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Wedding Storybooks

EnigmaPhoto 15 487 United Kingdom
4 Nov 2005 9:36AM
I know this sounds crazy, but I've just started doing my first Wedding Storybook.

Now I've seen loads, but never done one myself, and I've been merrily putting it together without knowing any of the rules.

So, I was going to ask you good people to have a look at it, and tell me if I'm in the ball park, and not doing any major no-no's.

I've put it here

It uses ProShow Gold, so it may ask you to download the driver.

Just before you comment,;
a) I haven't captioned it yet
b) haven't finished the last few pages, as it suddenly dawned on me that I might have to re-track. only 5 more to go though.
c) apart from the first page, all the following pages are shown as if the book was opened, and you are seeing two pages (glue bound). Imagine the line down the middle.

Your constructive opinions would be REALLY appreciated.


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UserRemoved 16 4.2k
4 Nov 2005 9:52AM
Had a quick look.

To be honest Dean, it doesnt really matter what any of us on here thinks. Only a certain number of peoples opinion will count - i.e. your clients.

What I will say though is that are you going to map the format directly across to the wedding album (although november is a bit late to be doing things from July).

If so are you going to rework all the images? All the other questions would be your workflow, what if they dont like page X etc etc.

You will get loads of comments here but as I said above the only ones that will count will be your clients.

Also personally, giving someone an album in November, shot in July is a no-no.
collywobles 16 4.0k 10 United Kingdom
4 Nov 2005 9:57AM
Quite a good presentation and some nice shots. I thought that there are too many styles/types/colours of backgounds which tend to make it a bit jumbled, I would tend to keep backgrounds similar. Thats my only thought. I do similar reportage albums and use the Spicer Hallfield Elizabethan A4 album.. How much do you charge for a 40 A4 sheet album, my local dealer charges 1600. I also produce a slide show using Proshow Gold with music.
EnigmaPhoto 15 487 United Kingdom
4 Nov 2005 10:20AM
Thanks for the comments;

Joe: I hear what you are saying, but the couple came back only 4 weeks ago and asked for the storybook, because they had seen one of their friends and thought they were nice... They've had their album for ages now.

I've made sure I've picked a load of different photo's and added some effects to existing ones.

CollyWobbles: I only charge 600 pounds for the 25 page story book. It's 30cm x 30cm. I think this is why they decided to come back for it. (on;y 450 pounds for A4)
UserDeleted 17 3.6k
5 Nov 2005 5:13AM
I'll echo some of the comments above and make some of my own;

1) The only people that matter are - in order of importance

- your clients from this wedding
- any potential clients that watch this/look at it
- you
- any competition/panel judge you might choose to enter this into

NOBODY elses opinion really counts - it is your business.

2) IMHO 600 is far to cheap for this kind of product. I think this would be their second album from you (if I read your posts correctly) in which case I can see why you might discount it - but you are well below market rates for it.

3) The backgrounds are a bit of a mess. It looks like you tried to use every available one in the package. Some of your watermark images don't really work as much of the content that I would expect to see is obscured. Current design from some of the masters (notably Yervant/Jerry Ghionis) is less fussy, more classical - less effects.

4) The number of images appear to cluuter the pages and make it a little hectic...but this is down to style I guess

5) Personal opinion I know: You have some really cheesy shots in here (like the bride in the groomsmens arms) mixed in with some really nice work. For me there is a confusion of styles in the album and it doesn't help it flow.

EnigmaPhoto 15 487 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2005 2:21PM
Well the storybook went down excellently... thanks for the comments from previous posts.

I have actually sold three story books now using this online demo I have put on my web-site. I'd love your feedback, and so far I've had good feedback from customers.

Here is my on-line example of the storybook.
collywobles 16 4.0k 10 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2005 6:12AM
Saw this new website in this months Digital Photo Magazine and it looks quite interesting regarding 'Storybook Albums'. I have not tried them yet as they still seem to be in the process of setting up but at first glance their prices look promising. I will try them once they are ready and let you know the results. Site here http://www.cherishworld.co.uk/index.php
Centurion 15 1.2k England
24 Nov 2005 10:32AM
Hi Dean. had a look at your photo book. I must say im impressed with the actual shots and all for 600, a very competitive price. I tend to agree with some of the comments above about the mixed backgrounds and styles. Im in the market for a wedding photographer myself in 2007 and we are considering such a book. We are looking for a contemporary feel which will flow from start to finish so the background/style will remain consistent. Once again very impressed. Where are you based by the way?
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2005 10:43AM
I like it. I use the Italian Graphibooks for my weddings, which are lovely but pricey. This seems like an affordable alternative.
Centurion 15 1.2k England
24 Nov 2005 10:48AM
Ah but the Graphibooks are simply awesome especially the aluminium ones.
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2005 1:26PM
You're right Smile) I have an aluminium large graphi album as a wedding sample and it's a stunner...
EnigmaPhoto 15 487 United Kingdom
25 Nov 2005 12:37AM
Centurion: I'm based in West London near to Chiswick/Ealing area.

I understand that some people will prefer less cluttered backgrounds, and a more flowing style. It's all easily done. However, the actual couple who I did this storybook for loved it and were very, very pleased with it!

At the end of the day these storybooks can be whatever you want!
phogrot 14 43
27 Nov 2005 7:30PM
hello Enigma...
I looked at your example and like the look of the turning pages etc. Not commenting on the photography as it's not really my place, but, i've just got my first Graphistudio samples and wondering how to preview them. It seems so complicated as so many alternatives to offer clients, Think I need to just offer a couple of sizes with this or that page numbers maybe. Anyway, went off the point, do you build your own albums 'in computer' with the software you have? and how do you put the albums together after?

Regards, Matty.
EnigmaPhoto 15 487 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2005 12:16AM

I put all the pages together in Photoshop CS2. I keep all the original layered PSD files on my computer, but compress them for the actual printing (in fact one of the printers I know wanted all the pages in a single PDF file!).

The company that I use will actually print the images and bind them in a leather covered book.

I only offer two sizes too. 25 x 25cm and 15 x 15cm. Each have 25 pages, but additional pages can be included if purchased.

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