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Vote's, is it a buddy system or can I take Photo's?

cside 15 1 South Africa
1 Sep 2007 11:44AM
I have seen many members here with average photos and hundreds of votes and other people with stunning pics and few votes.
How do you get a clear idea if you are any good?

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Lou_C 12 755 2 England
1 Sep 2007 11:53AM
I think with the sheer volume of photos uploaded on this site people dont have time to look at them all. So some people probably do tend to look and see if their friends have added any new ones.
But I think you'd find that on any site that has so many members, its probably not intentional just not enough hours in the day
IainH 15 82
1 Sep 2007 11:54AM

Quote:How do you get a clear idea if you are any good?

Produce a piece of work, have it published, recieve great reviews & exhibit your work around the world Smile
Snapper Plus
15 4.4k 3 United States Outlying Islands
1 Sep 2007 12:04PM

Quote:How do you get a clear idea if you are any good?

Have you tried putting your photos in the Critique Gallery instead of the main one? Might be worth a try.
NickParry 14 1.0k 79 Wales
1 Sep 2007 12:11PM
I am sure a lot of people here think that at times Cside. I browse and comment on images I like, and never because of who produced it.

I often look at portfolios and wonder why so little votes and comments are made on some outstanding work. On the other hand, I see images that are, in my opinion, not of good merit and they receive lots of comments and votes.

The factors that determine votes and comments are too numerous to mention here. I never disagree with what Pete choses for ECs and HCs, but sometimes I see images that I think deserve these awards and they don't get them, but I am not the editor, and I understand that to keep them special only the best, in Pete's opinion, are given the awards.

I am sure we have all posted images and wondered why we don't receive many votes, comments or awards but that is life. I am much more satisfied with my latest works than those from a while back, yet some of these don't get the same attention as the others did. Again, such is life.

csurry 17 9.2k 92
1 Sep 2007 12:11PM

The answer is partially yes and there's nothing stopping you!

But, I don't think you actually want an answer to the question as posed in the title.

If you do a forum search you will see that this is raised about once a week in various guises.

Yes there are average images with lots of votes and very good images with very few, it's just the way it is!

You get a clear idea if you are any good by listening to feedback when offered. You can also learn from those images that you admire. Why do the look good? Read some of the magazines (not just photography) and look at the published images. Do they look better than yours, if so why?

In photography you need to be your own critic as it is highly unlikely you will receive great masses of feedback here. So compare your shots with those that you admire. Be genuinely critical of those you like and your own.

In most genres truly good work does get some form of recognition, but there are exceptions notably photojournalism and balck and white.

Don't put stock in what does or does not get an RC - that is not a true measure of quality - only you know what images impress you. I don't suggest that you copy them, and certainly don't just copy styles because they regularly get RCs. Develop your own style.

Right, was bored and in need of typing practice. So off to do me VAT return.

NickParry 14 1.0k 79 Wales
1 Sep 2007 12:18PM
Agree with cameracat. Think of it like music. The charts are full of popular songs and artists, but does that necessarily make them the best songs? No. There are many bands and musicians who I admire, but they don't get lots of attention or high chart positions. Who is therefore better? The popular stuff or the stuff that we personally find gives us pleasure? Nick

EDITED : Cameracat's comment has dissapeared !
keith selmes 16 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2007 12:18PM
nice pf.
I spattered some comments around.
Grimm 13 587 6
1 Sep 2007 1:04PM
I have to agree with you that some photos do get "automatic votes" from friends. I've seen mediocre works get hundreds of views and clicks. But the question is do you need this kind of votes! I have about a handful of people who regularly click on my work, but this same handful are very critical of my images. They are very quick to point out my mistakes even though the image already have plenty of "lovely shot" comments from other viewers. These are the views and comments that i value the most, not a readers choice. (Which i hardly get, LOL)

I have to admit, when i first joined the site, i also questioned the system. It is just the way it is. You just have to continue doing what you like doing. Learn from the constructive comments when you get them. (And pray Pete notice your work, LOL)

Just keep at it mate and dont let it get to you. Very good pf by the way. Cheers.

CathyT 13 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2007 2:04PM
I agree.............constructive criticism from others ,especially those that you admire, is essentially what your after.....

...the more critique you get the faster you will learn......

done let the click/ comment thing cloud your enjoyment of the site....
mhaseman 12 608 1
1 Sep 2007 2:18PM
It can be perplexing who gets votes and why.

I personally spend a lot of time (when time allows) going through the galleries, and also linking from the gallery comments to different portfolios that I haven't seen. I try to make helpful comments if I feel there is something I can say that will help. But you have to look at the overall standard of work in a person's portfolio to judge if they (1) care, and if they are (2) capable of taking what I suggest and work it into a future shot.

I am coming from a bit of a different slant I guess. Being a Creative Director (I work with designers and photographers all the time trying to get as much out of them as I can), I am looking for different things. First I look for professionality and perfection in a shot. I am looking for the quality I would expect to see published in a magazine or book.

Next I look for production issues... how well the image has been worked on in PS or other programs and whether it looks realistic. Some shots just don't work.

When I am looking at a shot of a hobby photographer (also like myself) I have a lesser set of standards and vote by personal preference... by what I like about the shot and I'll normally just say something like nice job or well done and vote if I judge the shot is worthy of a vote.

There are so many photographers on this site who's work is already perfect and who have been taking professional shots for years and years. I just enjoy seeing their work everyday and hoping that it helps me raise the bar on my own hobby shots. And if one day I decide to take my hobby photography to a new level and invest in a studio, lights and additional cameras, then I'll have the wonderful experience of referring to all this amazing work posted on the site.

I would say do what you do and like 'GrimDimasilaw' says, don't let it get to you. Rather... keep your mind open to trying new things and improving your standards on each upload. If you get better, they will come.

Cheers, Martin

p.s. You have some really good shots in your pf. My fav is 'sepia jakie.' Alps and Stairs are also excellent.
User_Removed 16 17.9k 8 Norway
1 Sep 2007 2:52PM

Quote:... don't let the click/ comment thing cloud your enjoyment of the site....

Wisest words so far IMHO. Totally agree with Cathy on this.

Look, learn, be self-critical, compare, post, improve, take advice and critique and apply it to your own work - but most of all, enjoy the site whilst improving and jump off the clicks/comments 'ride to hell'.

csurry 17 9.2k 92
1 Sep 2007 3:07PM
This thread needs locking now - dangerous things are occuring. No one should ever agree with Cathy, and if they do they should never admit it in a public forum!
CathyT 13 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2007 3:10PM
dougv 16 8.4k 3 England
1 Sep 2007 3:10PM

Quote:can a mod please delete the first line of my response


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