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Underweight models

Jaydee007 12 34 2 England
19 Aug 2011 7:20AM
I work mainly in New Model Development, taking models from their first ever shoots through to being ready to get out in the big wide world with confidence in their abilities. As a result many of my models are around 18 to 20 years old and of course they have not fully matured mentally or physically. Many have what I would describe as puppy fat, some are just fat and some can look painfully thin BUT one thing I have learnt, especially with the thin ones, is not to comment on their body shape with comments such as "you could do with a good meal" and the like. I see far too many fat teens walking the local streets. So it's nice to see ones that are on the thin side. I believe in letting the photos talk to them and always give them a cd of all pictures taken good or bad. So comments on posted pictures that the model is far too thin do nothing. I thought the idea was to comment on style, technique, lighting and the like. I see many models on here that I wouldn't even get my little point and shoot camera out for but would never comment on the model only the picture itself. Lets just leave the teenagers to sort themselves out without adding to the pressures on them. There's far to much sticking noses in other peoples lives nowadays for my liking. Remember it is the photographer posting the pictures on here not the model so treat all pictures accordingly.
mikehit 11 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
19 Aug 2011 7:51AM
I am not sure if your post is about interacting new models, or is it about critiquing photos on this site?

If someone is looking to hire a model you can bet your house on the fact that they will say 'too fat..too thin...too short' - not necessarily being judgemental on the model but pfrom a purely professonal 'what sells' viewpoint.
It sounds like you are taking on a sort of mentor role and I agree not to be saying anything like this on the first shoot, but with some (many?) models discussion may arise abotu what sort of modelling they want to do: glamour, lingerie, swimwear, catwalk etc. And the physiques certainly differ so any advice you can give would help them. As ever, it all depends on when and how you say it.
Jaydee007 12 34 2 England
19 Aug 2011 8:11AM
I agree when choosing models for a paid shoot we will all make a personal choice.

I accept it's a mixed posting but it's mainly about comments made on photos in areas that are not about the photo etc but the model. It's akin to me commenting on a pic of car by saying I don't like the model of car so why did you bother to photograph it. It reminds me of the old adage "better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're an idiot than open it and confirm their suspicions"

Yes I do end up mentoring many of my models and once I get to know them I start to understand whether their body shape is down to an eating disorder or not. Far too many people love to sit in judgement of others today without having a good look at themselves in the mirror. None of us are perfect and I have met and worked with many grossly overweight photographers.

I remember being a teenager in the 1960's and 70's and remember how insecure I was mentally
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
19 Aug 2011 10:47AM
I don'use models but I go along with the above.
cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
19 Aug 2011 12:00PM

Quote:Far too many people love to sit in judgement of others today without having a good look at themselves in the mirror

LOL...Grin To right.....!

I get the feeloing this post is actually a " Ticking Off " to those you refer to......?

Well all I gotta say is " GOOD " because its about time we started telling a few home truths to those who need it.....Smile

Recently ( Last couple of months ) I came across an image of some pretty young ladies ( Grid Girls At A Motor Race Event ) .....Grin

Always nice to see a straight capture and the girls where well up for a snap shot, Ok! Technically is might have been a little wanting, But heck it was a fun shot with a " Point & Shot " camera...!!

So why did some individual choose to comment in this fashion.

Yep! Name & shame....LOL...Smile You judge....Grin

So bottom line sure make comments, Thats what this site is all about, But it should be about the image as a whole, Not a personal attack or judgement on the subject/models, We are here to appreciate photography after all....Wink
CathyT 14 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
19 Aug 2011 12:36PM
I don't think they are 'to thin' at all....they look about right to me. Lets face it they have youth on their side and good old middle age spread is just around the corner..... talking as a once painfully thin person it always amazed me how people would comment on such a personal level, they wouldn't dream of saying the equivalent to a fat person.
ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
19 Aug 2011 12:41PM
I'm helping a gym in Leeds run a competition for models who need to lose weight.... they do a "fat loss" program and need a model as a case study, so they're offering a 2000 program.

This is going to create "thing models", but also "fit models"

Is this a bad thing?

Still going to do it either way Wink
ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
19 Aug 2011 12:45PM
Note - the "need" to lose weight is for professional reasons... as in, their agent can't get them any work at their current size, so they pay the gym to get them to a more "marketable" size

just clarify that Wink
arhb 13 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
19 Aug 2011 1:18PM
Hi Jim,
whilst body size/shape isn't something I would comment about, when a model is the main subject in a shot, I will comment on the pose and emotional expression a model brings to the image. Even in the domain of a photography forum, I believe credit should be given to what makes a shot, if creatively, it amounts to more than photographic and lighting ability, and technique.
Jaydee007 12 34 2 England
19 Aug 2011 2:21PM

Quote:talking as a once painfully thin person it always amazed me how people would comment on such a personal level, they wouldn't dream of saying the equivalent to a fat person.

To right. Some people seem to think it's ok to have a go because a model is to thin in their eyes but fat seems to be acceptable which it shouldn't be and can lead to premature death (as can starving yourself as well of course)

I can find nothing to argue with in the above comments. Thankyou to you all for your input

Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
19 Aug 2011 2:25PM
It is not PC to talk about people being overweight....... it is "weightist"! Wink

Doesn't seem to apply to underweight though..........
Jaydee007 12 34 2 England
19 Aug 2011 2:50PM
Thats because so many are over weightist (FAT in other words) Wink
indemnity 12 334
20 Aug 2011 3:08AM
I photograph quite a few 'models' of varying ability.These could be young people who are or would like to be self sufficient professionals/semi pros/serious amateurs, and sometimes newbys, but I'm not an agent or promoter/developer. Many are young, correct weight/height ratio, but not toned when they start off. From the photographers side, he needs to know how to select for purpose, style, light, compose and capture/process the image. However, Jaydee007, at the end of the day, if your business is 'New Model development' scouting, recruiting,training and promoting models on a professional basis, then its your job to manage and ensure they are trained, prepared, experienced and fit for purpose. I really don't know what you're saying here. If they aren't fit for purpose then you haven't done your 'new model development' job, it's not their fault, you haven't developed them. Or have I missed something?
Jaydee007 12 34 2 England
20 Aug 2011 6:35AM
Yes you have missed the point. The point IS IT right to pass judgement on a models looks on this site. This site is for photograhers to showcase their work not for models to offer their services. Critique should be limited to the photographers technique and the like not that the model is FAT, THIN, UGLY, OLD or whatever you don't like about them. If you don't like them then you wont work with them. It seems to be open season on models that in some peoples opinion are too thin but not on the FAT ones. Being overweight seems to becoming the norm in our society. Maybe McDonalds needs to start offering free super sizing to anyone considered underweight. Then we can all be FAT.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
20 Aug 2011 12:39PM

Quote:The point IS IT right to pass judgement on a models looks on this site

I do not think passing judgement on the model's looks falls within EPZ's critique guidelines: see here and here.

So, I would say, the answer to the question is "No". Smile

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