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Unsolicited email from guardian.com

ziggy 18 202 England
2 Feb 2006 8:41AM
Found more references by using "find" in regedit. cleared them as well.
When it comes to informing symantec, well, they certainly don't make it easy.
Thanks again to pacouk and deviant for positive feedback on what to do next

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Sus 15 3.2k 9 England
5 Feb 2006 11:30PM

Quote:To back this up I'd add it's easy enough to pick up all email addresses from just about any web based mail server if you monitor the right web traffic for long enough and know what you are doing. It's done as a matter of routine by spammers. Not something I'd connect with the epz site at all.

It looks like someone has picked up the email addresses from people using epz - are you saying this is how they've done it? Sorry my technical knowledge stops about here, but this is the first of this type of junk mail I've got and it does look as though EPZ members have been targetted and I'm trying to understand how this happened. I think deviant is explaining that email addresses can be picked up just by someone monitoring web traffic to a site - so anyone who subscribes to a site such as this is potentially vulnerable?
Sus 15 3.2k 9 England
6 Feb 2006 1:30PM
Bumping up because I am really curious to know HOW these spammers got my/our email addresses? It is evident that it is a possibility that people who use this site have been targetted. Either that or as there are so few sites I've given my email to connected in any way to photography, it may be traced back. Is it people who have bought something from a particular company?
nickp 15 491 Scotland
7 Feb 2006 12:57AM

Quote:It is evident that it is a possibility that people who use this site have been targetted

I'm not sure what evidence you have for that? People who write about it here are not the only ones to receive such emails.

Arguably the volume of emails generated by people talking about spam virus carriers causes more damage than an instance of the virus itself!
deviant 16 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2006 2:53AM
I wasn't indicating connection with this site when it comes to spam and viral mails. I was indicating the opposite.

Methods for getting mail addresses are so many and varied I couldn't begin to cover them. To give an example though a spammer or virus may infect a machine 'steal' the contacts from the default email program and then mail all those adresses.

Or they may find a domain name like www.donkeyblox.com and mail every combination of firstname and surname they can generate ..@donkeyblox.com . This would likely be noticed and potentially overload the mail system but inevitably if systems are not set-up extremely well (and/or the DNS split) it will yield some accurate e-mail addresses.

The long and short is this, all mail can be (and is often) monitored. It's a fact of life unless you use secure mail systems. I wouldn't worry when it comes to subscribing to a website like epz, but at the same time I wouldn't email my credit card details ;o).
Sus 15 3.2k 9 England
7 Feb 2006 8:21AM
I was deliberately careful with my wording (note 'possibility'!)and as a rule I don't waste time discussing spam emails I just delete them. However the ones I usually get are the ubiquitous ones that just turn up everywhere, and ones that I can link directly to some site I have signed up for.

In this case I was genuinely curious as other people I know - and who use the same IP address as me - have not received these emails. Therefore, from my very limited observations - it appears that these emails are targetted to those that have in some way had their email addresses obtained in connection with their interest in photography.

The hypothesis I was querying was whether this could be (indirectly) obtained from a website which has a database of email addresses - this could be a photographic community site, an online shop or a news site that has run photographic competitions. I am not sure if this is even possible or not, hence my query about monitoring web traffic. This is just one of many hypotheses - thanks for supplying some other suggestions deviant, though I would rule out some of those due to the apparent non-randomness of the mailing.

Evidence would be establishing a pattern between recipients, non-recipients and hypothesised sources, which of course I'm unable to do.

I hope that clarifies my query relating to this, which I guess boils down to 'Who (ie what group of internet users) has been targetted?', to which the answer appears to be we don't know!

(Now I wait for tomorrow when all me non-photographic mates get exactly the same spam and I have to eat my words!)
ziggy 18 202 England
7 Feb 2006 8:46AM
This particular one appears to be targetted at photographers from the virus definition. I would suspect that many different groups are targetted with whatever appeals to them eg dogs, wine whatever. As its a trojan, I reckon they are trawling for information.
It caught me cos just having posted a picture the day before, what photographer isn't tempted to respond to a request for a bigger version, esp when your not wide awake.
I reckon I've learnt my lesson; hope you all don't get caught
nickp 15 491 Scotland
7 Feb 2006 9:01AM
A quick google turned up this: link to description of email at Sheffield University - where it appears the majority of addressses have been targetted. Newcastle University also seems to have a similar experience.
Sus 15 3.2k 9 England
7 Feb 2006 9:57AM
To all spammers out there: I HATE DOGS AND WINE OK?! (hic)

Well it seems as though these guys/gals are clever enough to get into most organisations email addresses list, though still some sort of targetting, albeit spreading their net wider than I previously thought (wrist slap from Nick accepted contritely for not googling).

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