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Warning: are you being charged the advertised price?

theorderingone 17 2.4k
5 Oct 2009 5:56PM
jimthistle73 17 2.4k 1 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2009 6:17PM
Sadly, yes. Exactly like that.

Don't get me wrong, my cousin has severe learning disabilities and I'm delighted that they're working, rather than sitting about, unfulfilled in sheltered housing or whatever.

But couldn't they get them stacking shelves? Or anywhere else apart from the front line?

Awaits flaming.
5 Oct 2009 6:21PM
Tesco used to have a cutomer service bill board on the wall behind their customer services desk, it stated " and if things dont add up ie if the price you pay at the till is different from the shelf price we will refund the difference and you get to keep the item " Every little helps. Well this was exploited by me and my mates to the tune of around £ 3000.00 , this is how it worked. Student packers would come in at night and stock the shelves and on most occasions not remove the " old " offer price on say a widescreen tv @ £199.00 I go to the checkout and pay the new price of say £299.00, well things havnt added up so I take the tv to customer services and tell them Ive been overcharged on the shelf price and I point out their customer services statement .." and if things dont add up etc etc , get the difference as a refund and get to keep the tv fee as well, checkmate!! What we were doing was highlighting the failure by Tescos to adhere to trading standards re pricing of their goods, a shrewd move by Tescos to avoid litigation from trading standards which would probably cost them more in court than the price of a tv. There used to be a website devoted to shelf price and final price of Tesco products called every penny counts but it died when Tescos changed their customer services policy. Ive got tvs dvds playstations and games food, alcohol , clothes completely free and legally from them. To date im still barred from all UK stores but i still shop there heheheheheh.
roxpix 17 2.2k 11 Scotland
5 Oct 2009 6:22PM
Like most things, if ‘we’ the customer decided to do something about it, the situation would change within weeks

Reporting each instance to trading standards will result in the store getting visits/investigation/test shoppers with financial penalties following if things don’t improve in a reasonable time

From memory these penalties can amount to £2,000 per item incorrectly priced (not per incorrect price) this means that 24 tins of beans with the wrong price on the shelf edge could mean a fine of 24 x £2k cust for that one wrong price (persistent offences would need to be proven first)

A quick e-mail to TS when you get home is all it takes Smile
5 Oct 2009 6:23PM
Often found the big supermarkets fall foul of not 'updating' their systems, found it on alot on the reduced/ood stuff which seems a bit strange to me, afterall its only a bar code... I was watching the till very closely last night though I managed to get packs of chicken at 10p!
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
5 Oct 2009 8:22PM
My company has found a new way of making money; last pay they only paid us for one week instead of two. The manager became very upset with one lady in the lab, I heard him say; "You're the only one in my dept who has asked for an advance instead of waiting for next pay." He tried his best to embarrass her into changing her mind. Of course I was in my element then. I said; "Did you get full pay? Did the payroll people make a mistake on their pay? Did the store manager get paid?" We have rent, mortgages, and bills to pay also.
csurry 19 9.2k 92
5 Oct 2009 9:25PM
Try shopping in Norway supermarket, they round up/down to nearest krona. Sometimes in your favour, sometimes not Wink That was a shock when my bill was something like 34.52, but got charged 35!

Now that's a good one that Tesco and that could think of introducing.
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
5 Oct 2009 10:33PM
What do you think of those self serve checkouts? Have you ever gone through one without requiring assistance. What a great way for companies to pass off all those pricing mistakes.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
5 Oct 2009 10:45PM
I never use those self-checkout things. For one thing they're putting people out of a job. For another thing they're always surrounded by loads of people because everyone is so slow using them.

There's a moral there, if the supermarkets would like to take a closer look.

StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
5 Oct 2009 10:53PM
Whatever the moral is, they're ignoring it, because those things are becoming more and more prevalent. I don't use them either, because I like dealing with people, even if they are spotty youths.Wink
KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2009 11:23PM

Quote:surrounded by loads of people because everyone is so slow using them.

They are struggling with items that have damaged or no bar code Smile.
Stay well clear at lunchtime if possible when office staff scramble for the snacks.

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