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Upgrade decisions . . .

neily_m 20 59 United Kingdom
23 Mar 2021 8:19AM
Morning, I currently use a 7D2 with a Tamron 600G2 for wildlife / action shots & also a 17-50 for landscape stuff but I am thinking that it's time for an upgrade.

I have had my eyes on a 5D4 for my next camera for a while but now I am more open minded about switching brands so I have been looking at a Nikon D850 which is surprisingly cheaper. If I went down that route I'd still get the G2 & a short lens for landscapes so essentially the same kit as I can't afford Canon / Nikon premium glass unfortunately.

Just wondered what people think would be the better option for me given what I shoot - I don't do video at all so that's not a factor.

sausage 18 704 United Kingdom
23 Mar 2021 9:52AM
I have been shooting with the D850 since it came out - no regrets.
Sorry i can't compare it with the Canon, not used Canon myself.
Dave_Canon 16 2.2k United Kingdom
23 Mar 2021 11:40AM
I have a Canon 5D4 and it is an excellent camera. However, I would have thought that the 7D2 was also a good camera for wildlife/action.
What is it that you cannot do with your 7D2 that you want to do with a different camera? I have only upgraded when there was a clear gap between what I needed and what I had.

You might also consider that buying a premium Canon lens may enhance your capabilities more than buying another camera.

dark_lord Plus
19 3.0k 836 England
23 Mar 2021 12:12PM
What is it about your current gear that you find lacking?
Answer that honestly.
What you have currently is perfectly capable.
23 Mar 2021 3:47PM
I upgraded from a Canon 5D (classic) to the Canon 5D mk4 last weekend, i ummmed and arrrd about it and at one point actually talked myself out of it, then my wife talked me back into it again and the purchase was made, i have to say as nice as the new camera is, it is complete overkill for what i do and the 5D was perfectly adequat, i think i just needed to buy something new in my photographic kit and since i had a huge bonus from work it didn't bother me too much at the financial outlay but like i said, beautiful piece of kit but complete overkill for me lol....maybe a new lens would be worth considering if you need to buy something?
sherlob Plus
17 3.3k 133 United Kingdom
23 Mar 2021 4:03PM
The points above about a needs analysis are valid and recommended.

The 5DMkIV I am led to believe will have better noise control than the 7DMkII but you'll loose effective focal length with the switch to full frame. I suspect this may be an important consideration: the ability to push up the ISO will allow more opportunities, but the loss of reach may cost you more than a few.

Personally, before deciding, I take a long look at the mirrorless bodies that are being produced by Canon at the moment. When the first ones came out the 5DMkIV had the edge regarding noise, but with later models I wouldn't be surprised if this hasn't changed. Similarly, Sony with a metabones adaptor may be an option worth considering.
neily_m 20 59 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2021 12:41AM
Thanks for your responses, so ideally I am after better resolution at the 600mm end of the G2 so I thought that maybe a D850 / 5D4 with a 1.4x teleconverter & the G2 would almost give me back my 7D2's crop factor but with the advantages of a full frame sensor & the higher resolution. I guess what I am trying to achieve are usable photos of things that are that little bit too far away for the 7D2 & G2. If I can achieve that for the price of a 5D4 or D850, G2 & a 1.4x tc then it's worth it to me. I am no expert in light diffraction or the physics that go with it but logically I am thinking a 30mp or 45mp image of say a circling Kite or Buzzard 100ft away taken at 840mm at ¹/2000 F8 would be noticeably better / clearer than the identical 20mp image taken at 960mm on the 7D2 at ¹/2000 F8?
justin c 19 5.2k 36 England
24 Mar 2021 7:59AM
The atmospheric conditions, quality of light and subject distance are likely to have a much bigger influence on image quality than a new camera body. The longer the focal length and the more distance between you and the subject, the much greater risk of lesser image quality. A 5D IV will unfortunately not make any difference in that regard.
neily_m 20 59 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2021 12:25PM
Maybe I should post some examples of the type of photos that I am trying to improve on...










All these were taken on the 7D2 & G2 @ 600mm cropped down to 3240 x 2160 between ISO 250 & 1000.

I guess what I am trying to establish is whether the photos would have been significantly better / clearer taken on the FF 45mp D850 & G2 (possibly with the 1.4x tc).
Dave_Canon 16 2.2k United Kingdom
24 Mar 2021 3:22PM
It would be difficult to say but why not hire the kit you think you need and prove to yourself whether or not you need it.

I could not get images like yours with my 5D4 but not to do with anything but the lens. The longest I have is 70-200mm f2.8 L and I do have the matching Canon 1.4x extender. To take the type of shots your are showing, I would ideally require something like a Canon 500mm f4 or the 800mm f5.6 but the first cost over £9500and the second £13500. I do not do that much nature myself and I never considered that I could justify spending that much for a lens that I would only occasionally use. I did once take a shot of some birds nesting one shot with my 5D4 70-200mm and 1.4x and as well I took a shot with my Panasonic bridge Camera DMC FZ200 at 600mm which filled the frame. When I returned home and viewed both in LR, I found the heavily cropped 5D4 image was much better that the Panasonic. It should not have been a surprise as the sensor on the 5D4 is 30 times the area of the FZ200. I now never us the panasonic as I can always get a better picture on the 5D4 even if I have to crop.

However, heavy kit is now too much for my back so I have had to buy some lighter kit. I have not bought a FF ML as many are just as heavy as are the lenses which go with them. I have bought a Sony A6600 and now have added a 70-350mm lens to go with this. So this will be useful for the occasional bird shot. I am hanging on to my 5D4 and it will still be excellent for Studio work and low light work.

NeilSchofield Plus
16 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2021 9:49PM
From where you are now, any upgrade to either increase focal reach (IQ) or AF performance is potentially going to be very expensive, particularly a move to full frame as you loose reach

A midway approach could be to consider a Nikon D500 and PF 500 prime which will take a Tele converter better than your zoom, sigma primes or even the 300-800 could also be considered in this midway cost approach, a somewhat cheaper alternative could be to wait and see what high level ASPC mirrorless body might come out from either canon, Nikon or Sony, Sony already has a 200-600 zoom and Nikon has one on its road map

If your looking for economical top notch you could consider second hand 1DX2 and EF 600mm mark 2, with mark 3 teleconverters, this should keep you under five figures, but probably only just

BIF with tracking AF isn’t simple as regards equipment or technique

I do like your last red kite image, very nice
25 Mar 2021 2:05AM
Keep the body you have and spend the cash on a long fast lens is my advise, it is the lens that will get you the picture and not so much the body...The CANON EF 600MM F/4L IS II USM LENS would be a good choice for the pictures you take.
peterjones 21 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
25 Mar 2021 8:15AM
I have friends who get stunning results from a Nikon D500 and Nikon 100-500 zoom, it depends on how much you wish to spend, I have a D850 and Tamron 150-600 G2 combination I am very pleased with, spend a bit more and you could go for the Nikon 300mm f/4 or the 500mm f/5.5 plus x1.4 teleconverter, happy shopping.
neily_m 20 59 United Kingdom
25 Mar 2021 11:54PM
What about a Sony A7R3 & Sony FE 200-600? Think I could probably stretch to that after chopping in the 7D2, 150-600 G2 & 17-50.
JJGEE 18 8.1k 18 England
26 Mar 2021 9:06AM

Quote:What about a ... Sony FE 200-600?

I have found that to be an excellent lens Smile
It has internal zooming which is one of the reasons I went for it.

The one downside for me is I find it quite heavy for handholding but on a tripod no problems at all and at some point I will probably get a monopod as well.

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