hear about local councils either cancelling or changing century old celebrations for fear of 'offending' ethnic groups, nothing surprises me.

I remember a few years back when I was a supervisor at the RAC control room, a complaint come in about the delay someone had endured of Christmas Day, the controller had appologised, pointing out it was a christian holiday. Turned out the guy was a serial complainer having already previously complained that we had caused him to miss a family celebration during Ramadam.

I'm not a great supporter of the US normally, but I love the way they fly their Stars and Stripes with pride outside their houses Smile

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