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Wedding Dress Correct exposure?

User_Removed 15 1.5k 1
20 Oct 2008 10:47AM
I would like to know what camera settings should be used in different lighting conditions to ensure a wedding dress is correctly exposed. I understand the plus 2 stops thing for spot metering in Manual mode when their is heavybacklighting to ensure the dress does not come out grey. However in low light conditions that does not enable plus 2 stops of exposure in manual due to a slow shutterspeed how can i expose the dress correctly. Would i be right in saying that in dark conditions it is ok to use aperture mode and evaluative metering and underexpose as the camera meter will be metering for the darker areas making the dress run the risk of blowing out. Also when metering +2 stops on white it only exposes correctly when no flash is used. When i use flash -1/2 stop in ettl the detail blows. Does this mean that if metering +2 in camera i will need -2 flash to get the correct exposure.

mikeweeks 17 978 3 England
20 Oct 2008 10:59AM
White will always be white and will always have the same effect on the meter regardless of the ambient lighting. Changeing the metering mode will not suddenly give you a higher shutter speed, that is what the ISO setting is for.
A little trick, hang up a white sheet in a room and throw a piece of net curtain over it and try to get a metering mode and setting between flash and camera that works for you which retains detail and stays white and then you can come back and give us the answers, after all practice makes perfect.

ZenTog 20 7.9k 1 England
20 Oct 2008 11:08AM
sure does Mike, but changingthe iso when you come out off the church takes a while longer............
User_Removed 15 1.5k 1
20 Oct 2008 11:16AM
I have been practicing on a textured bath towel in manual +2 stops with -1/2 stop flash and when using flash the detail blows. Also when doing this inside with little light in th background it exposes correctly without flash but the background is virtually pitch black.when i use flash it exposes the whole image properly but blows the detail in the white. james
BubbaG2000 14 767 1
20 Oct 2008 11:28AM
Would you not be able to expose for the dress and bounce the flash to bring the background in a little?
ZenTog 20 7.9k 1 England
20 Oct 2008 11:55AM
i do a white balance first , then use shutter priority , plus 2 stops will burn out any whites in any form
I use 3/4 stop under exposed on the the flash head not the camera this works fine , should know took an awefull lot of image this weekend at a live wedding
ZenTog 20 7.9k 1 England
20 Oct 2008 11:56AM

Quote:Would you not be able to expose for the dress and bounce the flash to bring the background in a little?

bounicng flash off a wall works well if the walls are white , if they are coloured etc then it adds a colour caste
ade_mcfade 18 15.2k 216 England
20 Oct 2008 12:01PM

I'd recommend doing just HINDU weddings as they wear red Sari's and you don't get the same issues that you do with white dresses
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2008 12:05PM
James also look at your custom modes to see what metering mode the flash is on. for many cameras it is evaluative, so the camera makes its own guess on what the subject is etc. IF you move it to average you may find it becomes a bit more predictable.
User_Removed 20 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2008 12:15PM
When using flash, only spot metering is used which is why bright areas (or conversely, dark areas) can so dramatically affect the flash exposure

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