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Wedding Fayre WARNING!!!

Coleslaw 16 13.4k 28 Wales
4 Apr 2011 9:08PM
And I thought it was me who couldn't understand what he said.
Glad I am not alone.
thewilliam 13 6.1k
4 Apr 2011 9:09PM
Ian, the business world can be very harsh, especially for someone caught in the middle.

Unfortunately our liability to our customers doesn't end when a franchise is terminated. Customers do tend to get upset when they pay money and don't get what they expected in return.

The only release from the obligations may be dissolution for a limited company, or for an individual, death or bankruptcy. Shortage of funds isn't usually considered an acceptable excuse.

Sorry to say this but please don't shoot a messenger who gives bad news.
mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2011 7:02AM
If people paid for a space at a show ... which never happened... where did their money go?

Sorry, but if you take someones money, and then don't deliver any goods/service then you really cannot be surprised when they get upset.
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
5 Apr 2011 8:00AM
...and of course to take somone to court on a case of Slander/Libel, you have to prove that what they said was untrue.

PSilverman wrote that he had paid up front for something that was then cancelled and he was angry as he wasn't going to get a refund. This would have to be proved incorrect.

The last sentence in which Mr Ward is described as not a nice man, could be considered an emotional outburst and so not subject to the law of slander/libel.
thewilliam 13 6.1k
5 Apr 2011 11:07AM
Only celebrities have reputations and feelings with any financial value.

A post on a forum has been "published" and would be libel. Slander is for the spoken word where only those within earshot can hear.

When the Court sees that a plaintiff has been taking money from people and not delivering the goods or services that have been paid for, the Judge might award very modest damages, even for for proven libel - like one pound. In some cases, the plaintiff doesn't get an award of costs, or might be called upon to pay the defendant's costs.

Does Ian have significant equity in his house? If so, then he has the means to compensate his customers.
JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2011 12:45PM
Its good to name, shame and allow the right to reply - it protects us all and keeps us wary. Thanks to All and Ian for their comments its only by getting things into the open that issues get addressed.

It will all come down to the contracts signed, Business takes risks with its money and protects itself with contracts, some unscruplous operators use these contracts to make the money rather than delivering services - maybe Wow Weddings is the one and has ripped off a chain of people. I wonder what there reasons for cancelling are?

I had bad experiance with lettings agents Foxtons and the courts are hearing a test case there as i understand it to determine whether the contracts themselves were actually legal to protect the business or just to extract monies - maybe Wow is not right to state that clause !

It seems that the francisee Ian is liable for taking money but not delivering the service t Phil, Wow have initially protected themselves with a clause, but discredited themselves by not asking the franchisee's to also include the clause.

I'm beginning to think franchises are way's of selling with no instigator risk as the poor guy that bought the franchise is left on his own and may not always understand what he/she has bought.

Good luck all.
thewilliam 13 6.1k
5 Apr 2011 2:01PM
A franchise is normally a totally repectable way for a business to share its expertise with others, eg MacDonalds or Barrett & Coe. The franchisees are able to set up a business that has an immediatel reputation and respectability.
boony 14 978 3 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2011 12:58AM
I`ve heard of this as well. Not clever wiil ; I amm.allegedly. It`s no one off. I`m not saying what is/isn`t a one off, draw your own conclusions. But everyone on here (plus anyone else forum users may want to inform) should really avoid like a dose of herpes. Or AIDS. Or smack - that stuff will suck you dry as well. Of course a few feeebies may (unlikely) change my mind.....

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