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Weekly Black and White Challenge ending 8pm Wednesday 17th June 2020 - Underneath


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philstan 4 556 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2020 9:26AM
My choice of topic this week is 'underneath'. Your choice whether you want to peer underneath something at home or venture out into the wider world (fully adherent to Covid 19 advice of course).

The all important rules:

1. The challenge is just for fun.
2. Your image must be taken after the theme is announced.
3. The image must be uploaded in a comment in this thread by 8pm (UK time) on the following Wednesday
4. Images must be B&W (or sepia toned)
5. Images only in this thread - discussion in the 'Weekly Black And White Challenge - Discussion' thread
6. Only one upload per member
7. The person who hosts is the judge for that week's challenge and the judge’s decision is final
8. The winner gets to create, run and judge the challenge for the following week
9. Enjoy yourself and stay safe.

Good luck!
SlowSong Plus
12 9.6k 30 England
15 Jun 2020 1:50PM
Underneath the Back Door

saltireblue Plus
10 11.8k 75 Norway
15 Jun 2020 7:15PM
A subject I have photographed before. The underside of a local motorway bridge as it traverses a river. The underside of the bridge is coated in stainless steel plates, hence the reflective effect.
DaveRyder Plus
7 5.3k 9 United Kingdom
16 Jun 2020 8:36AM
petebfrance 9 3.0k France
16 Jun 2020 4:20PM
Underneath the Trees

RobD 1 81 1 Guernsey
17 Jun 2020 11:28AM
Under the canal bridge. This image comes with special instructions. For best results print it out, cut down the centre line and roll loosely with the image on the outside. Then carefully line up the ends of the images and stick the tabs onto the back of taller image to create a ring with the image on the outside. You can then see the continuous vertical panorama from underneath.

EddieAC Plus
16 3.0k 2 United Kingdom
17 Jun 2020 3:52PM

Under the Bridge

I'm not going to find anything else so here is one of my pics from Monday.
cattyal Plus
15 9.2k 6 England
17 Jun 2020 7:08PM
A Teasel
philstan 4 556 United Kingdom
17 Jun 2020 8:17PM
OK time is up. Back shortly with a result.
philstan 4 556 United Kingdom
17 Jun 2020 9:20PM
As usual judging is tricky when you have a row of good and interesting entries. Three bridges including including Rob's cut out and construct your own panorama - that has to be a first! A couple of under the tree images - Dave's young blackbird(?) and Peter's garden(?). A worms eye view of a back door step and the underside of a teasel. All good in their own way but there has to be a winner.

My choice is Malc's reflective underside of a motorway bridge - I really like the strong lines and reflection of the columns. Well done and over to you.
saltireblue Plus
10 11.8k 75 Norway
17 Jun 2020 9:32PM
Many thanks Phil. I am pleased that you didn’t think it was a bridge too far! Well done to all participants, I am only pleased that at my age I was able to find a subject that didn’t require me to get down low as getting up again would be the problemWink
EddieAC Plus
16 3.0k 2 United Kingdom
17 Jun 2020 9:37PM
Well done Malc and many thanks to Phil for this week. Smile
cattyal Plus
15 9.2k 6 England
17 Jun 2020 9:46PM
Congratulations Malc! And thanks Phil for looking after everyone Smile
petebfrance 9 3.0k France
17 Jun 2020 10:06PM
Congrats Malc and thanks Phil for the challengeSmile Btw, yes, that was in the garden - a bit lazy but I've got used to not going anywhere these daysWink