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Wedding Dress

Kool_Kat 15 166 United Kingdom
10 May 2011 2:43PM
My daughter is going for her fitting for her ivory wedding dress next week so I want to take pics of her trying it on before I start crying . The conditions will be in dark/and fluorescent lighting ( well it was like that when she chose it ) I am making her a photo book of things leading up to the wedding which is next MAY 2012 so I have a bit of time to get it right Please would anyone advise me on the settings I should use on my D300s

Thanks Kath
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
10 May 2011 2:47PM
get her over to the biggest window you can find - let the natural light fall on to her, it'll look fantastic.

settings... err... I'd only know those were I there with you holding a camera.

you can always use Aperture Priority at about F5.6 (say) and add exposure compensation of +1 to +2 to help expose the white.

shoot in RAW so you can alter the white balance later
Kool_Kat 15 166 United Kingdom
10 May 2011 2:52PM
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
10 May 2011 2:56PM

what lens do you "think" would be best?
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
10 May 2011 2:57PM
How about an open door?

As to lens, a lot depends on the size of the room but probably a reasonably wide one, though not too wide, say about 24-50mm.
Kool_Kat 15 166 United Kingdom
10 May 2011 2:59PM
Sorry Ade kept the caps lock on Grin
Kool_Kat 15 166 United Kingdom
10 May 2011 3:02PM
The shop is one story and the wedding dresses were at the back unless you when you go far the fitting we go to another part I will bear the open door in mind (digicammad )
thank you
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
10 May 2011 3:04PM
if you're inside a squashed space, take a wide lens

you'll probably need flash by the sound of it
MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
10 May 2011 4:51PM
....c'mon Ade....where does she live ? might be able to do it for her Smile it foreward.
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
10 May 2011 10:47PM
I'd love to do it - a bride without a wedding is a great shoot.

where you at ?
10 May 2011 11:20PM
Just a you have permission from the dress shop to do this? last year I was in the same position and frame of mind with my daughter's wedding dress fittings etc. The dress shop didn't allow this.. some fear about their designs being pinched and copied etc...We just had to keep asking the girl to nip off and fetch back a different veil/tiara etc.. and copped the shots during her absence...
Can't add any more to what others have said photographically though, I used a 16-85, upped the ISO a bit and hoped..!
MikeRC 16 3.6k United Kingdom
11 May 2011 7:01AM
.....good on you Ade.... Smile
Kool_Kat 15 166 United Kingdom
11 May 2011 9:09AM
I took my little compact when we went to buy the dress only to see others with the big stuff so I dont want to miss out this time Grin so it is OK with the shop thannks
MaryMac 15 258 1 United Kingdom
11 May 2011 7:03PM
wish I was there to help you with this Kathy Im sure the shots you take will be lovely just take your time and use whatever light you can ! xx
zyler 12 2 United Kingdom
29 May 2011 9:21AM
Probably too late now ... but just in case:

Shoot in raw and use a tripod (or a stable surface at the right height) if the light is low, and use a remote cord or the timer so you do not knock the camera. If the room is not large, you will need a lens at the wider end. If you get wider than 35mm be very careful about position as you will start to get some odd effects (keep the subject central, rather than being clever on the composition).

Set the aperture according to your desired depth of field. In the circumstances, you probably want to be sure to get the detail, so f8 would probably be a good starting point.

You will need the subject to hold still as the exposure is likely to be a slow enough to be unable to freeze movement. Perhaps as slow as 1/10th of a second.

Using the tripod will allow you to shoot a longer exposure at speeds too slow to hand-hold the camera and be sure of getting a blur free photo. You will be able to get a well lit photograph in light you can see in.

Using raw will allow you to reset the white point correctly on your computer. There is free software for this, if you don't have ACR/Lightroom or some other handy package.

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