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Wedding cancellation

steve_kershaw 15 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
16 Jul 2009 11:06PM
and the one about putting a bandaid on a gaping wound
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
17 Jul 2009 12:17AM
Having read all of this, I would be interested in reading how this all works out.

Best of luck, julesm.
dickiedriver 14 212 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2009 12:22AM

Quote:A contract was agreed a signed by both parties. The contract included the Free pre shoot and subsequent free mounted image.
The ridiculous price was based on when they booked me, a couple of years ago when I was really just starting out, so I dont have to big a hang up about the lack of pay on this one, but it does grate on me that the clients who have paid 20 deposit) so far, are being quite un reasonable, which if nothing else could mean a long misserable day for me, with no real connection to the B&G that I presonally require to get the job done. With all this in mind, a tidy way out, presuming my Proffesional Indemnity Insurance will pick up any potential costs, is looking more and more inviting.

Even if they come back and agree to a sort of location shoot, I think damage has been done.

Just a quick one you say that a contract was signed, did this specifically mention that the free Pre Shoot was too be in a studio or not if Not then that maybe the loophole you are looking for, as Pre Shoot could be in the couples own home, just a thought.

PeteWilliamson 15 545 2 Isle of Man
17 Jul 2009 1:22PM
I think its pretty easy to see whats going on... their (the couple) chuffed to bits that 2 years ago they managed to choose a photographer that would only charge them 150 for a job that would normally run 10 times that by photographers on a equal footing to the work your throwing out now Jules... and they know that a pre wedding shoot/pring package would run them close to a 100 if they went else where.

You seem to have tried your best to right the situation.
I think you need to sit down with the couple and discuss where you shooting the wedding is the sensible thing to do and maybe you need some kind of safety net in place so they don't then blame you for unispiring shots.. not through your tehnical ability but due to the lack of connection between you and the subjects... it could be be tragic matey.... and they will try and rip you a new one at any possible junction.. I certainly wouldn't be holding out for any kind words or appreciation.
I think you need to offer a refund with a well worded letter explaining the situation and the efforts you have gone to to try and make things right and leave it at that.
Maybe go to a local advocates office for a complimentary cuppa and half chat about it! Smile
Krakman 14 3.6k Scotland
17 Jul 2009 1:31PM

Quote:maybe you need some kind of safety net in place so they don't then blame you for unispiring shots..

They would take this as further evidence of amateurism and lack of confidence, and make it even more likely to be unhappy, either before or after shooting their wedding, and no matter what the photos looked like.

I think the better thing would be to take a professional approach.
PeteWilliamson 15 545 2 Isle of Man
17 Jul 2009 5:34PM
Yes.. if that's all I said then sure.. they might think that.. but I mentioned it in the same line as TALKING TO THEM...
I meant it in the context that if they just hell bent on having him doing it because he's cheap regardless of how much they dislike each other.. Jules needs to be aware that they will blame him and suggest his pictures are substandard regardless of their actual quality and maybe he needs to consider this.

A photographer who is posting on forums worried about how far a couple might go if they decide to sue and a couple that are just concerned with getting as much as possible for as little as possible hardly strikes me as a match made in heaven.
steve p 17 113
18 Jul 2009 4:14PM

I'm not concerned over the conflict between you and the couple...whatever you agreed at the time of signing the contract, you must morally commit to.If you didn't get them to sign a contract, then you should have done.

Something that no-one else in this thread seems to have mentioned and that really concerns me, is that you are doing an entire wedding package for 150!!!

Are they close relatives/best friends?

What are they getting for that?

Britman 14 1.7k England
18 Jul 2009 6:53PM
Interesting thread, with advice well worth knowing. Although it puts me right of doing wedding Smile

I wonder if the couple are actually having money issues and are trying to get the pictures for free.

Good luck Jules and post back with updates.
Geraint 14 715 34 Wales
18 Jul 2009 11:30PM
Jules, I can't offer any advice unfortunately, but if you do go ahead with the shoot(s), at least you can rest easy in the knowledge that your photographs will be of a very high standard. Don't let this issue get your confidence in your photography down.
icphoto 19 2.7k England
19 Jul 2009 4:04PM
Go to , create a free account. This gives you access to free online legal help. I have used it regarding a copyright issue, the information and guidance provided was spot on.
peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
19 Jul 2009 5:18PM
As somebody has said a dissatisfied customer will tell 10 people and maybe a lot more and a satisfied client will tell 3 perhaps up to 10 so you have to consider what damage (if any) returning them their 20 and having nothng more to do with them will do to your business?

Did you state to them that the pre wedding shoot would definitely be studio based or not? If at the time of booking the word studio wasn't mentioned or implied they can't insist on a studio shoot! I would suggest that even if a studio shoot was mentioned and you offer to set up a studio in their home and they refuse then a judge's sympathies may be more with you (if it ever got to court ...... unlikely I should think)

As always the more a client pays you the more they will value you; invariably the nicest and best clients of mine are the ones paying the most.

Best of luck, Peter
dontforgetme 16 1.7k 7 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2009 10:46AM
Hi all and thanks for the comments.

That link for the legal advice could prove helpful in future, thanks.
As for why thsi wedding is so cheap, I have already explained that, but in a nutshell they booked this wedding when I was starting out. The first was free! I dont see why people are so shocked at that though, as even the likes of Bret Harkness started out this way, and it's considfered good practise I believe. This one seems so poingnent simply because I am now charging quite a bit more, (which is due another rise soon for sure). I'm not a 150 wedding tog now! Smile

Anyway, to update you all. I spoke to the couple and they havedecided they will be happy to use one of the existing images from a previous shoot after all, and we seem to still be getting on ok. I needed to establish that before I go on with this wedding (in 6 weeks) and I am happy that the day itself should be fine.

Thanks for all the help.

peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2009 3:26PM
well done Julian, you seem to have sorted it the best possible way ... amicably Smile
XxPaulxX 14 265 England
21 Jul 2009 11:59PM
Is it worth getting something in writing to confirm what you have mutually agreed? After they have their wonderful wedding pics and this free other shot, all for the bargain price of only 150, is there anything to stop them insisting on getting their free studio portrait included in the original contract?

Hope all goes well for you anyway Julesm.
realspeed 14 56 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2009 1:07PM
Out of interest if you have not guarranteed the "quality" of the free photo session, then all sorts of evil things come to mind.

it is suprising how much distortion can be made in editing, oops shouldn't have mentioned that, I must stop having these norty thoughts


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