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Up grading to 6D Mk 2 ???

Paulbee 15 41 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2017 4:54PM
I have been very satisfied with the Canon 6D but I am considering upgrading to the 6D Mk2. Has anyone out there done this and if so do you consider any advantages worth it ?

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16 Dec 2017 5:52PM
Iím upgrading my 6d in the new year for canon 5d mk4
I havenít even considered the 6d mk2 when the 5d can do it all so much better

saltireblue Plus
9 9.9k 38 Norway
16 Dec 2017 6:09PM

Quote:I haven’t even considered the 6d mk2 when the 5d (mk4) can do it all so much better

At a very much higher price though...I wonder what the OP's budget stretches to...
(and the OP was asking specifically about the differences between the 6D and 6D2)Smile
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
16 Dec 2017 6:15PM
Consider upgrading your lenses. I noticed a lot of your photos were taken with a 24-105 f4. It's a decent lens but there are far better lenses that will give more oomph to your photos than a new camera body ever will. A faster lens will allow you to achieve focus faster and in more challenging conditions, shots will be sharper, better contrast, better colour.

Look at some of the wide aperture primes
Euan65 Plus
2 316 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2017 7:32PM
I have a 6D and I've been happy with it too. I also have a 1V film SLR, and there's no doubt the 1V's autofocus is vastly better than the 6D's. I don't do sports or action and so very rarely use the 1V's 10fps capacity. The 6D's burst speed isn't impressive but it's fast enough to do some exposure bracketing.

The 6D Mark II has better autofocus, faster burst shooting and a little more resolution than the 6D. Resolution isn't as important as many seem to think and in this case it's an awful lot of money to pay more a pretty modest increase in quality.

If you have a 6D and want to try more action stuff, then a 6D Mark II might be worth it. Alternatively, and for much less money, you could get a 20MP 1" bridge camera such as the Lumix FZ1000 which has a better burst rate and arguably faster autofocus for surprisingly little drop in image quality unless you want to do the hackneyed to the point of nausea bokeh stuff.

I used to have an FZ1000, sold it to get the 6D and often regret doing so. If I didn't have the 1V and its need for Canon EF lenses I'd probably go back to the FZ. I certainly wouldn't splash out on a 6D Mark II when the original is as good in most important respects. Oddly enough, I've never regretted buying the 1V.

Chris is right - buy lenses.
Philh04 Plus
14 2.1k United Kingdom
16 Dec 2017 8:15PM
I guess you have to ask yourself, what will the 6D Mark II do that my 6D original can't? Having a quick glance through your PF I would imagine the only real advantage would be a slight hike in the sensor resolution.

I don't have anything against the f4 lenses, in particular when combined with IS, but do agree with investing in some fast primes as you see fit for your own style, a fast prime will allow you to isolate your subject if you fancy being hackneyed Tongue

It really is your call and at the end of the day if the Mark II is what you want then go for it...
ChrisV Plus
13 2.3k 26 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2017 8:50PM
I’m sure the 6dIi is a good camera - as was its predecessor. Haven’t used one, but from what I’ve read it’s the most overpriced and underwhelming ‘upgrade’ of the last few years. I think you’d get relatively little for the extra outlay over what you already have.

I’d suggest you may see more benefit as others say from either investing in glass (I’ve owned a 24-105L for a number of years and it’s serviceable but uninspiring) or switching brands. You could do that by picking up an A7rII and an adapter for your Canon glass, losing little or anything from the 6d and gaining a lot more.

We’re all different though and I’m just saying what I would do in your position - your tastes and needs may vary. There aren’t right and wrong answers to this - just various options to consider.
16 Dec 2017 10:35PM
For me I regretted not getting the 5d mk3 when I got my 6d. so now I have the choice again 5d mk4 at £2100 or the 6d mk2 at £1200 so for me the extra £900 is a worthy upgrade. I know it is a different choice for all of us. My 6d has been a great camera only really let down with focus issues many are probably user error but still will remain a great back up camera

JackAllTog Plus
10 5.7k 58 United Kingdom
18 Dec 2017 1:52PM
I've a 6D and am interested in the MK2 for its extra and better focus points; But not for much else - hearsay on the web suggests colour depth and low light performance are perhaps not as good as the 6D.

As above i think one super lens will give more bang for your buck than the next gen body. Maybe the 6Dmk3 or mk4 will be the model to make me jump, though by then i want it to also do more of the stuff Sony does now days - improved FPS & ISO performance. AND I want a mirrorless FF or bigger body.
colin beeley Plus
17 1.2k 10 England
20 Dec 2017 7:26AM
i have a 6D very pleased with it & i am not going to change , the only thing it seems to do better is focus faster , i have a 7D MKII for that. i just took a quick look at your PF & you don't seem to do anything that needs fast focusing , so if you want to buy anything i would go for better glass. plus L lens's hold there money better, cameras you just lose money on. look on eBay for your L lens .
21 Dec 2017 9:34PM
See I would love to get at least a 6D by summer. Aspiring for the Mark II may be dampened by where I am at financially. My 60D has been amazing over the past 3 years, but I do a lot of indoor concert photography mostly with terrible lighting. Even with great glass, it doesn't do the greatest the higher I jack up the ISO. So at least for my field of photography, I would love to upgrade at least to the 6D.

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