Virus Warning

strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
10 Apr 2009 12:36PM

Quote:What's an "intel powerbook pro" ????
Well it sounds like an Apple product naming convention to me but it could be some company trying to ride on the back of apple marketing.

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_ 14 535 4 Virgin Islands, British
10 Apr 2009 1:32PM
Totally agree Chris.
Just Jas 17 26.3k 1 England
10 Apr 2009 1:49PM

Quote:The story sounds like a load of cobblers anyway

Should help with 'Boot up' problems! Wink
RogBrown 12 3.1k 10 England
10 Apr 2009 2:01PM

Quote:Should help with 'Boot up' problems!

That's the last thing you need! Smile
Just Jas 17 26.3k 1 England
10 Apr 2009 2:29PM
LOL ! Perhaps a 'Lacie' is needed? Smile
barrovian 15 168 United Kingdom
10 Apr 2009 3:45PM
An easy way to check on any of these is to go here . But to be honest anything which says 'pass this on to everybody' or 'McAfee have said this is the worst virus they've ever seen' or other such tripe is a hoax - period.

jken 13 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2009 9:59PM
Macbook Pro Not powerbook pro...i use an old powerbook also, got mixed up sos.

OSX is 10.5.6 on the MACBOOK PRO. I've been using Macs for nearly 20 years and never had any sort of virus at all. Apple had no idea what it was and could'nt help.

Not a load of cobblers either Chris L, I lost some some work on the drive to which i'm not best pleased about.

_ 14 535 4 Virgin Islands, British
12 Apr 2009 12:17AM
Surely with any application downloaded from the web or otherwise, you need to sanction it with your admin password. Macs don't just install software themselves they need input from their users, least the ones I run don't (I hope!)
jken 13 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2009 8:53AM
To clarify:

Someone sent me an MMS, I thought it was from a mate, the phone an old 8310 curve NOT 3G does not allow me to open MMS messages,with 02 and my phone you have to go online to open MMS files. Once i got to the 02 site the MMS would'nt open, the 02 site message said to open with a viewer which i downloaded from a link from the 02 site (Naturally you would think it to be safe). Once the viewer was downloaded the MacBook Pro just turned off, no restart message, nothing it was almost like the battery ran out of juice. When it finally tried to start up again it just did'nt do anything, numerous restarts, shutdowns etc etc did'nt do a thing, I PRAM zapped it and did the usual restart button configurations but nothing. Apple technical could'nt help i went through every stage of my attempt to open the MMS with them, but still they could'nt help. I had work on the drive, not masses, but some stuff that i was about to back up.

I searched the net and Apple forums and can't find anyone else who has had the same problem, i have no idea what it was. A programmer mate (PC based) said it sounded like it could be a Codec based script that stuffed the system, i don't know as i'm not a programmer just a lowly graphic designer, so you see gents you can cogitate and discuss all you like it might be unique it might not, it could have been an internal error, a drive error or something stupid that i've inadvertently done, i don't know.

All i will say is that i run Intego Virus Barrirer,
Net barrier and Mac scan and neither picked anything up as the drive would'nt spin up, i had to have the Mac working as i had a presentation to do, the only solution i had was to get a new drive and install everything again.

After the system was back together and working a bought a disk caddy and tried to load the drive again on a spare machine but all i got was the dreaded tick tick noise from the drive.

Chris and John, It's a genuine problem that i've encountered, i'm not one for wasting my time replying to these kinds of threads, so please gents less of the bloody sarcasm.

jken 13 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2009 11:26AM
Quite possibly Chris. I still think it was intentional and quite an unusual coincidence if that's what it was as i've never seen anything similar, plus the Mac is only about a year old.
steveb 15 343 United Kingdom
12 Apr 2009 1:57PM
I'd agree with Chris, that it's likely to be just a coincidence and the drive simply failed. I've never come across anything like you've described, but at work I do see lots of hard drive failures from all manufactures. I probably change more 2.5" SATA 120 GB drives than any other. It's also often hard to recover data, especially when they repeatedly click. I find Data Rescue and Boomerang are the most successful data recovery programs.

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