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Uk Prices Rip Off?????

bobbster 15 19
23 May 2006 9:36AM
I Have just purchased a Canon 600 F4 IS from the USA. After legally importing it paying VAT, duty, postage etc. I have still saved around 800-1100 depending which UK store you buy from. So who is overcharging and who's pockets are been filled with our hard earned cash? Any ideas?
plooto 15 12 England
23 May 2006 9:43AM
Am just now looking to buy a canon 100-400 is from ebay American import at about three hundred quid less than uk price but was a wee bit worried. Are there any differences? they have warranty for a year and look the same to me? were you happy with yours? mike
bobbster 15 19
23 May 2006 10:26AM
To the lens price add postage, add 6.7% duty add 17.5% vat in that order and you will be near as can be at your price for purchase from USA. Most USA offer grey import or genuine USA versions they are basically the same items with different warrenty. explain this very well. I had to pay by bank wire transfer (21) some firms accept credit cards,

Hope this helps.

Cheers Bob
Mark_Readman 15 922
23 May 2006 10:28AM
No wonder they call the uk treasure island
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
23 May 2006 10:34AM
Of course you can always move to country with very low wages, fewer holidays, no state pensions, poor healthcare, lower property values, fewer environmental laws...
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
23 May 2006 10:52AM
I was thinking that Ceri, maybe the UK.
bobbster 15 19
23 May 2006 10:54AM
I am sure it has nothing to do with holidays, pensions, house prices, enviromental issues etc. I am pretty sure those issues dont have any impact on our camera prices.
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
23 May 2006 11:00AM
It costs more for a business to operate in the UK than it does in the US - there are social factors (and many of the 'rights' we take for granted in this country have to be paid for in the US), and there are just simple economies of scale... plus you didn't have to pay local sales taxes which a US citizen would.

tim franklin 17 2.7k
23 May 2006 11:05AM

Quote:you didn't have to pay local sales taxes which a US citizen would.

True, but he had to pay the duty, plus VAT (including VAT charged on the duty!), which I'd guess more than compensates for that.

As for the "rights", we have to pay for them here too. Its called taxation. Wink
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
23 May 2006 11:13AM
guess what's also lower in the states Smile

if it were 'rip off Britain' our domestic companies would be posting higher profits than their US counterparts but that's not the case. American companies can sell cheaper because their margins are lower - in Britain we have higher margins, including staff costs, high price of commercial property, transportation costs etc

If it's easier tho we can all blame Tony Blair for this too.

philwig 16 817 1
23 May 2006 11:36AM
Wot, domestic companies like Heinz, Kellogs, Asda...? Wink Or even Canon...

Whilst there are people here prepared to pay silly prices, that's what we'll get. I saved a nice healthy stash on my 300mm f/2.8 and B&H delivered it faster than my UK Pro dealer could even get hold of one. And I can add up, and I paid the duty and VAT (although the latter's deductable as is a fair percentage of the former).

I could still sell the thing on ebay right now in the UK and walk away with enough to fund a weekend in the USA.

I don't think it's got owt to do with religious fundamentalists like Blair though, it's just people here like paying lots of money for their stuff - check the thread, they lap it up.
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
23 May 2006 11:51AM
We're obviously not all as clever as you
patters 17 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
23 May 2006 11:54AM
i am, I go to BH too :0)
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
23 May 2006 12:00PM
I spend my money in the UK.
patters 17 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
23 May 2006 12:07PM
good for you, I spend it where ever it gets me the best deal

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