Weekly Black and White Challenge - ending 8pm Wed. 8th July 2020 - New Normal


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DaveRyder Plus
6 4.4k 7 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2020 8:16AM
We had a challenge 'Lockdown' as we had restrictions placed on our movements and enjoyed freedoms.
As these are now slowly being released what does it mean to you. Perhaps seeing family and friends. Returning to work or some kinds of a social life. What do the returning freedoms mean to you.

The rules:

1. The challenge is just for fun.
2. Your image must be taken after the theme is announced.
3. The image must be uploaded in a comment in this thread by 8pm (UK time) on the following Wednesday.
4. Images must be B&W (or sepia toned).
5. Images and result only in this thread - comments/banter/discussion in the 'Weekly Black And White Challenge - Discussion' thread.
6. Only one upload per member (or Malc gets busy deleting earlier entries).
7. The person who hosts is the judge for that week's challenge and the judge’s decision is final.
8. The winner gets to create, run and judge the challenge for the following week.
9. Enjoy yourself and stay safe.

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SlowSong Plus
12 9.1k 30 England
2 Jul 2020 2:01PM

Flats - Hopefully I'll need them all for when I can go out walking around London again.
6 Jul 2020 4:23PM
Safe shopping 2020 - sun hat - check; face covering - check; drinking a cappuccino - a bit of a challenge.....

7 Jul 2020 6:32PM
Ahh...but it looks like she has a straw...!
EddieAC Plus
15 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2020 8:26PM

Folly of the flouters

Okay, not sure where to start but here goes. Just off the left hand side of the photo is a bench. This bench has been there since we moved in. Sometimes we would see one person or two sat at the bench having a cigarette.

Then the pandemic started and quite quickly some of the residents here began meeting in the communal gardens. There are three blocks of flats, two blocks of six flats and one block of four. We are the first flat in the final block of four.

At least four households were meeting outside for barbecue's and general chat and no social distancing. All their children playing together. It seemed to me that they were rebelling against a perceived threat to their freedom. One of the parents actually said to me "We all breath the same air".

So My wife and I just stayed inside, keeping our son Louis well out of their way. At weekends when it was warm the barbecue came out, They set up a large pool so the kids could play in it, A Gazebo was placed with two sofa's underneath and there have been two birthday parties. First a child's and then our upstairs neighbour celebrated her 21st. Both times around twenty to thirty people congregating outside, lots of them total strangers. Pandemic? What Pandemic!! At least it seemed that way.

A game of Russian Roulette? I think it helped that where we are in the South East the transmission rate of the virus was quite low and will be the only reason they have got away with it so far. Recently most of the people are now not hanging outside as much just as things are opening up. Go figure that one.

The only person now hanging around outside there now is our upstairs neighbour. I think she rather enjoyed the life outside and now has her own garden furniture and lots of her daughters toys outside.

If there is a second wave, and some reports I've read suggest that the virus is actually speeding up across the world rather than slowing down, then one or two of the people in the community here may face their personal Armageddon.

Anyway for me the new normal, I hope, will be one where this behaviour can be normal again without worry or danger.
saltireblue Plus
10 10.9k 63 Norway
8 Jul 2020 4:02PM
The nightmare of shopping...that is our new normal, as my wife is in a risk group and is very nervous about mixing with others.
My image is deliberately 'out of sync,' trying to represent the feeling of the nightmare - think Hitchcock's shower scene music.
Several images layered in PS.
cattyal Plus
15 9.1k 6 England
8 Jul 2020 5:32PM

Tricky one this as for me, at the moment, the only real difference is working shorter hours so that I can avoid busy buses (hooray!) - and having to sit where the ticks are and wear a mask on the bus.
DaveRyder Plus
6 4.4k 7 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2020 7:59PM
Times up.....
DaveRyder Plus
6 4.4k 7 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2020 8:19PM
Please forgive the brevity - we have our two eldest Grandsons staying for first time in over 3 months.

This week the challis goes to Phil fir the Safe Shopping shot.

Thank you all for your entries.
SlowSong Plus
12 9.1k 30 England
8 Jul 2020 8:22PM
Well done Phil. A fun shot and a quirky for these times.
Have a good time wifh the boys, Dave. Smile
saltireblue Plus
10 10.9k 63 Norway
8 Jul 2020 8:23PM
Well done, Phil, and Dave, enjoy the visit!
8 Jul 2020 8:55PM
Thanks Dave. Shortly after I took the photo the chap she was with joined her and put his cup up to drink just realising at the last minute that his mask was still in place - but I missed that shot because someone walked in front of me..... They both then took off their masks.

Will get thinking of a new topic - may need to sleep on it.
cattyal Plus
15 9.1k 6 England
8 Jul 2020 9:08PM
Congratulations Phil - I'm not surprised you won this week Smile

Thanks for looking after things Dave
EddieAC Plus
15 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2020 9:15PM
Well done to Phil and many thanks Dave for this week!!! Smile