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User Awards?

Imageryonly Avatar
Imageryonly Plus
3 208 11 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2021 11:00AM
One of my pleasures is giving Awards to the images that pique my interest, and, of course receiving some Awards myself.
I use the Awards manager, and sometimes do not give an actual Award for several days until I have had a second or sometimes third look Smile
My question is, would it be possible if unused Awards for a day could be rolled over, so that if a day, or even a single Award is not used. it is not lost.
Personally I think the award amount about right, but maybe one more per day would not hurt ?
I am interested in others input and hope I am not raising old chestnuts.
KarenFB Avatar
KarenFB Plus
17 6.0k 185 England
19 Dec 2021 11:09AM
I only give awards on what, in my opinion, is a special photo (otherwise I just tick 'like'). I've found 4 is plenty, without any rollovers! (It's been a long time since I gave 4 in a day). I think if we had more Awards to give then they wouldn't be quite so valued! Smile

mrswoolybill Avatar
mrswoolybill Plus
17 4.9k 2654 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2021 11:11AM
I like David's suggestion. The number of UAs is, I think, about right. Enough to be able to recognise a variety of work, limited enough to encourage care and consideration.

But the quality of uploads in the gallery does vary enormously from day to day. Just to be able to carry say one UA forward 24 hours would give a degree of flexibility.
Jasper87 Avatar
Jasper87 Plus
13 3.5k 165 England
19 Dec 2021 11:54AM
I think one UA a day would make people consider their choice more and increase the value of actual receiving one. They could be rolled over up to a maximum of 10 say. It is too easy to award UAs to ‘friends and family’ with 4 as you know you’ll always have one to give to a particularly ‘good’ image.
chase Avatar
chase Plus
18 2.6k 684 England
19 Dec 2021 12:28PM
I like the idea of a rollover, I think the number of UAs is about right but, as Moira has said, the quality of uploads does vary from day to day, so it would be useful for a 24 hour carry over.
We don't have to use them all but the option would be nice.
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.3k 30 England
19 Dec 2021 12:58PM
I often go back a day to give an award when there's been a particularly good day and I've use all 4 up. I think 4 a day is plenty, but a rollover would be good occasionally.
clicknimagine Avatar
clicknimagine Plus
13 1.3k 105 India
19 Dec 2021 3:49PM
Although if you think there are more than four images uploaded in a day, that you consider deserve to have your Award, you can give your Awards on the next day to those remaining images...

Previously it was one Award everyday, now it is 4 Awards the value of the Awards become 4 time less than before...I don't have any statistical data but it appears to me that the daily upload number will be 100 to 150 per day, I think 4 is sufficient otherwise these Awards will have the value like number of votes...

DaveRyder Avatar
DaveRyder Plus
9 7.4k 23 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2021 9:29PM
If it ain't broken don't fix it....
banehawi Avatar
banehawi Plus
19 3.0k 4384 Canada
20 Dec 2021 11:21AM
Four ever day works well I think. I don't see a need for rolling over
gconant Avatar
gconant Plus
12 32 1 United States
22 Dec 2021 12:16PM
I agree with David completely.
Having the ability to roll over unused images would be a logical move.
The extra UA per day would be a great change as well, because I frequently see more than 4 images that I would like to reward, per day.

saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.8k 92 Norway
22 Dec 2021 1:28PM

The extra UA per day would be a great change as well, because I frequently see more than 4 images that I would like to reward, per day.


Yes, but how long would it be before members started to comment that 5 a day wasn't enough, and that one more would be a good thing. And then 6 a day and so on...
The more awards that are available, the less value they have...
banehawi Avatar
banehawi Plus
19 3.0k 4384 Canada
22 Dec 2021 5:53PM
I like that point, more awards = less value.
answersonapostcard Avatar
22 Dec 2021 5:55PM
Agree with that, you can.. as they say.. have too much of a good thing. Grin
pablophotographer Avatar
pablophotographer 12 2.2k 451
23 Dec 2021 2:13AM
I think we could adopt a three tier system of rewards and introduce something between vote and award.

I have asked jokingly in some photos if I can voted them with both hands, Or I finish my comments with the noun "applauds". I run slower than my awards manager so I think I have 51 photographs to award for the next year. I am not in a hurry or I might age faster

Vote if you like it, applaud if you like it too much and award it with a pharmaceutical dosage (4-a-day for morning, noon, afternoon and evening doses of generosity).

KarenFB Avatar
KarenFB Plus
17 6.0k 185 England
23 Dec 2021 5:40AM
I understand what you are saying pablophotographer, but disagree! Smile I think there already is a 3-tier system:-

Vote, if you like it. Vote and Comment, if you really like it. And, Vote, Comment AND give an Award if you REALLY like it. Smile

To be honest, I would rather have a comment, saying why that person likes/doesn't like it. It's quite sad to see some photos have lots of 'Likes' and not a single comment! Having different 'standards' of votes would complicate matters.


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