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Weekly Black & White Challenge - ending 8pm Wednesday 29th July 2020 - EMPTINESS


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23 Jul 2020 7:57AM
Well, I work in education and this week was the end of the academic year. So this week all across the UK school, college and university buildings fell silent as they emptied.

So your challenge this week is to photograph EMPTINESS. I figured that photographing something that isn't actually there would be suitably challenging and get the grey matter working. Wink But just to help you out (if you need it), it could be an empty object such as a glass or bottle. Or it could be an empty place such as a church, street or the open countryside. So plenty of options for you there.

I'm looking for something that evokes a feeling of good-things-ended and it seems to me that mono lends itself well to this subject. So knock me out with your creativity folks!

A recap of the rules for you, should you need them:

1. The challenge is just for fun.
3. The image must be uploaded in a comment in this thread by 8pm (UK time) on the following Wednesday.
4. Images must be B&W (or sepia toned).
5. Images and result only in this thread - comments/banter/discussion in the 'Weekly Black And White Challenge - Discussion' thread.
6. Only one upload per member (or Malc gets busy deleting earlier entries).
7. The person who hosts is the judge for that week's challenge and the judge’s decision is final.
8. The winner gets to create, run and judge the challenge for the following week.
9. Enjoy yourself - no crying over spilt milk.

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DaveRyder Plus
6 4.4k 7 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2020 1:33PM
The train now departing.... took everyone (well except me)

27 Jul 2020 10:30AM

The 'Lady Chapel', Osmotherley
28 Jul 2020 5:14PM

Atacama Desert Chile
saltireblue Plus
10 10.8k 63 Norway
29 Jul 2020 4:26PM
The emptiness felt after the loss of a loved one...
cattyal Plus
15 9.1k 6 England
29 Jul 2020 7:14PM
It was full of Astrantia seeds until I got hold of it - now it's empty and they're all in a little brown envelope now......
EddieAC 15 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2020 7:16PM

They all left some emptiness...

Okay, I see that Malc had the same idea (and did it better) but I have no time to try anything else so I have to upload....... Wink
29 Jul 2020 8:07PM
Ok peeps. Times up. While I peruse your submissions, here's an 'empty' picture I noticed this week to keep you amused. Not sure whether you'll be crying or p**sing yourself with laughter. Either way, I'm afraid I'm no use to you whatsoever. 😉 😂

EddieAC 15 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2020 8:16PM
A cracking photo... You rolled up to wipe away the also rans and flush out the winner!!! Grin
29 Jul 2020 9:01PM
OK. So a small but very select collection this week – all of them beautiful in their own way and any one of them a potential winner. So here is my summary in the traditional order of submission…

Dave – empty platforms at train stations can be so sad, can’t they? – waving goodbye to loved ones. I’ve done that too many times myself. Here's hoping you don't have too many of them. A well-timed capture there that definitely pulls at the heart strings.

Phil – Lady Chapel - a lovely building with some beautiful light. Not just one light source, but two – the window at the altar and what I presume is the door at the back. I like the way the grain of the wood on the backs of the benches are clearly visible even though they are only a relatively small element in the overall picture – very sharp!

Mammarazzi – Lovely to have a new face in the group - welcome. And wow! – that is one big, empty space that very definitely fits the brief. A really beautiful image. Sadly, without any EXIF data and given that you live in the UK with current travel restrictions, I can’t be sure it was taken after the theme was announced last week so I’m afraid I’m going to have discount it. That’s a shame because I do like it and I hope we see some more of your images in the coming weeks. (with humble apologies if I’m wrong!)

Malc – a mystery shot – who is the person in the photo?! And who are they grieving over? It’s almost like a whodunnit! That certainly hits the brief and evokes strong emotions. Nice bit of light on the hair too. Nicely done.

Alison – I love 3 things about this shot. 1. the minimalist and high key look. 2. the use of negative space (a nice double-take on the emptiness theme there 😎 ) 3. the way you have taken the theme of emptiness and used it (successfully) to picture new beginnings as well as things ended. Nicely done!

Eddie – line of gravestones – another gravestone shot. This time six in a neat row. I don’t know who Freda Grace Scott was (a relative of yours?) but judging by the flowers in front of her stone, it appears she was, indeed, a dearly loved mother and grandmother who has left some empty hearts somewhere.

So, now to the difficult part – to bestow the honour of the week on some poor, unsuspecting soul – I mean the lucky winner. And this week I’m handing the baton over to...

Phil (sorry). As it happens, Mr PL and I are taking the camper to that neck of the woods this weekend so I may pay the place a visit myself, since it’s so beautiful.

Well done one and all - thanks for taking part. And apologies for my own miserable attempt!
saltireblue Plus
10 10.8k 63 Norway
29 Jul 2020 9:06PM
Many thanks for the in-depth summing-up, Linda, as well as for the theme and the judging. Congrats go to Phil (poor fellow) who now has the (un)envious task of whetting our imaginations for the next 7 days or so...
EddieAC 15 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2020 9:15PM
Well done to Phil and many thanks Linda for this week. Not a single inhabitant of one of these graves was a relative. I just like taking photos in graveyards!! I did get a few funny looks from a couple walking their dog. Smile
29 Jul 2020 9:39PM
Thank you Linda for the opportunity to put my brains on a rack and think of a new topic. Hope you have a good weekend.
cattyal Plus
15 9.1k 6 England
29 Jul 2020 9:51PM
Congratulations Phil! and thanks Linda for the challenge Smile
DaveRyder Plus
6 4.4k 7 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2020 9:59PM
Well done Phil, you saved us all from having to think of the next Challenge.
An empty challenge that filled our time, thanks Linda Grin.