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Warning: are you being charged the advertised price?

Sus 16 3.2k 9 England
5 Oct 2009 3:03PM
Just a warning I want to share with as many people as possible.

This weekend I went to the co-op to buy 2 items, for some reason I glanced at my bill (usually don't bother), and I noticed I'd been overcharged 3p on one item. When I went back to check the label, just to make sure, I then noticed I'd been charged 50p more than the label said for the other item.

Later in the day I went to Tesco metro, and noticed that the special discount offer for multibuy hadn't registered on the till.

Both occasions I got a refund, but no apology, and the chap from Tesco seemed almost affronted that he'd been called out to give a 16p refund! When I asked why the advertised price was different from the charged one, I got some vague answer about current discounts not having been updated yet...

Made me wonder how many times this has happened without me noticing (as I don't usually check) and of course it would be happening to everyone else buying those items as well! (I didn't see any effort to rectify their labels or the charging code on the till machines).

So please, check your bills. Many people wouldn't bother for 2 or 3p, but if its happening as commonly as this, it soon adds up, and makes me really irritated that they are getting away with it.
timbo 19 596 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2009 3:08PM
We've been checking our reciepts for ages as we found this happens very regularly and has done so for a long time. It may only be 3p hera and 16p there but in a company like Tesco (other supermarkets are also available to rip you off) if it happened to every third person it adds up to a lot of money.
Metalhead 13 1.9k 2 England
5 Oct 2009 3:12PM
Like Tesco say, "Every little helps"... and "every little" overcharge feeds their ever-expanding profits, so yeah, make sure you check.

I've found on several occasions that the "2 for 1" or money-off promotions don't always register. You do have to be careful with these big companies, but I fear it's much more common than you think...
Krakman 14 3.6k Scotland
5 Oct 2009 3:14PM
Also check your change. SWMBO did so recently after buying something in a photographic shop, and leaving and found the change was 5 short. It was too late to do anything about it, but she believes it was deliberate.
User_Removed 12 718 9 England
5 Oct 2009 3:17PM
Id be more inclined to check the notes they dispense.

After doing a christmas shop at tesco last year i was given a ten pound note as change. After stressful days shopping i decided to use mcdonalds drive in for a latte. Handed over the tenner, spotty lad looks closely, calls his manager, then they both practically accuse me of being an underword criminal because the note was fake.


And i was stuck in the drive in with nowhere to go, so sat feeling humiliated for 5 mins.

I demanded the note back, explaining where i got it from, and wanted to go back to tesco, but macD's said they will have to hang on to it, usual procedure apparently, im still a fooking tenner down though grRr.

I now hold notes up to the light to see if they are genuine.

And always check the receipt.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2009 3:24PM
I would have told them that the note was as genuine as the meat in their burgers! Smile
justin c 17 5.1k 36 England
5 Oct 2009 3:31PM
I always check my Tesco receipts and have spotted discrepencies on many occasions, bit of a bonus really as their policy used to be, to allow you to keep the goods and offer a refund. Worked out well on quite expensive two-for-one offers occasionally.
Coleslaw 16 13.4k 28 Wales
5 Oct 2009 3:53PM
I've never checked my receipt.
I suppose I will now....
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
5 Oct 2009 3:58PM
I always check prices - especially where there special pricing has been applied to an item. I then watch the checkout screen like a hawk... Wink
Picture_Newport 12 659 19 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2009 4:00PM

Quote:I now hold notes up to the light to see if they are genuine.

I did this once and was asked why I was doing it. The lady behind the counter assured me that they check every note that passes over the counter so on that basis it has to a real one.
User_Removed 12 718 9 England
5 Oct 2009 4:42PM
Well this was a fake, still have the emotional scarring to prove it Sad
Sus 16 3.2k 9 England
5 Oct 2009 4:50PM
Seems like its rife then! Because its often only a matter of pence I can see some people may not be overly worried about it, (fake tenner must've hurt though!). I have written to consumer direct, I'm so irritated by this. For the co-op items, they wern't even on any special offer/discount, it was just a plain price label.

And funny how it was always OVER charging rather than under!

I like the 'refund and replace' you get in big supermarkets, though quite often it doesn't really make the storage of off/faulty item, plus trip to return it, worthwhile.
sidaorb 15 3.9k 2 England
5 Oct 2009 5:44PM
I'm with Mike, always check 'special' prices have registered, had a recent episode similar at Asda, 90pence for a small bottle of coke or two for 1.40. Didnt register the discount went to customer services, got the difference refunded and a nice 5.00 'we are sorry' gift voucher Smile
geoffash26 17 2.5k United Kingdom
5 Oct 2009 5:44PM
Just walked down to somerfield to get some things and guess what?

South African red 1/2 price from 7.99 to 3.99 and back up to 5.99 on the till. Response when I went back and queried it Ye I'm sure its 3.99 on the shelf, we've had a few people complain about it lately

I'm sure they have Bl$$$dy Basckets
jimthistle73 17 2.4k 1 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2009 5:50PM
I've had a few arguments with the girls in the local Somerfields.... I'm a cheapskate so if I'm buying a sandwich or whatever, I'll always go to the reduced / marked down / OOD section first.

The full price shows up on the till and the discount is applied at the end of the transaction. Well, that is, it's supposed to. Almost every time, one or other of the items is charged at full price. GRRR!

It doesn't help that they have a positive discrimination employment policy (they employ mentally challenged people), so that the staff often don't understand what you're telling them - the manager has a hard life (often because of me complaining!!).

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