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Upgrade to Canon 5D - yes or no ?

LesF 13 182 9
31 Jan 2007 8:34AM
What are your views of the pros and cons of upgrading from a Canon 20D to the 5D, your experiences, the good the bad and the ugly?
Subjects for use would include landscapes, travel and portraiture. Lenses at present include Sigma 10-20, which could be a problem on the 5D, Canon 24-105, Canon 70-200 and a couple of other Canon prime lenses.

Your help in this research would be appreciated.

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strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2007 8:58AM
Ah I go round this one myself a few times.

Your 10-20 will not work. I borrowed big Bri's 5D with a 17-40 for a play. The per pixel sharpness was amazing as was the extra detail. So big step in image quality & resolution.

But cost. And that is where I stop every time. It's not just the camera, it is the lens costs too, as you need top notch lenses to get the best. So if your other lenses are L series OK, if not factor in their replacement.
31 Jan 2007 9:10AM
Well worth upgrading. I upgraded from a 20D to the 5D. The first thing you will notice is that the images are much more sharper than the 20D.

I use my 5D with the 24-105 zoom and the image quality is as good as a 6x4.5 film camera.
trivets12 15 1.3k
31 Jan 2007 9:10AM
Strawman is right about the top notch lenses, but if you can afford it the 5D is an absolute stonking piece of kit, and you will be blown away by it. I upgraded from a 20D and now use a 5D - love it, love it, love it, love it! Sell the Siggy and aim for the 17-40, and haggle for a good price!
stevie 15 1.2k 2 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2007 9:23AM
I agree about the 5D but if you can afford it, keep the 20D, having 2 camera bodies (particularly one with a 1.6X sensor and one with a 35mm size) is useful in all sorts of situations.
mattw 15 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2007 9:43AM
The Pros - you will love image quality, the larger LCD screen, and the bigger viewfinder.

Cons - ?????????????????????
Well, that is asuming you are OK with the cost, and that you will not be able to use the 10-20mm.

ODub 13 66
31 Jan 2007 9:46AM
I had borrowed a 5D for 6 months and have just returned to a 10D. I want a 5D again! For me the full frame sensor (I tend to shoot very wide) and the fps/lock-out would be worth the extra cost. Never mind the fact it produces sharper images.

However I'm going to wait until this 3D/7D 1DmkIII rumour mill produces a camera in the hope that either the new thing will be good enough to buy outright or at least reduce the cost of secondhand 5Ds. (Plus I can't afford a 5D right now).
Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
31 Jan 2007 9:53AM
The only thing I can fault the 5D for is not having a sensor cleaning thingy.

The quality I get from the 24-70 or 70-200 on it is just astonishing.

Never had a 20D - I upgraded from a 10D - but I never regretted it.
stevemelvin 13 675 2 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2007 10:11AM
Like Bri, I upgraded from a 10D to a 5D and I absolutely love it (although I still use my 10D occassionally when having two cameras on the go is handy). It will be particularly suited to your landscape and portrait needs.

Two of your lenses will work fine with the 5D. As mentioned above, sell the 10-20 and buy a 17-40L and you'll be sorted!

So, if you can afford it, go for it.

One final thought - you may need some bigger memory cards. I used to use 1Gb cards with my 10D, but these are really too small for a 5D if you're shooting RAW - you'll only get about 60 shots on a card. I now use 4Gb cards instead on my 5D.

Jay44 13 1.4k Wales
31 Jan 2007 12:27PM
I'm looking forward to upgrading to a 5D, but I am waiting for the new tax year in which to do so.

*counts the weeks*
Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
31 Jan 2007 1:07PM
It will be interesting to see if the 5D is replaced in March and (if so) what it will be replaced by. Not, one hopes, something with even more pixels and not a lot more than that!
strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2007 1:12PM
My prediction, based on Canon retail price changes in Jan 07, is no change to the 5D before Oct 07. More likely a 30D replacement, but lets see.
LesF 13 182 9
31 Jan 2007 1:19PM
Thanks for the info so far everybody, I already guessed the 10-20 Sigma would have to go. Both the other lenses are Canon L series, so looks like thats ok. A lot of you suggest the 17-40 Canon as a replacement for the 10-20 which I have looked at and the one about memory cards is useful.
So far its a big plus for the 5D. I am waiting to see if offers reappear on the 5D and any info shortly of what,s new and then lastly the ok, seal of approval from the boss (wife).

ade_mcfade 15 15.2k 216 England
31 Jan 2007 1:34PM
if you can afford it, do it.

it's as simple as that.

you will not be disappointed - unless you are attached to your on-board flash...

the jump in image quality from 10D to 5D is astounding

sell the 10-20 and get the 17-40 and you're sorted
Jay44 13 1.4k Wales
31 Jan 2007 2:52PM
I have the 17-40 and it is a fabulous lens! My latest photo upload was taken with it!

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