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Using eBay

loweskid 19 2.0k 1 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 4:08PM
I've bought and sold on eBay and just had one problem when someone wouldn't pay (claimed someone else had pinched their login - yeah right) but it was only twelve quid so I didn't kick up a fuss, just re-listed.

I find this site can be useful. Just enter an ebay ID and it will list all their negative or neutral feedback. Use it carefully though - a person might appear to have a lot of negative feedback but it may represent a very small percentage of their total.
loweskid 19 2.0k 1 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 4:12PM
And I can report that 'madeinengland' (tiptoe) has no negative or neutral feedback whatsoever, out of a total of 198 - congratulations!
autarky 16 339
5 Oct 2004 4:56PM
I've sold items on ebay up to 1300 for a motorbike with no problems, but you have to be canny. People will sometimes ask you to end the auction early saying things like "I need the item quickly because going on hol, have a wedding on Sat etc. They never offer a fair price - one guy offered 500 for an EOS 1V which went for 750. Don't ever end the auction early is my advice.

Also the same 1v is the only item I offered Europe-wide postage on. A crook purporting to be from Athens offered to buy it using the "buy-it-now" option but insisted on using an escrow company not on ebay's list, which turned out to be a spoof - all he really wanted was my bank details! A couple of days later a spoof look-alike ebay email entitled "verfy you identy" (sic) also asked for all my financial details! I just forwarded it to ebay for them to sort it out. So be careful.

You will be pleasantly surprised at times at the price items go for (if you are the seller). An 8 year old Dawes Galaxy bicycle I tried to sell unsuccessfully to a neighbour for a hundred quid went on ebay for 395 and the guy came from Essex to South Yorks to collect it, and was over the moon about it.

The big advantage of paypal is the item is paid for rapidly - the cons are there is a 3.2% charge and it takes time to get the money into your bank account - 4 or 5 working days seems the norm for me. And remember there are ebay fees as well.

How good your feedback is has a bearing on how much people are prepared to pay, first timers won't get the same price for an item as someone with good form, also rip-off postage charges will keep the price down. Honesty is the best policy on ebay if you want to keep selling things at the best prices.
Fishnet 16 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 5:37PM
I've been buying and selling on ebay for about 3 years now, if you ever need any help with anything, feel free to contact me, I think I have seen just about everything and come up against just about every scam and lie going.
trivets12 16 1.3k
5 Oct 2004 6:00PM
I've recently joined ebay and my first sale was 2 Canon A1 bodies with lenses which went fine, no problems. My 2nd sale was my Canon 300D which went for 521.00, which I was totally amazed at! No problem with either sale. I shall be putting my fathers Canon T90 on there soon, unless anyone out there is interested?
mogwyth 16 358
5 Oct 2004 7:32PM
Charging for PayPal is actualy illegal. The law allows for the passing on of transaction charges directly involved in card transactions, as the buyer buys e-money from PayPal which is then passed to you, you are not directly involved with the card transaction so you should not be passing on the charges.But that's up to you, I am not passing judgement, just pointing this out.

As a rule Ebay is reasonably safe, as someone said watch out for silly high postal charges, a current example is a generic BP-511 from overseas 16 P+P when most overseas sellers only charge 5-6.00. Also watch out for potential duty/vat as some sellers say the are UK but are in fact overseas. There are also snipe sites that can put last minute bids in, they charge but it's useful if you are giong to be out when the auction ends. When selling watch your end times, stuff finishing mid evening or weekends tend to fetch higher prices.

I have been buying and selling on Ebay for for several years with only one hiccup, non payer for a sony Mavica, I was selling to pay for my 300D, good thing was when I relisted it I got 35.00 more. Best deal I had was, my wife wanted a new pr of walking boots, I found some she liked the look of, the only problem was, part of lot of 7 prs, well i watched them and nobody bid so I got 7 prs of 60.00 boots for 45.00. Sold the rest back on Ebay individualy made 210 + my wifes boots.
ellis rowell 16 2.0k United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 8:49PM
I'm fairly new to Ebay, have done five transactions so far.
Two spare Li-ion Batteries from New York @ 25% of UK price. Freeview box for about 50%, Antenna again 50% and a scart box for 3.29.
jonjeds 17 509
5 Oct 2004 9:12PM
I have bought or sold about 200 items and I've also done a couple of high value items - 300 lens from the US, 600 camera and a 550 watch.

When I sold the camera I made it a condition that it had to be qithin 60 minutes drive of my home and the transaction would be cash. The guy what won it was about 2 hours away but he drove and we met in the middle. He was delighted and so was I.

I don't worry about sniping. I got a 2x canon Extender for 75 by sniping. But I have also lost a lot as well.

Best deal - I have an A2 printer and needed a sheet feeder. Best price I could find was 140 so I searched ebay for a second hand one - or even a whole printer with one on and I would have sold the printer on. In fact I won a brand new one, in the box, for 99p. It cost me 10 for delivery, which was fair enough because it is a heavy item. Bargain of the Century!
rincewind 17 279
6 Oct 2004 7:36AM
Ebay have spelt out clearly that PayPal (or any other online services like Nochex or FastPay) are not allowed to be surcharged to the buyer.

I know lots of sellers still do, but if the auction is reported, you risk Ebay closing it on you.

I stopped using PayPal after that rule came in.
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
6 Oct 2004 8:57AM
I can't really understand eBay's position on this. Paypal charges in my view are too high. although there is no doubting the added convenience for both buyer and seller. On top of that, your sales don't go straight into your bank any more, you have to transfer them from Paypal and if the amount is less than 25 you pay another charge.

Many people are moving to things like Nochex, I also have an Eggpay account, which allows me to send payment requests to anyone with email and there are no charges at all. Not as convenient as the others but a good fallback.

I think many sellers find a way of padding the postage costs just a little, to offset the Paypal charge. You should always check the postage before bidding.

nitromethane 16 26 United Kingdom
6 Oct 2004 9:15AM
I have bought and sold on ebay with no problems. I did buy a secondhand Nikon F80 body that went tits up 6 months later, just before a wedding!!! It needed a new PCB (expensive). Just bad luck I guess

I think if anybody tries to charge for Paypal just don't buy from them.
freds 16 184 England
6 Oct 2004 11:46AM
Does eBAY realy want to know your debit card number to enable you to register, or did I pick on something sinister.

Ben_G 16 7
6 Oct 2004 11:57AM
I have bought and sold a lot on E-Bay and appart from a few non-paying bidders its been fine.

I allways use NO-CHEX instead of Paypal for one main reason. As soon as you sign up for Paypal you wave any rights you have to claim against them using your credit card illegally. check out

They've just been taken to the cleaners in the U.S courts because they have been freezing peoples accounts and fining them left right and centre for no reason.
rincewind 17 279
6 Oct 2004 2:42PM
The prices on some Ebay items are well mental. I saw a D60 (body only) bid up to 501! there still twenty minutes left, so it may go higher still.

Madness 8-@
rincewind 17 279
6 Oct 2004 2:43PM
ooops Wink

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