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Weekly Macro Challenge - ending 8pm Sun. 15th Nov. 2020 - Off the shelf

DaveRyder Plus
6 4.9k 7 United Kingdom
15 Nov 2020 4:22PM
No Grandchildren around due to lockdown do Thunderbirds have been left on the shelf......

Thunderbirds No Go

cattyal Plus
15 9.2k 6 England
15 Nov 2020 4:27PM
She, well just her head, lives on the mantlepiece in the living room.......
EddieAC Plus
16 2.9k 2 United Kingdom
15 Nov 2020 6:50PM


This is a pin badge I received as part of my 30 years service at Royal Mail. I had other stuff as well including gift vouchers but this has been on the shelf for a while and still in it's case. Smile
saltireblue Plus
10 11.4k 69 Norway
15 Nov 2020 8:00PM
Okay, all macro minions, your time is up, please return to your places and await the results...
saltireblue Plus
10 11.4k 69 Norway
15 Nov 2020 8:21PM
Well then, what can I say...well, lots really, as it happens, but I shall be the ultimate epitome of brevity itself...yeah, and if you believe that, you'll believe anything.
I wonder if Dom will return to Epsilon-5 and resume his previous career as a nanny, or stay on Earth and retrain in the same way others who have lost their jobs or been furloughed have been encouraged to do?
His short career on Spitting Image is coming to a premature end...perhaps Sir Kier can use him...

Anyway, let's talk photography, and macro images in particular, shall we? Anyone who thinks this is the B&W challenge thread, please leave now, and don't flounce or slam the door.

So let's test the temperature of the entries by beginning with;

Chris and her thermometer. Now then, is this a hot entry, or a cold one...time will tell, but I shall be judging in Centigrade, not Fahrenheit today, can't be bothered to convert from one to t'other.

Phil and the Piglets. I thought you were having a laugh and had made up that game, but google confirms its existence...a pig snorting a line while his mate looks on...hmmm...

Andrew the mahout...those are the sleepiest efferlumps I have ever seen - I can hear them snoring form here. Do they provide manure for your roses?

Dave and Thunderbird 2...Dave sees himself as Brains, I reckon - well, he's certainly no Lady Penelope. Perhaps Parker, not Brains? Hmmm...

Alison (IL) All Hail!!... Ye gods and little fishes but that's one scary doll! I bet she can turn her head around 360° and do weird things with a crucifix...where's the garlic...

Eddie and his badge which he takes out once a week and polishes. I suppose it is highly appropriate that we post images here. Well done on long and true service, Pat, erhm, I mean , Eddie.

I shall cut an irritating toenail and be back with the final decision...meanwhile, talk among yourselves.

saltireblue Plus
10 11.4k 69 Norway
15 Nov 2020 8:33PM
Back again, minus a chunk of toenail, but with a full glass of red. Good being a pensioner, can drink on a Sunday evening 😋 Mind you, those doing home officing at present can probably get away with it, too...

So, without any further whatsits, I hereby declare this week's winner - with apologies to all those who haven't won, and to the winner whose reaction will probably be, 'Oh, bugger!'

Sorry about this, but IL has done it again.
Actually, the doll threatened me with such nasty consequences, I didn't dare choose another.

Over to you, Alison, and many thanks to all for contributing.
DaveRyder Plus
6 4.9k 7 United Kingdom
15 Nov 2020 8:37PM
Well done Alison, keeper of the creepy dolls head, and thanks to you Mr Salty for the challenge and whimsical summing up (I'd be Virgil the pilot...).
SlowSong Plus
12 9.4k 30 England
15 Nov 2020 9:06PM
No-one has shelf contents like Alisons. Made even more creepy by her excellently creepy photography. Grin Well done.
Cheers for the nice warm subject Malc.
A splendidly spooky shot Alison, well done and thanks Malc for the challenge.
philstan 4 531 United Kingdom
15 Nov 2020 9:45PM
Great photo Alison. Thanks for the challenge Malc.
cattyal Plus
15 9.2k 6 England
15 Nov 2020 9:54PM
Actually I said Oh Dearie Me - but thanks Malc Smile

My shelves are indeed loaded with 'interesting' things Chris - lots and lots to say the least. However I was trying to find my pigs skull today - the sheep and deer are all lined up on a shelf but the piggy has disappeared!

Anyway I'll come up with a challenge tomorrow if I may - I'm hoping inspiration will strike!
EddieAC Plus
16 2.9k 2 United Kingdom
15 Nov 2020 10:20PM
Well done IL (Alison) and many thanks Malc for this week!! Smile

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