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Wanting work as a photographer

User_Removed 16 1.4k United Kingdom
19 Oct 2004 10:03PM
Great advice there Mike, Thank You!

Rodney, I am normally not one to say this sort of thing on a thread but, Mike has above gone to alot of trouble to help answer all of your questions (With great detail and advice) and am quite amazed that the only response from yourself is about a link from your portfolio.

To me, Saying Thank You is easy to say because when I say it I mean it, It means am grateful for what someone has done for me. Saying Thank you is also FREE and doesn't cost a penny, but shows appreciation for someones good nature and can also mean alot in that good natured person's life, they then get the feeling of goodness and have gratitude for their own efforts!

I don't want to come accross to yourself Rodney or anyone else for that matter as a jumped up little oik, and I should of been shot at birth! But, I also feel this sort of gesture would bennfit in any proffesion, as being polite means alot to everyone. I currently work as a sales assistent (wont plug the photography shop) and every customer that comes in I greet them with a smile speak clearly and use my mannors in the best way I know how! This is one of the cheap things in business, as it don't cost anything! Maybe this could be one of the points that was missed above?

This is not meant just at yourself Rodney, but to people in general, from all walks off life!

Am sorry to rant, and if anyone feels that am out of line then I do appologies now! This is just something that I think is importent in every day life and yet so many people take everyone elses good nature for granted!

Craig :o)
chris.maddock 19 3.7k United Kingdom
19 Oct 2004 10:18PM
Craig, presumably you missed Rodney's reply thanking Mike and the others, just two postings above the one to which you refer.

cambirder 16 7.2k England
19 Oct 2004 10:23PM
"I greet them with a smile speak clearly and use my mannors in the best way I know how"

Hope you don't flash your smarties at the same time Craig
peterkin 17 670 England
19 Oct 2004 10:26PM
rodney 16 114
20 Oct 2004 6:20AM
thanks again to all those many in number that has offered me advice to me on this subject it has greatly being appreciated and a special thanks to mike for the research, the disability i have its the pins that cant walk far, what i am after is just making a little bit to help with my camera eqpt as photography and this computer is my way of getting out and speaking to people so a big thanks to all for help in all the forums that i post in

Phoenix 19 1.9k England
20 Oct 2004 10:59AM
Spellchecker ? What spellchecker ?
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
20 Oct 2004 11:07AM
All the very best in your endeavours Rodney! Smile

On a more general point it's notable how so much writing are affected by Text-Speak... so prevalent since the introduction of mobile phones, e.g "u r" instead of "you are".


User_Removed 16 1.4k United Kingdom
20 Oct 2004 3:39PM
Chris, I did miss Rodneys reply, so, a lesson for myself would be to double check before I jump the gun eh? So therefore I do appologies to Rodney for the above comment and I think I should of been shot at birth LOL

Before I ermmm get my coat ;o)

Paul, I only shake my TicTacs at the customers ;o)

Tony, Great link LOL

Craig :o)
ZenTog 18 7.9k 1 England
20 Oct 2004 4:26PM
if you are down in Cornwall anytime you can shadow me in my new events photography business at horse events and I will endever to show you the ropes etc give us an email sometime click onto my profile to see it and the pics of other sports I undertake to capture
rodney 16 114
20 Oct 2004 5:09PM
paul thanks for the offer but i live in lincolnshire and don't get down your way but a big thanks
seabloke 16 844
20 Oct 2004 6:13PM
Whereabouts in Lincs..?
rodney 16 114
20 Oct 2004 9:03PM
Oscar123 14 35
19 Jan 2006 12:50AM
I know this thread is old now but just to say, nice advice Mike.


Secondly, for anyone with MS word or similar, type your emails in here, correct spelling and cut and past into the reply/new thread box.
This also has the luxury of if your post dosent go through IE crash or time out you still have a copy on file.

I would imagine Mike would be suicidal if he lost that post half way through:/

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