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Weekly Macro Challenge - Ending 8.00pm Sunday 12th July? - Chain and/or Saw


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EddieAC Plus
16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2020 8:47AM
At first I was thinking that if I had to set the new theme then I had absolutely no idea what I would come up with but then I used last weeks theme for a bit of inspiration.  The killer in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies is known as Leatherface but I'm sure you all saw what I did there.....

So for this week a macro containing either a chain, a saw or if you can think of a way maybe both. Smile

The all important rules:

1. The challenge is just for fun.
2. Your image must be taken after the theme is announced.
3. The image must be uploaded in a comment in this thread by 8pm (UK time) on the following Sunday
4. Images only in this thread - discussion in the 'Weekly Macro Challenge - Discussion' thread
5. Only one upload per member
6. The person who hosts is the judge for that week's challenge and the judge’s decision is final
7. The winner gets to create, run and judge the challenge for the following week
8.  Photos in the thread, No links. Something to get your teeth into this week.

Good luck
RobD 1 81 1 Guernsey
9 Jul 2020 2:35PM
philstan 4 556 United Kingdom
11 Jul 2020 11:27AM

The cutting edge.
DaveRyder Plus
7 5.4k 9 United Kingdom
11 Jul 2020 8:04PM
Tried to take the TCS Massacre into the image, it's a little rust on the blade (honest).


saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
12 Jul 2020 3:39PM
Chainsaw chain and blades from a jigsaw, wood-saw and hacksaw.128530_1594564627.jpg
12 Jul 2020 5:15PM
feen96 7 373 United Kingdom
12 Jul 2020 5:33PM

Ball & Chain Wedding Ring on a Chain that has been Chained
SlowSong Plus
12 9.6k 30 England
12 Jul 2020 5:58PM

Bicycle Chain

Anchor chain and a saw. Both past their best but functional.
cattyal Plus
16 9.2k 6 England
12 Jul 2020 7:44PM

It's now going in the bin......
EddieAC Plus
16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
12 Jul 2020 8:03PM
Time is now up. Be back soon with a decision.
EddieAC Plus
16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
12 Jul 2020 9:03PM
Okay back again and just a comment or two on the entries before I spare all but one of you!!! Wink

Rob - There is still some wood attached to the teeth of your saw, I hope you didn't lose the key to your bicycle lock and have to saw through a wooden post to free the bike. Smile

Phil - Nice choice to go mono. That's got to be an electric saw (although I could be wrong). I'm not tempted to watch "The Running Man" tonight.

Dave - Lots of texture there and I don't think the teeth need any sharpening at all. I'm relieved that's rust and nobody was massacred in the making of the photo. Smile

Malc - Okay when "The Running Man" is finished I'm probably going to have to watch "Saw". Lots's of Saw's here and as the killer in "Saw" is called Jigsaw...... This could make a good montage, probably 500 pieces. Smile

Linda - Nice idea to include diamonds and a good attempt at starbursts. Also good to see a bit of rust on the well used saw.

Pete - A very nice chain and a nice warm image with great DOF. Am I now going to have to watch "Lord of the Rings"? It could be a long night. Wink

Chris - A nice gritty image with layers of teeth and a chain and lots of texture from dirt and "Grease". Oh No, I'm not going to get much sleep tonight!!! Grin

Andrew - No exif data but not necessary. Clearly taken after the challenge was set and a cool blue saw and a nice rusty chain, all with a nice pleasing DOF.

IL (All Hail!!) - A nice chain with shallow DOF and the green (whatever that is) does add a nice contrasting colour to the image. It's going in the bin! Do you actually throw stuff away? You always have a good variety of subjects. Wink

Okay now to pick a winner and this is no easy choice but I am going to have to go for Andrew and "Anchor chain and saw".

So well done to Andrew and many thanks to everyone for taking part this week with a very good variety of images. Smile
saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
12 Jul 2020 9:13PM
Well done to Andrew, and to Eddie, who is now off to watch some dodgy filmsWink
DaveRyder Plus
7 5.4k 9 United Kingdom
12 Jul 2020 9:16PM
Well done Andrew and thanks Eddie. At least you did use Driller Killer as inspiration.
SlowSong Plus
12 9.6k 30 England
12 Jul 2020 9:16PM
The Chain and Anchor - nice pub, good pic. Smile
Cheers Eddie.