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WEBSITE FEEDBACK and testing of my new site needed please.

chrisrudland 17 156 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 11:38AM
I have finally got most of my site working although I have not uploaded many pictures
until I can be sure it all works, I will also be featuring some other photographers on this website once it is complete under a category called Featured Photographers.

The main areas I would like used/tested are:

User Registration: Please feel free to register, you should get email confirmation.

Guestbook entries: Nothing rude please...

Gallery Searching: Try Suffolk, Essex, Scottish, Rannoch, Highlands

Purchasing Section: Try this area from Fine Prints, just don't click the final click to confirm. (not working)

User registration is encrypted in an Access Database, Guestbook entries also go in here online in a secure area. The most work I have done is on the Gallery Searching which enables visitors to search by county, area, town, event name or what ever is needed, but importantly the only evidence of this is a picture title or caption so all the details are hidden but this will allow visitors to search your gallery portfolio. Please try counties like "Suffolk" "Essex"
"Highlands" "Scottish" "Rannoch" without "" for the moment because I know there are pictures that will match your search.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to visit and please be honest with any comments so I can improve the usability.

LINK Below

The Site is Here

andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 11:42AM
Will have a look Chris.
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 12:04PM
Chris, had a look, registered, "purchased" (but not completed)- my thoughts, (NTL BB 600K user):

- Registration e-mail received almost immediately

- initial impression is very favourable and I like the "slide show" top left

- very fast to navigate and the button took me where I wanted to go

- purchase route seemed very straight forward and I like the fact that you provide a choice of mounts

- didn't spot any typos (but then I can't see my own so don't bank on me as a proof reader)

- a good collection of images

I'm impressed and hope you do well with it. Let us know how you get on


(edit) - tried the Search Engine - my first failure - it didn't work at all. Came back with a "couldn't match the search" message
andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 12:15PM
Well Brian,has said it all really did the same,all seemed fine,very professional looking.
chrisrudland 17 156 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 12:55PM

Thanks for taking the time to have a look..

chrisrudland 17 156 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 1:00PM

Thank you for trying a few bits out and finding an error, i have tried to simulate your error but cannot get the same? Any chance you can remember what you typed in the search??

I tried something like Peanuts and got the default:

Your search for peanuts returned results Sorry, no results found.

brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 2:06PM
Chris - I used Essex, Scottish and Highlands as you suggested. I will go and have another go now


Edit - redone the search after logging in - still no result found here

(Mind you - I used to be known as a jinx on all systems at work and they always used me to test them - I could break anything Wink
chrisrudland 17 156 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 2:50PM

It's not broke, I should have explained there is a drop down beside search button for "Gallery", it looks like your search was for the website which returned nothing.

So it's working for the Gallery, the website search will only search page content, not picture details.

Thank you for sending the link, try it on Gallery search.

brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 11:13PM
That's why they used to get me to test these things - dim as well as dangerous! Works fine when I do it right Smile

photopharm 16 154 England
21 Nov 2004 12:53AM
Great site, Chris, very professional, colours are good on my flat screen monitor, images show up really well.

If you would like it proof read I'm happy to do that for you and, as long as you don't take offence Smile, some of the grammar/English might be tweaked.

e.g. It could do with an improvement on the 'About me' page.

'Most of my photographic subjects are naturally accessible to me, it's how you perceive them that invites you to photograph them, what creates a good Landscape Image? well getting up very early, staying out until dusk, waiting until a certain type of sky are the types of elements that contribute in my view.'

IMHO this might be better as:

'Most of my photographic subjects are easily accessible, it's how I perceive them that invites me to photograph them. What creates a good landscape image? Well, a good starting point is having the dedication to get up very early, stay out until dusk, and to wait until a certain type of sky comes along.'
(Notice the changing from me to you, and the positioning of the full stops and commas).

I've changed the text a little because I think the meaning had been a little lost in the original. Forgive me if I've gone too far!

Best wishes with your venture
noelyboy 17 89
21 Nov 2004 9:54AM
I'm with you Pauline. The site is well put together but there will need to be a bit more attention to grammar and punctuation etc.. I'm no expert but you need to decide whether you want a professional site with more punchy, 'to the point' text, or something a bit more relaxed and chatty.

Something else you may want to consider is that you have watermarked the pictures for sale on your site, but the ones on e-photozine are not and they are not much smaller. Just trying to save you a few pennies!

Good luck though - I think you will do well.
webjam 16 292 11 Netherlands
21 Nov 2004 1:14PM
Chris, maybe a very silly question: where do you put your pictures to browse? Now it seems that visitors can only look at them when they have typed in a search.
chrisrudland 17 156 United Kingdom
21 Nov 2004 2:06PM

Thank you very much for taking the time to return and test the search again.

chrisrudland 17 156 United Kingdom
21 Nov 2004 2:20PM

I have emailed you a response, but I will probably alter page text as you suggested.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

chrisrudland 17 156 United Kingdom
21 Nov 2004 2:30PM

Thank you for your observations, the text does need some modification and I will address this once I am happy it all works properly. With regard to watermarks on my 600 pixel images it's true the image dimensions are not much different to ePHOTOzine but the size is.

Some of the ones on my the site are 300k with much higher resolution, which is not massive but the ePHOTOzine ones are only 60k. Ultimately if somebody wants to download them and copy or print them I am defenceless.

Thank you for your suggestions, they are very much appreciated.


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