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Weekly Black and White Challenge ending 8pm Wed 6th May 2020 - Forced Perspective

PhotoLinda Avatar
PhotoLinda 5 802 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2020 1:57PM
Well, I slept on things in the hope that inspiration would hit me like a bolt of lightening. It didn't. But never mind. I have trawled the internet for inspiration instead (aka had a brief look on Google) and found something suitable to keep you all busy for the next few days.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the concept of forced perspective but just in the interests of clarity for anyone who isn't. What I'm looking for this week are images that, by playing around with the camera angle, 'warp' perspective for the viewer. Those images where something looks disproportionately small or large. I suppose the classics are the hand holding up the moon. Or a 'giant' hand coming in to pick up a 'tiny' Eiffel Tower.

But as we can't go venturing far at the moment, I would like to see you use this technique creatively with the things around you at home or in the garden/shed/garage. The contents of the kitchen drawers or cupboards could come in useful, perhaps. Or maybe that 'treasured' holiday trinket that's gathering dust in the back of the cupboard. Whatever it is, please get creative with it. I want to see something that makes me/the rest of the group smile/laugh when we see it. Or make us see an everyday object in a new/humorous way. Whilst it's Ok to recreate those classic images (where you have the props to do so) what I'm really looking for here is creativity - either something new or a twist to the classics.

In fact, it sounds such good fun I may even have a go myself - just for fun, obviously (not to submit).

As is tradition, here is a recap of the rules for you all....

1. The challenge is just for fun.
2. All images must be taken after the theme is announced.
3. All images must be uploaded by 8pm on Wednesday
4. All uploads must be B&W (or sepia toned)
5. Only one upload per member
6. The person who hosts is the judge for that week challenge and the judge’s decision is final
7. The winner gets to create, run and judge the challenge for the following week
8. This is the one time I get to say it's OK to big yourself up unashamedly if you want to. Just don't expect the same privilege every week.
9. Have fun

saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 88 Norway
30 Apr 2020 2:03PM
No, Eddie! Don't even think about it!!!😱
PhotoLinda Avatar
PhotoLinda 5 802 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2020 2:39PM
Blush Do I need to add in a 'common decency' clause?
DaveRyder Avatar
DaveRyder Plus
9 7.2k 21 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2020 2:57PM

Quote:Blush Do I need to add in a 'common decency' clause?

Linda please, there's nothing common about this group Smile
EddieAC Avatar
EddieAC 18 3.8k 2 United Kingdom
1 May 2020 6:05PM
....and we are all usually at least half decent....

...except for me once!!! Grin
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 88 Norway
2 May 2020 3:37PM
I'm in - ultra early for me, too!
Fortunately, in these days of staying at home, isolating, social distancing, etc., etc., I have a (sometimes) willing model in the house whom I can normally persuade to pose for me, with the promise that she doesn't need to think about the washing up after dinner tonight.

She can do it tomorrow...Tongue
PhotoLinda Avatar
PhotoLinda 5 802 United Kingdom
5 May 2020 8:10PM
Little friendly nudge for the final 24 hours to put things in perspective... well, actually, out of perspective if you get my meaning. 😁
cattyal Avatar
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
6 May 2020 7:32PM
Apologies for the abysmal entry this week - I shall endeavour to do better in future!
PhotoLinda Avatar
PhotoLinda 5 802 United Kingdom
6 May 2020 8:11PM
Ok peeps. Time's up.
Just served dinner though, so do bear with me. Results may be a little later than usual tonight.
DaveRyder Avatar
DaveRyder Plus
9 7.2k 21 United Kingdom
6 May 2020 8:27PM
Could provide a little after dinner discussion.
With After Eight mints (other brands available...), coffee and a Brandy.
PhotoLinda Avatar
PhotoLinda 5 802 United Kingdom
6 May 2020 9:37PM
Ok. I have considered and cogitated and here are my musings in order of entry (as in all the best traditions).

Malc – Ha ha ha! That made me laugh out loud as soon as I saw it. You are so lucky to have such a willing and obliging model living with you. But I fear you may be called to pay penance some time soon for your portrayal of the down-trodden woman – I can hear women all over the globe plotting your demise even as I write this. If I were you, I’d be praying lockdown doesn’t end any time soon!

Rob – Going very high brow on us this week! Whoa – you’re leaving me behind!!! But it’s a great idea and I’m very much in the ‘That’s the right ratio’ camp on this one. Tongue I do hope you find a bigger bag of flour in the supermarket this week though!

Phil – That’s one heck of big tin of beans you’ve got there. Hope you’re not planning on eating them all in one sitting – otherwise you’ll soon be the man on the moon instead, if you get my drift?! Nice one.

Dave – I see you’ve been playing with the dolls house again. I do hope you have some grown-up sized garden furniture for when the good weather decides to bless us and we put the BBQs into service again. Wink

Eddie – That is, indeed, a very rubbish shot. Or perhaps not – assuming the bins had been emptied by then. I can just imagine your neighbours watching you, wondering what the Dickens you were up to! Great idea and another one that made me laugh out loud.

Alison – Will you think badly of me if I admit to not knowing the first thing about Star Wars? I had to Google Darth Maul to even know it was a character from Star Wars! But he certainly looks large and menacing – wouldn’t want to bump into him in a dark alley.

So. To a decision.

Well they were all admirable shots in their own right. I hope you all had as much fun doing them as I had judging them. But, as always, there can only be one winner. And this week, for sheer entertainment value – and maybe as a form of penance in itself Wink - the golden boot has to go to…

...yes, you guessed it – Malc. I think you owe Mrs Salty a glass of wine – you’d better start sweet talking Rob because I suspect you need one that size to even get close!

Thanks to everyone for being such good sports this week. Grin
RobD Avatar
RobD 3 81 1 Guernsey
6 May 2020 9:48PM
congratulations Malc.
RobD Avatar
RobD 3 81 1 Guernsey
6 May 2020 9:54PM
and no, sadly no flour in the shops again this week. I've got enough for me for a bit yet, and I gather the supply problem is not lack of flour, its the packaging (according to one supermarket). Though the size of the rolls were intentional because I was trying a recipe, and I didn't want to commit a lot of flour to it if it didn't work. Which it didn't to my satisfaction, so tweak and retry. I have a tray of dinner party loaf tins that get a lot of use when I cater parties. Mini cakes in that size go down a storm.

DaveRyder Avatar
DaveRyder Plus
9 7.2k 21 United Kingdom
6 May 2020 9:56PM
Well done Malc, finally got to put your foot down....

And great choice Linda on an entertaining challenge.
philstan Avatar
philstan 6 556 United Kingdom
6 May 2020 9:58PM
Well done Malc - you really stamped your authority with that one! (although I suspect Mrs S isn't downtrodden at all...)

Thanks Linda for the challenge.


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