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View pictures on my DVD player?

Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
5 Jan 2003 9:28AM
I think I'll email Ulead and see if they have an answer - don't want to buy the software until I know it works, and I can't test it on my laptop as I installed it then forgot about it and the 15 day trial period ran out.

Thanks for your help Barry.
BOB S 18 2.6k
5 Jan 2003 11:59AM
Big Bri.
I use Nero CD burning software, I changed to this when I upgraded to Win XP as my old sofware was not Win XP compatable.
I have used this to produce CD's that run on my DVD player with no problems. My DVD player is now quite an old Pioneer machine but it was quite a high range unit when new about 2 years ago. I have found the software simple to use, with either Wizard driven instructions for idiots like me or you can take more control if you want.
I have also used the very cheapest CDR's you can buy with no problems, as well as more expensive branded ones with no apparent advantage other than being easier to see the right way up !!
I have seen this software at very reasonable pricing at
BOB S 18 2.6k
5 Jan 2003 12:13PM
Big Bri,

Look at this

This is a CD-RW drive and the nero software for less than I paid for the software on its own.
arse !!!

Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
5 Jan 2003 2:45PM
BOB, the question is, once my slideshow is recorded on CD Video, it is a collection of digital images, or is it a FILM ?

BOB S 18 2.6k
5 Jan 2003 2:50PM
I reckon it must be a Video,
rcorded onto a CDR,
using a CD-RW drive,
suitable for viewing on a TV,
when being played on a DVD machine.
This means that the images you look at must be analogue I reckon !!

Cheers BOB
BOB S 18 2.6k
5 Jan 2003 2:58PM
I just noticed that this string goes back to 29th June - does this qualify for the longest running ?

Toymaker 18 587 1
5 Jan 2003 3:04PM
The images are usually strung together as a presentation (you decide upon the duration). It's a bit like a PowerPoint presentation but not as flexible.

You can have a musical backing track and it should run as a self-running slide presentation. The only downside is that the images are usually shown one-at-a-time (I'd like the facility to build up a screen with 3 or 4 images arriving at different times) and the quality is usually poor because it's being shown on a 625 lines TV instead of a high quality VDU.

What was the quality like when you set up your presentation last night Brian?
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
5 Jan 2003 9:58PM
Well, I am used to looking at very high res images - I run a 1600x1200 resolution monitor - so the quality was .... poor. I mean, the image was fine, the clarity was good, tones, contrast, but the difference between TV and a good computer setup is very plain to see.

Also, I discovered that the "pause" function doesn't work with VCD, which is rather annoying. The system we use at work presents you with a "contact sheet" as the menu, then you can use the > buttons to move between images. This is great with 20 images, but not so good with 1000.
Toymaker 18 587 1
6 Jan 2003 11:07AM
I've downloaded the free 15-day trial of the Ulead software Brian was talking about. It's rubbish and shouldn't be charged for - it should be freeware!!

There are no transitional effects from slide to slide and the only control you have is how long to display each slide. The quality is poor even on my monitor, let alone on my TV screen. At least the 'Photos on CD & DVD' software I bought allows all kinds on transitional effects, but the quality was just as poor on my monitor and TV despite using 1200 x 1600 pixel images.

So it's back to the drawing board for me I'm afraid.
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
6 Jan 2003 11:15AM
I noticed my "basic" version of Easy CD Creator that came with the writer has a Video CD option, but this is disabled, as you have to buy the "advanced" version. I will see if they have a trail version.
cotopaxi 19 52
7 Jan 2003 7:18PM
Big Bri
The max resolution you can view slideshows produced in DVDPS is roughly 720 pixels wide by 576 lines - the resolution of a TV using PAL.This is less than that produced by a computer monitor.The quality is also affected by the "interlacing" of the image - you only see half a screen at a time-which is part of the PAL system.The same applies in NTSC but here the vertical aspect is limited to 480 scan lines.
The only way to improve TV resolution would be to introduce HDTV which the UK isn't going to get, unlike in the USA where it's on it's way.
For further info on resolution look here:-

DVDPS uses still images and not a movie file which is why you cannot use transitions when displaying a slideshow .The images are actually shown at 702x576 - see here:-
Scroll down to the tech info section.
Hope you find this info useful.

With reference to the "drive not ready " error
message I suspect you are using XP but, as you have already found out ,just ignore it.Alternatively you could use the NTI burning software which may be present in your version of DVDPS
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
8 Jan 2003 10:53PM
cotopaxi - thanks for the info. I am not using XP - although I do have it dual boot - but Windows 2000 Professional. The DVDPS version I have is the trial version downloaded from Ulead's website. What is the NTI software ?
cotopaxi 19 52
9 Jan 2003 9:02AM
The NTI driver software is an additional burning program which may only be available on the full version of DVDPS.You can check for this when you select the slideshow for burning.It provides a second version of software to allow awkward drives to function correctly - in XP on my pc I get the "drive not ready " error message but if I select the NTI software then no error message appears.In both cases the disk is burnt correctly.

I have nothing to do with Ulead but I have found that this program works quite well within the limits of current TV technology.
cotopaxi 19 52
9 Jan 2003 1:28PM
I see DVDPS Version 2 is now available:-
jilly 18 1
18 Jan 2003 8:15AM
I am just starting to use Ulead picture show to create vcd to play on the dvd player. Have created the file of pictures but the image recording software does not display a driver so cannot burn cd. Anyone had this problem?

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