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Website complete overhaul to wordpress site

Nick_w Plus
10 4.3k 99 England
2 Apr 2014 11:18PM
I have been working on and off (more off than on) on a new wordpress based website since the start of the year. (I currently use Photium)

Hopefully it will go "live" over the next week. Before I launch it, I thought I'd post a link to the beta site here to see what your comments are. Please be honest, some features maybe less than ideal, that my skills are lacking, but let me know (better still if you know how to correct) obviously bits need populating,

There is one major bit (easy to change) that I'm unsure about so I would be interested to see if anyone else picks up on it.

Finally there are a couple of EPZ members who have helped enormously, at least in the early days, thanks guys (Ade and Paul) there will be a name check and reciprocal links when the site goes "live" Wink

Thanks in advance.

Oh it helps if I post a link !!!!

When you comment please let me know what your using to browse. I've checked it in Firefox, Internet Explorer and safari on an iPad (it's designed to look slightly different on an iPad)

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nickp 13 491 Scotland
3 Apr 2014 7:46AM
I like the images very much,esp the B&W/

One or two comments:
Typos in the slider on the front page: rivets not rivots, and contemporary not contempory

Is the header a bit too deep? There's a lot of grey up there not doing much for its living.

It took me a little time before i realised you were selling pictures. How about making it clear on the front page, and remove the blurb about how to buy a picture with a big button saying "Buy now"? Looks like this is the area you're still developing.

Think about removing the sidebar in the Gallery and give the pictures more room. And ideally give me way of moving between the pictures (front page slider too), and possibly an overview of all the contents of a gallery. Think of a visitor wanting to find that picture with the fish - how do they do that?

You've still got an uncategorised post/page somewhere that then appear in the category menu in the footer.

Looks like you had a lot of fun with the conceptual pictures! Couple of typos there: "dipict" should be "depict", and you could remove the comma.

I use Firefox to browse. Hope this helps
sherlob Plus
12 2.9k 129 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2014 11:21AM
Hi Nick,

I think the site looks clean and professional. I have to agree with NickP regarding the sales issue - I had completely missed the fact that your site was selling at all (in fact I have just taken a 2nd look and still can't see any reference to selling images appearing in the gallery). If you are selling (and I am not convinced this is your primary motivation for the site) - this needs to be more prominent imho.

I was surprised that the galleries don't provide a 'browse' type feature. Rather you have you images appearing one by one. Personally, I prefer to be able to see the images in a collection and scan for those I most want to see (if you are selling images - what you are doing is akin to keeping goods under the counter Wink). A ticker-tape of thumbnails can work well - this way you can display your main image and have previews of other images showing at the same time (sorry - I haven't a clue how this is done). Also, I note that if I click on the main image displayed in the gallery I advance the slideshow by one image - I like this, but discovered this as a form of navigation by accident. It is also worth noting that when I click on an image I don't re-set your slideshow's timing - meaning that I eventually get to an image that disappears as soon as it is shown (as the slideshow timing kicks in).

The browser I've used is Safari.

Updating my own website will have to wait until I have finished my studying - but its good see how others are approaching the problem. Thanks for posting.

Best wishes,

PestMaster 4 12 Australia
3 Apr 2014 11:21AM
Google Chrome works well.
Love your site too !
Content is great and I like the layout.
Well done
Nick_w Plus
10 4.3k 99 England
3 Apr 2014 3:00PM
Thanks Adam, Nick and Gerry. I will get those typos changed tonight (my Achilles heal). As for selling images, it's not really the prime intention of the site, nice if someone asks, but it's not really what I'm trying to do. At the moment it's just to showcase my work, hopefully been the main (only) place I will be uploading to - good point about the internal galleries, I need to find a slider compatible with the theme to be able to do this.

The header, what Nick picked up on is the bit I'm not happy with (both size and design). The theme I have doesn't easily allow changes to the size, it's something I will be playing with via bespoke css in a child theme, but every time I try something I mess up all the formatting.

Wordpress themes are great, but also frustrating when trying to make design alterations to them. However it will always be work in progress making minor alterations.

I really appreciate your helpful comments.
Ross_D 4 720 1 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2014 3:32PM
Great images - love the 'Conceptual' and 'Still Life' categories. Highly creative and imaginative. As others have said, some typos/spelling errors (eg. Rivots and Steam, Boarwalk).

Also, in your profile, second line, second sentence doesn't make sense.

Quote:I was surprised that the galleries don't provide a 'browse' type feature. Rather you have you images appearing one by one. Personally, I prefer to be able to see the images in a collection and scan for those I most want to see (if you are selling images - what you are doing is akin to keeping goods under the counter

Totally agree, sherlob described it better than I could Wink
SlowSong Plus
9 7.3k 30 England
3 Apr 2014 3:37PM
Smelly Old Trout - light hearted (not heated). Grin

In the individual galleries I find the transition between images slow and I'm not sure I could be bothered to wait to see them all. And an image count would be useful so we know how many pictures are in the gallery.

As mentioned above, a ticker-tape EPZ-type row of all the images to be shown underneath the larger transitions might be good, and maybe a hover-over enlargement for quick viewing.

I don't mind the transitions between gallery types on the front page as there are, at the moment, only four headings and we don't have to hang around too long to see them all.

As nickp said, how do you find the "fish" picture? I knew I'd seen it but couldn't remember where. Found it in your blog.

I like the clean layout and grey background. The lack of colour is good as there's no distraction away from the images and is altogether a more professional look.

Just my few thoughts Nick. I'm more concerned that people won't hang around long enough to see all the work rather than the look of the website which I think is lovely.

Nick_w Plus
10 4.3k 99 England
26 May 2014 10:09PM
OK well Ive now completed the move from Photium to Wordpress, the Gallery still needs populating with a few more of my images, but at least at long last its now live.
TanyaH Plus
15 1.3k 393 United Kingdom
27 May 2014 3:05PM
Hi Nick - a couple of things I've just picked up on:

1) On the Home page, the banner for 'Conceptual Gallery' is fractionally out of line with the others, so that when the image fades into the next gallery, the words themselves are in a slightly different place to the others (horizontally, not vertically).

2) Again, on the Home page, under the rolling images for 'The Fine Art Gallery' and 'The Rail Gallery', the small line of text reads 'black and white header' and 'rail header' instead of XXXXX Gallery, like the other categories.

3) In the Home page text - second para down ("With all my images ...") - after the hyphen, you need a small 'i' and also an apostrophe (it's).

4) In the Home page text - third para - you mention the 'Story Telling' aspect of your images in 'this' section, but as far as I can see, the story telling gallery is the Conceptual Gallery - is it worth making this reference more specific, i.e. "I am developing a 'Story Telling' element to my images ..." (etc) ..."In The Conceptual Gallery I try to combine ..." (etc).

5) On the Conceptual Gallery page, in the text under the ticker tape of thumbnails, you may want to remove the comma after 'The conceptual gallery' ... its prescence makes the sentence flow in a disjointed way.

6) On the Fine Art Gallery, Landscape Gallery and Still Life Gallery pages, the text under the ticker tape doesn't make sense ... it needs an 'or' between 'buy' and 'use', not a comma. Also, if I click on an image I (hypothetically) want to either buy or use, then nothing happens.

Sorry if I'm being nit-picky - but I thought you'd want honesty, and hopefully the above makes sense Smile

Having said all of that though, the website itself is looking very, very good. It's clean and uncluttered, it's about the photography and creative process, not ego (i.e. no massive long monologues about you - the images speak for themselves ... actually, reading that it doesn't sound too hot, but hopefully you know what I mean and are not offended?!) and to be frank, the photography itself is superb.

It may be that some of the things I've highlighted above have already been fixed, or are in the process of being fixed - if so, apologies. (Also apologies for coming to this a day later than everyone else - I didn't log on at all over the bank holiday weekend Smile.)

27 May 2014 3:55PM
Just a couple more typo's....Smile

Home page "My interest in photography stated...." (started)

"Its why I love...." (It's)

Love the pictures and I'm no website guru so I'll go away..... Wink

(Internet Explorer)
TanyaH Plus
15 1.3k 393 United Kingdom
27 May 2014 4:09PM
Pants!! I should have spotted those! Sad
(And I should have said - FireFox ...)
Nick_w Plus
10 4.3k 99 England
30 May 2014 4:29PM
Thanks Tanya and Kevin, I don't mind the comments in the least, I will fix them over the weekend Smile sorry for the lare reply, I've been away for a few days.
26 Sep 2014 12:27AM
I'm using Chrome and it works well.

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