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Weekly Black and White Challenge - ending 8pm Wednesday 12th August 2020 - Under Construction


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EddieAC Plus
16 3.0k 2 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2020 10:06AM
New challenge and after some thought, and building on some initial thoughts I had in case I was setting this weeks challenge, I decided on "Under Construction". This can be a variety of subjects such as local roadworks, a spider creating a web and even cooking or decorating could count if you look on it from a certain point of view. Smile

The rules:
1. The challenge is just for fun.
3. The image must be uploaded in a comment in this thread by 8pm (UK time) on the following Wednesday.
4. Images must be B&W (or sepia toned).
5. Only one upload per member (or Malc gets busy deleting earlier entries).
6. The person who hosts is the judge for that week's challenge and the judge’s decision is final.
7. The winner gets to create, run and judge the challenge for the following week.
8. Get busy constructing and entry.

Good luck!
clicknimagine Plus
11 812 104 India
9 Aug 2020 6:09PM

I don't know whether it is in accordance with the theme or not, but this property is old and broken, recently it is sold and under construction of a new appartment, i have got the opportunity to take some shots in a part of that building for the request of the owner as they want to record the last state of the building, hence my submission...
EddieAC Plus
16 3.0k 2 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2020 11:52AM
Okay, one macro challenge complete, another one started so it's now time for a little bump. Wink
DaveRyder Plus
7 5.3k 9 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2020 3:57PM
New bloom for old.....

philstan 4 556 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2020 6:39PM
Constructing reflections

saltireblue Plus
11 11.8k 75 Norway
12 Aug 2020 3:39PM
I deleted m original upload, found on our 4-day roadtrip, in favour of something more interesting found today.
An old water wheel, originally from the middle of the 1700s on the edge of a fjord, powered by a waterfall just behind it being restored.
I presume restoration is allowed under the umbrella of 'under construction' - under reconstruction in this case. The wheel was used to power the adjoining wood mill which used the local pine trees, which were considered to be top quality. The finished planks and timbers, for building use, were then transported by boat to wherever they were needed.
cattyal Plus
16 9.2k 6 England
12 Aug 2020 6:47PM
Small scale construction!
12 Aug 2020 7:55PM
Didn't really have chance to do this one this week. Busy times for me! So this is a snap taken on my phone when I realised I had almost forgotten. With apologies for not doing a proper shoot this week.

We're going away on our hols this week and it is a family tradition to take a homemade fruitcake with us. And who can argue with tradition?!

So here is the one I have just made. It's in the oven as I type this but not yet smelling. In this weather, I don't really know which is the nuttiest, me or the cake! 🙄

EddieAC Plus
16 3.0k 2 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2020 8:20PM
Okay, time is more than up.

Will be back soon(ish) with a decision. Smile
EddieAC Plus
16 3.0k 2 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2020 9:18PM
Okay, back again and I will just state that reconstructions/restorations are allowed as it is still a construction, albeit doing the same one again. Tongue

So as now is customary (I think), although I'm not the best at it, a comment in order of appearance.

Somnath - A very nice idea and great opportunity for the photo. I like his expression, perhaps seeing the current state of the building and looking forward to what it may look like upon completion.

Dave - Another nice idea and a very nice composition also. Nature can construct some beauty.

Phil - And yet another good idea. Some good reflections there and I like how the glass has bent all the structures of the crane.

Malc - I didn't see the original upload but like this one and lots of detail to see. Also good to see it being restored especially considering how old it is. It has definitely withstood the test of time.

Alison (IL) - Another interesting idea. Have you left it setup still? You may come downstairs to find Druids worshiping around your construction.....assuming they're not frightened by the contents of your freezer. Wink

Linda - Baking!! On a day like this? It feels like you could have left the fruitcake on the counter top and the weather would have taken care of the rest. It does look like it will be delicious though and hope you have a great holiday and the fruitcake goes down well there!!

So that's all covered and now we have been building up (not the time....) to a decision. I have decided to go with Somnath and "In the bungalow" a very nice photo with a good high key feel to it and some degradation over time adding lots of interest.

So well done to Somnath and many thanks to everyone for taking part this week!! Smile
12 Aug 2020 9:23PM
Well done Somnath. I liked it a lot from the moment I first saw it. A worthy winner indeed.

And thanks to Eddie for the challenge. I promise to get my act in order in future and submit something more photographically worthy. 😆
philstan 4 556 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2020 9:32PM
Great composition and lighting Somnath. Thanks for the challenge Eddie.
DaveRyder Plus
7 5.3k 9 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2020 9:42PM
Well done Somnath (can't argue with choice as I gave it a GE award earlier).
A top challenge Eddie.
DaveRyder Plus
7 5.3k 9 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2020 9:43PM
Now - All round to Lindas' for cake Smile
clicknimagine Plus
11 812 104 India
13 Aug 2020 3:42AM
WOW...Thank you so much...first time I have to set a challenge, so I hope you all will guide me...