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Using eBay

digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 1:14PM
Al, one of the most critical aspects of dealing on eBay is to check the seller (or buyer) rating. If you buy off somebody who has been trading a while and has built up a good rating you can be pretty sure you are safe. Check their recent ratings to make sure they are not in the process of going down the pan.

You need to check, but I'm pretty certain that paying with your credit card gives you the normal protection from your card company.

The good thing about eBay is that traders live and die by their ratings, so most will do all they can to protect them.

edited - btw, by the time you had typed and posted your request you could have found the info on eBay. :0)

minoltaandy 16 370
5 Oct 2004 1:15PM
I will normally only use the PayPal system with Ebay as it gives some security although I can't remember the exact details. I'm not too concerned as in over 50 transactions on Ebay I've never had a problem. As long as you're careful and buy from people with good feedback (>98%) you should be fine.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
5 Oct 2004 1:16PM
But what hope for someone (like me for example) who has never sold, or bought, anything on eBay?
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 1:18PM
You start off by buying or selling small to build up your rating. Many people will trade with zero raters, they just tend to be more careful about checking you out.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
5 Oct 2004 1:19PM
But what is small? In terms of money.
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 1:22PM
Well if you have any filters to sell or buy that would be a good start. eBay is an excellent place to buy spare batteries (7-10 against the manufacturers own battery of 40-50) and CF cards.

Even if you are selling some expensive kit, as long as your description is honest, the photos are good and you respond to email questions you have a decent chance.
randomrubble 16 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 1:27PM
I'd not buy a camera from a zero feedback, and I'm none too happy to buy or sell to anyone with any negative feedback. Selling is harder work than buying. I built up my feedbackby buying small items. Have now bought and sold above the 100 mark. With a bit of care usually you'll be fine.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
5 Oct 2004 1:29PM
I do have an eBay account and a PayPal account but have never used either.

I assume "Paypal only" is the safest way of getting your money?
randomrubble 16 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 1:33PM
Getting the money is no problem in my experience, just make sure you insure the postage, refunding a buyer for damaged goods is no fun I can tell you. :-(
UserRemoved 16 6.2k 1
5 Oct 2004 1:38PM
I've used PayPal, cash, cheques, C/Cs and its a question of which suits the transaction (paid up to 100 cash a couple of times). You can tell a lot from looking at seller, you just need to know what to look for!

-ve feedback's OK, providing not too much and the explanation is satisfactory. Much more wary of 0 feedback!

Yet to sell stuff, but planning to in a month or so

eBay's on the 'Net, so use the 'Net to find out everything you can (or want to), including shops, newsgroups, forums, etc.
tezza 16 569 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 1:53PM
I've bought and sold a few bits on ebay with no problems. As with buying from shops, be cautious.

DON'T send cash in any form!!! Watchdog had some stories recently about people who thought they had a bargain and sent thousands of pounds by a money order(?) only to find out it was all a con...

Check out the persons feedback but like others have said we all have to start somewhere with zero feedback.

Paypal is excellent but remember there is a commission to take out of the final sale. But if I remember rightly, if there are any problems the other party won't get paid (you have to click to say goods received etc I think?)

And yes, insure anything you send. It doesn't cost much and could save a lot of hassle if anything goes missing or gets broken etc.

Reading this link has reminded me that I have a load of stuff to be sold sitting in the corner Wink

tiptoe 16 267
5 Oct 2004 3:29PM
If I'm selling something and the buyer wants to use Paypal then there's an additional 4% charge to cover their fees.
I've sold items up to 600 and never (touching wood here) had any bother.
Be careful to make your selling description as accurate and honest as possible - say what you will accept in terms of payment -our American cousins find it hard to grasp that a dollar cheque is not legal tender in every part of the world.
Say what postage will be and if your adding a percentage to cover the Paypal charges then also mention that.
I also have an add on that I won't sell to anyone outside the UK with less than 10 feedbacks and anyone with more than 2 negative feedbacks.

The main thing is to keep people informed.
Buying or selling contact the other person by email ASAP after the auction.
Tell them when you get their cheque or when you've sent the money. Get a proof of posting card from the PO when you send off a cheque.
Tell people when you've sent off the item, ask them if they have any special instructions for delivery and always ALWAYS use recorded otr special delivery.
Last year I had three people tell me their parcels hadn't arrived but I was able to use the PO online tracking to say what time the parcel was delivered and where.
Most important at the end of a transaction post feedback. if there's a problem give the person time to sort it out for you before posting a negative.
Those of you who are interested I trade as maidinengland you can check my feedback to get an idea of what sort of thing people look for.
u08mcb 16 5.8k
5 Oct 2004 3:35PM
I sold a lens on ebay and the winner never sent payment, so after giving him umpteen chances and reminders etc I duly left negative feedback. He left negative on me (unjustifiably) in retaliation and ebay don't remove that. That annoyed me.

I thought ebay had forbidden the addition of the paypal fee as extra charges?
jimthistle73 16 2.4k 1 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 3:50PM
Yes, they have, but that hasn't stopped quite a few sellers continuing to add a pemium for paypal payments.
I used ebay to sell my grandfather's cameras, lenses and so on and have had very little trouble considering - I'm up to 200 feedback now, about 50 - 50 buying and selling.

I always make ebay my first port of call if I want to know the going rate for a bit of kit - completed items searches are great, although Ffordes et al are also useful guides.

I agree that the feedback system is flawed, but can't think of a better way to run it!
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 4:06PM
I bought my Fuji S2 on regrets! I'd only buy from someone with positive feedback, whom I could contact and speak to if it were a big purchase.
There is an option to pay your money into ESCROW for large purchases!
eBay's great...almost as much fun as here! I buy all my batteries at approx 1/3 the price of the stores! Debbie.

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