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Wedding Photography - and images on disc

Jay44 11 1.4k Wales
28 Apr 2006 5:00AM
I have had several couples come see me over the past month, and just about every one of them has asked if there is a disc of images included in my packages.

This is something I don't offer.

Now I am reconsidering. None of these couples have come back and booked, and I am wondering if the no disc included thing has them looking elsewhere.

How many of you offer a disc with your packages? If you do are they his res images that can be downloaded, or are they of a resolution only good enough for the screen?

And do you charge extra or is it just thrown in?

I don't particularly want to be told not to include a disc - as I'm sure it is the way I going to have to go.

Any help and advice greatly appreciated.


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Chris_H 13 1.5k 1
28 Apr 2006 5:05AM
More and more people are wanting a disc of their images, a girl at my works paid a lot more to go with a photographer who offered a disk of all their images.

There are problems though most will go into Asda etc and get the images printed, you will not get any reprint orders but the main problem is they are going to show other people your work and the print quality will be S**t and this could put other people off from booking you.

Jay44 11 1.4k Wales
28 Apr 2006 5:08AM
It is such a difficult decision isn't it?

But no one is booking me now, so what have I got to lose?
dougv 13 8.4k 3 England
28 Apr 2006 5:08AM
I think you need to be careful giving away a disk full of images as it could reduce the amount of money you make on prints for friends and family.

I would look at providing a CD/DVD with a slideshow of images that could not be used for printing.

You need to take into account the price software required and time to put it all together and make sure it doesn't end up costing you money.

Doug ;o)
UserDeleted 14 3.6k
28 Apr 2006 5:17AM

Why don't you call them up and ask them why they didn't book you ?

All the time you are guessing you'll be making changes to your business which will confuse your prospective clients, potentially upset any that you already have booked on old terms, and may not actually be the issue.

It could be one of many reasons why they chose to go with another photographer.

Once you know, if it is the issue, then you can work out the correct approach to selling the images - there are many - and opinions vary as to the right way to do it, and if and how it affects reprint orders - package based or otherwise.

I have my own offer for my clients but it may not work in your business plan, packages, workflow or market.

Chris_H 13 1.5k 1
28 Apr 2006 5:18AM
Most if not all photographers already include a DVD slideshow which can not be copied as part of their package.
It is a difficult one, it depends on how much money you make on reprints, I hear more and more wedding photographers saying they are getting less and less reprints and some are not even getting any for some weddings so it depends on your own business.

You could also offer to send them a CD of all their images after 6 or 12 months of the wedding.
As Mike says research your clients, go to wedding fairs etc and ask people getting married what they want from their wedding pictures what prices they will pay etc.

Jay44 11 1.4k Wales
28 Apr 2006 5:21AM
A DVD slideshow.

hmmmmm.... what sort of software would I need for that? Or is there something on Photoshop that will already do it?
28 Apr 2006 5:22AM
ProShow Gold is good.
Chris_H 13 1.5k 1
28 Apr 2006 5:23AM
Go for one where the images can not be copied, also the couple can choose music but be careful with regards to copyright.

Jay44 11 1.4k Wales
28 Apr 2006 5:23AM

Quote:It could be one of many reasons why they chose to go with another photographer.

Unfortunately for me my area is now saturated with wedding photographers, probably more wedding photographs than wedding couples!

Every week more and more crawl out of the woodwork. My work load has halved.

ah well!
dougv 13 8.4k 3 England
28 Apr 2006 5:24AM
Chris_H 13 1.5k 1
28 Apr 2006 5:27AM
Its the same where I am Jay, here the list of wedding photographers in the yellow pages has gone from about 3 pages to 12 in a few years and there are a lot more who do not even advertise in the yellow pages.
There is a guy who advertises in the city centre with outside of the market, the guy has a fruit and veg stall on the market during the week and charges about 400 for everything, and the stuff is rubbish I have seen some of the pictures he done for someones wedding and the albulm must have cost under 10.
The girl I had mentioned at work met him to talk over the package and she ended up going with someone offering a lot more in their package and ended up spending over 3000 for that package.

LAF 14 1.7k
28 Apr 2006 5:31AM
With weddings we always try and sell the JPegs on disc. I'd rather make a smaller profit from letting them handle the printing than faff about printing the odd picture of aunty Hilda here and Granny Gertrude there. If the client will pay to save me the inconvenience then that's great by me. Okay, in the long run reprints might make us more money, but it's a ball ache and I'd rather work on other things. In our experience the rate and scale of digital workflow creates a lot of redundent copyright that you're never going to proffit from by more traditional means, so bag it and sell it.

As for ASDA prints, make a profile to match and oversharpen like mad and they come out REALLY well. The Fuji Frontier equiped stores are good anyway - the machines use RGB lasers to print the image with light straight onto propper photographic paper - a wet digital process. They're cracking value too!

Lee 'Muktar' Fairclough.
UserDeleted 14 3.6k
28 Apr 2006 5:41AM
Isn't it great how threads get dragged off topic when someone that doesn't really know what they are talking about makes a suggestion.....

If your clients want a disk of images (note: not a slideshow) then most of the suggestions above are way off the mark.

The fact that you migrated towards it, and didn't push back indicates to me that you either don't understand the difference, or more worryingly that you didn't understand what your clients were asking of you.

Quote:Every week more and more crawl out of the woodwork. My work load has halved.

And if you are going to compete at the level where newbie wedding photographers are going to compare with your pricing and the quality of your work and maybe have a more dynamic and modern style then you will soon find that you have no work at all.

When you first started posting on here I and others suggested that you fix your business before splashing out on digital kit and moving away from the Bronnies that you know well. You ignored this, and posts since then seem to indicate that you are struggling with the new technology, techniques and style dropping you to level of the DSLR weekend warrior/enthusiast.

Personally I don't really know where you should go from here - and I am an experienced professional wedding photographer - with a full season ahead of me.

What I don't think you should do is flit around half conceived ideas and take advice from an internet forum where the spread of responses could be from pro to aspiring freelancer through well-intentioned but no relevant experience to complete numpty (please note I am not referring to anyone specifically with these).

You need to seek professional advice - you have already been referred to either the MPA, BIPP or SWPP - you might also consider something like Envisage and engage one of their marketing consultants.

I'd also suggest you get back onto well known and high quality ground - something that new entrants will struggle to match and at least service a market you can even if it is a gradually declining one and make a feature of it rather than be ashamed of your experience. That way you'll still be earnign a living whilst you formalise a new 3-5 year plan and start to put it in place.

LAF 14 1.7k
28 Apr 2006 5:56AM
I particlarly like the bit about a DVD that cannot be copied...

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