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Virus got my 'Anti-Virus' !!!

pentaxpete 13 638 1 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 4:23PM
Having to use daughter's Laptop as my old 'TIME' running Windows 2000 pro has been attacked by a Virus which was activated as I was doing a 'Defragment' == I did a 'Disc Clean' first then the defragment and all was well at first, then a box came up saying something like it could not do the 'Avast Anti=virus' as the file was corrupted and to do a disc check so I was searching to find out how to do this disc check when another box came up saying my Super-Anti=Spyware was corrupted and I noticed at the bottom my launch icon for Outlook Express had gone funny and there was a 'Windows' icon in it, then another box came up saying my 'Disc C' was corrupted -- so I tried to 'Restart' Computer and it would not get past all the technical stuff and finish the 're-boot' -- I cannot get the Desktop any more with all the icons === does this mean it needs to be all 'Wiped Off' and everythinbg re-installed ?? I have been given disc with Windows XP on and kind Club member said he would 'Format' the hard drive for me and try to put on Windows XP ===== now what USE is it to have an 'Anti=Virus' when the Virus attacks the Anti=Virus first ?? !!!

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strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 5:08PM
First off Pete for the age of the computer you are getting into the area you could waste a lot of time for a machine that is well past its best before date. It is also possible that you are looking at a straight forward and simple disk corruption, again nothing unexpected on a machine of this age. It is possible that during your search you have allowed some malware onto your system and if you click on some pages you may have loaded a nasty. So it is possible it is a nasty piece of SW pretending to be an anti-virus package.

But to try and help, how many anti-virus programs do you have running, you should never run more than one as they can "conflict" or fight with each other. As for virus programs, its not a surprise some virus programs go for the protection program. As long as your AV was kept up to date you should be fine. If it was not then it is of more limited value.

The best advice to you is to get a new machine, put the old hard disk in a drive cage and get what you can from it. If not then I would recommend you get the Windows 2000 disks and do a restore, or re-format the hard disk and do a restore to that. You did keep a restore/backup of your computer did you not?

Adding Xp, well its a more versatile OS, but I expect the best way would be to wipe everything of your old computer. But if the problem is disk corruption.....
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
28 Dec 2011 5:55PM
As strawman says, your machine is a bit long in the tooth.
I'm not quite sure what you mean by "do the Avast Antivirus" but it's possible that malware is present and masquerading as your AV or security software.
If you can access the machine in safe mode, you could try a system restore to a point before it went wrong. I wouldn't trust that to rectify the problem completely but it might let you use the machine sufficiently top run some cleaners and possibly find out what's happened.
Chances are though, that if the malware's corrupted your AV, it will also have removed all of your restore points.
I've had a siomilar problem twice in the past and have gone down the re-installation route both times.
I'm using XP and have a disc which, once inserted, automatically formats and re-instals the OS. That may be the case if you try your friend's disc. I think that the only way to find out weill be to try it.
I'd be inclined to make a copy of his disc first though, just in case it b*****s up his original disc. It is possible to copy the disc and it does work, that's what I did on here.
That's the cheap otion.
The alternative, I suppose would be to bite the bullet and replace the machine, in which case, I'd restore any files etc. that you've saved from your backup, assuming that you have one.
Personsally, I'd be dubious about connecting a hard drive that's apparently dangerously infected to another machine via a caddy or any other means. I'd rather just get rid of it.
mikesavage 15 299 2 England
28 Dec 2011 7:45PM
I'm amazed that anything made by Time Computing is still working today! I used to work in a call centre that did finance agreements for people buying computers from Time and another outfit called Tiny Computers. My God, the complaints we had to handle!
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
28 Dec 2011 10:25PM

Quote:I'm amazed that anything made by Time Computing is still working today!

My last machine was a "Time."
We bought it in 2002 and at the time it was cutting edge stuff.
It worked really well too. I used to run CS2 and a host of other things on it and it rarely complained.
Right up until about six months ago when it gave out a puff of smoke upon start up and that was that.
User_Removed 14 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2011 10:57PM
They had brilliant advertising, at one point merged with Tiny (I think). Leonard Nimmoy (Spock) did the commercials.
pabloisme 7 566 England
29 Dec 2011 8:56AM
anything more than 2 years old ITS not worth messing about with, I know it sounds mad but believe me I am rite
for 200 beer tokens OR LESS delivered, you can get a stunning NEW box 4Gb, 1TB & a chip thats faster than buttons F1

all you need is the SW!

recycle the HD in a external box (make SURE it has pata & sata connectors) as it will be IDE (pata) not the latest tech sata & its many variations, (some wont connect with older boards and be VERY frustrating untill you work it out!)

as was advised earlier strip (bet you aint backed it up?) the data out, or as its w2000 copy the lot over
AFTER INSTALLING AVG, malwarebytes, ZA free, spybot and hijackthis

job done
spock: couldnt see any point to his ears
macroman 14 15.3k England
29 Dec 2011 11:12AM
My old Tiny PC is still working (must be around 10 years old), running 'Windows 98', I let the grandchildren play with it.
They press buttons at random and generally beat hell out of it, but it still keeps going, it seems to be indestructible. Grin
User_Removed 8 1.4k England
29 Dec 2011 11:16AM
Made from cast iron and has 184 pin CRIMM? Its a TIME. I'm Leonard Nimmoy.
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
29 Dec 2011 12:46PM

Quote:as was advised earlier strip (bet you aint backed it up?) the data out, or as its w2000 copy the lot over
AFTER INSTALLING AVG, malwarebytes, ZA free, spybot and hijackthis

It would be a brave man that takes that advice.

The infection's in there because it's just beaten most of those.
pentaxpete 13 638 1 United Kingdom
29 Dec 2011 2:28PM
Thanks for all your advice --- today i have been to a fellow Camera Club member, a fellow pro photographer who built his own computer and he had a go == firstly he put my hard drive into his computer as a 'slave' then loads of stuff came up about deleting things then restoring things ! And we found MY hard drive and there were some programmes on it still OK such as my PhotoShop 7 but when we put it back into TIME machine it would not boot up properly - kept trying to boot up from the CD Rom drive -- so we had a look at an info page and managed to get the Primary Master recognised as the hard drive but still no fully boot up to Desktop== also,could not install the Windows XP as CD Drive would not work properly === had to give up at the moment !! There was a message like ' INTLR missing' on the information page --- never saw that before !
I was running only AVAST antivirus and Super Anti Spyware on the TIME == not several things as mentioned in earlier reply. I did have AVG free but the 2010 edition would not work with Windows 2000 pro so got the AVAST = I do regular scans == usually nothing found but it usually finds 2 Cookies on Super Anti Spyware of the tracking type.
pabloisme 7 566 England
30 Dec 2011 9:07AM

Quote:The infection's in there because it's just beaten most of those.

NO its because the OS is OLD and NOT SUPPORTED (as good ?) now or was you jesting?



I bet the MBR is screwed, look around for a MBR recovery tool usually free
it most probably is that now!

you could also try puppy linux, a doddle and you may be able to reset the mbr there

the best use of avast is the bootable cd for scrubbing when NOTHING is in memory

although I do not usually do standalone boxes now.................
(well, NOW that everybodys an expert! no point and no profit! and you end up owning the PC and its problems for life!) I just do servers, AND you just have to accept that IF you are on the net you will get cought!

so my valid point is get a new box!

yours a BRAVE MAN
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
30 Dec 2011 1:41PM

Quote:NO its because the OS is OLD and NOT SUPPORTED (as good ?) now or was you jesting?

The infection got past the AV.

And if you're happy to link a seeemingly seriously compromised drive to a clean computer that's up to you but I wouldn't do it.
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
30 Dec 2011 2:36PM
Ye sounds like master boot record corruption, or possibly just corrupted BIOS. In some old machines I remember you had to go into the bios and select/check each drive. So I would do that first, it will confirm that you have the CD and HD correctly configured. Then you could also verify that the boot sequence is correct.
pentaxpete 13 638 1 United Kingdom
30 Dec 2011 3:13PM
Did not know what 'MBR' was until Strawman explained == well I have another friend coming on Saturday ---- I will show him all these comments -- so kind of you all to help !!! Many thanks and a Virus Free New Year to you all !

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