Upgrade from 98SE to XP query

deviant 15 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2004 12:46PM
Kit-monster is my long lost brother! Are you an Uber geek too?

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lucrezia 15 90 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2004 12:49PM
Hmmm, so if MS Office, Photoshop, etc. stay on the C drive with 98SE, I won't be able to use them with XP on D drive? If that's the case, can I just partition the much larger C drive and install XP there?
deviant 15 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2004 1:13PM
You can get upgrade packs for most software that correct the registry .dll's etc... to allow programs to work. To be honest I would make a large partition and build XP from scratch and then transfer data back. Export your mail and contacts as .pst file, copy favourites folder etc... before install and you won't loose anything critical then.
kit-monster 15 3.7k 2 Singapore
13 Feb 2004 1:17PM
Oh dear, looks like I've opened a can of worms! And working in IT, I sometimes forget that my suggestions aren't always the best ones.

What I was suggesting involves forking out for a new hard drive but in my experience is worth it in the long run as you get to have both systems available. You install XP to the new drive and then boot into XP. All your 98 data is accessible from within XP. You then reinstall all your applications in XP onto the XP drive. Keep 98 untouched until you are 100% sure you are happy everything is ok. You can boot back into 98 which will have all your ADSL setup for downloading drivers. There's nothing more annoying than not being able to get on-line to download the XP drivers for your ADSL modem . . . . Happened to me and involved a trip up to the attic to dig out an old modem for starters followed by not having a dial account etc . . .

Then wait a couple of weeks, just to be safe, before clearing off your old 98 hard drive if you want the space.

You will also be amazed at what difference a new hard drive can make to performance especially if it's 7,200 rpm+ and has 8MB+ cache - but that's another thread.

I always set up PC's with a data partition / drive. On this partition, you store all your documents, photos etc. You can move My Documents folder to this partition. Now with all your invaluable data in one place, it is easy to back up and can be shared if you have a network. Also when you change operating systems, your data remains in the same place. You could use the redundant hard drive as a data partition.

Hope this helps!

PS - Dave, possibly! Been described as many things, some not repeatable. Lately by Pete as an early adopter, just waiting for Canon to take up my offer of road testing some of their developmental projects - no word so far!
deviant 15 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2004 1:23PM
Once again agree with kit-monster seperating data an OS makes for an easy life later. Two drives are always better than one from a speed point of view. Stick 1Gb of memory in too if you want picture editing to be a breeze.

PS- Edward, how about we give lucrezia the info on how to set up a full RAID array with fault tolerance that'll surely speed Photoshop up. Maybe an SQL server to catalogue pictures too?
lucrezia 15 90 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2004 5:19PM
Sigh. My husband' going to kill me - you guys have now got me thinking in terms of replacing my old hard drive (D) - it's 17GB, dates from 1999, and is nowhere as fast as 7200 rpm, so it would make a lousy place to keep all my programs. (The 30GB drive I bought last year, where my programs currently live, is 7200 rpm, and PS works very quickly indeed.)

A related question: I'm having problems with the fan (has a lifetime guarantee, so will get back to the folks who did the upgrade) - if I have two hard drives running at 7200 rpm, is that going to put even more stress on the system? (Last year's upgrade was prompted by damage done to my video card by a malfunctioning fan...)

I appreciate your time and assistance with all these questions tremendously!
deviant 15 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2004 5:58PM
If you do upgrade the drive you'll see a huge performance increase plus think of all the space! You can always get him to do research and get the drive for you. If he's a typical bloke he'll love an excuse for gadget shopping!
deviant 15 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2004 6:01PM
People who did the fan upgrade are responsible for the fan (as opposed to the manufacturer) this is usual in UK consumer law. Last vendor is always the point of contact. As long as your power supply is about 350W or higher you'll be fine for power and system will remain un-stressed. New PSU's are only round about 20 squid anyway.
Your most welcom on the help front IT is what I do. Pictures are what I am learning to do so your help with that (and your opinions/critique) will be needed by me I'm sure!?! DEv
lucrezia 15 90 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2004 6:49PM
Nah, I'm the gadget/software geek in this house...

Have done some research - can get an 80GB 7200 hard drive for only 30 more than I spent last April on the 30GB one. Have just proposed the following to my husband, who's nodded in a most distracted way, as he always does when I talk about this sort of thing. (My only concern was that he'd give me endless grief because I'd *promised* him there wouldn't need to be any more upgrades of hardware - or Photoshop - for another couple of years.):

Get the company who did last year's upgrade (prompted by a problematic fan and a 'melted' video card) to:

- check/replace the fan
- remove old D Drive
- put in shiny new 80GB drive and partition it (50/30?)
- install XP Pro on 30GB part along with basic drivers to get me started

Then I can add software bit by bit to the 30GB part, and remove from C drive as and when I feel like it.

I never really came to terms with DOS, so have another very basic question: the pc automatically boots up the C drive - how do I tell it, once XP is installed, to prefer the D drive?

One more question: how/where do I check the power supply to make sure it's sufficiently high...?

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