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User_Removed 18 1.4k United Kingdom
30 Mar 2006 2:20AM
I know...

Jacobs are still listing them so i'll try them and its at the same price... 749!

Here we go!
ChrisM462 17 8
30 Mar 2006 3:57AM
I cant fault WE - I sent by a 24-70L Canon lens after 3 months as it never took a sharp photo and they refunded my money (to a card) without a quibble.

A friend has had Nikon lenses and returned them when the performance was not up to scratch.
User_Removed 18 825 Lithuania
30 Mar 2006 4:06AM
the first time i used them i ordered a tripod... the bottom bit came two days later and the head i got 4 weeks later... now i always phone for stock availability first... but not just warehouse`... anywhere!
Henchard 17 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2006 4:51AM

Quote:now i always phone for stock availability first.

That may not help either. I needed an item quickly as i was flying off to South Africa two days later. I phoned WE to check an item was in stock. They said yes, so I ordered it. It never turned up so the following day so I called them to find out why. They said there was an error in the stock records. But they had't bothered to get in touch and let me know; I had of course spent the whole day at home waiting for delivery.
User_Removed 18 1.4k United Kingdom
30 Mar 2006 5:44AM
Do warehouseexpress do price matches?
Nixy 18 131
30 Mar 2006 11:12AM
Would not use anyone else,nuff said!!!.Nick.
Leif 18 777
30 Mar 2006 11:12AM
You can always try them with a price match.

I've found WE to be excellent. Good service too.
albi 18 68 1 England
30 Mar 2006 11:32AM
I've ordered quite alot of stuff from them with no problems. However, I did have problems when I ordered a 1D.
I took a day off work for it not to arrive, when I phoned them they told me it had been put aside for another customer. Not a problem I thought I'll get one from another dealer, until I checked my bank account and found they had taken the money for it.
To say I was pi***d was an understatement....

Anyway this is the only problem I've had with them, so just make sure they have the stock and your names on it before you give them your card details.
cyclopse 18 229
2 Apr 2006 3:25AM
W/E i have used recently great service

Mitzi 17 1.0k
2 Apr 2006 4:27AM
I see the 100mm f2.8 Canon macro is only 388 in the ePhotozine shop. Jessops was 405 and no stock! I think I will close the door on Jessops now they are just box shifters and I will go with the best price places! Providing they can be trusted!!
wolf666 17 497 England
2 Apr 2006 4:54AM
A friend of mine worked for Whorehouse Express a few months ago. He is a good photographer, an excellent printer and a real Photoshop genius he lasted six weeks. He said the work was soul destroying and the staff were very unfriendly although this could be because he out-sold their top salesman on his second week there. I keep seeing comments about the muppets who work for Jessops and I must agree with a lot of the comments but at least you can still walk into a Jessops store and try the equipment. Everyone is so wrapped up in getting the cheapest price that they forget the fun of walking into a place and having a look around, trying the new products and having a chat with the guy behind the counter. As people who have a real passion for photography surely we should be advocating the use of local stores who may be a bit more expensive but have time for you and don't mind you handling the products. When I upgraded my camera I wouldn't have dreamt of buying on-line I went to a photographic shop and had a chat with the, very knowledgable, assistant. Okay I paid a bit more for it but I'd like to think that I helped, in a small way, to keep the friendly face of photography going.
u08mcb 18 5.8k
2 Apr 2006 4:58AM
All very well but doesn't apply to any Jessops I've ever set foot in...
wolf666 17 497 England
2 Apr 2006 5:11AM

Quote:All very well but doesn't apply to any Jessops I've ever set foot in...

No! Me too. I was just trying to say that even Jessops should be supported before the soul-sucking internet warehouses.
Mitzi 17 1.0k
2 Apr 2006 6:45AM
Yep. I'm afraid my experience of Jessops staff ain't good either. I think any business today trying to get intelligent, well educated, well motivated staff is on a hiding to nothing. I see B&Q now employ retired time served joiners etc etc. It is a pleasure to talk to some of them because they actually know what they are doing. I don't know what will happen when these folk have gone. We will just be left with idiots.
FatHandedChap 16 1.3k England
2 Apr 2006 8:46AM

Quote:surely we should be advocating the use of local stores

I would agree, we had a wonderful independant camera store in town until Jessops bought them out.

I really like the personal touch, but would much rather use an internet store than suffer the blank looks the staff in my local Jessops give in response to the most simple of questions!


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