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Weekly Macro Challenge ending 8.00pm, Sunday, 30th August 2020 - Souvenir, keepsake or memento


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EddieAC Plus
15 2.9k 2 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2020 6:30PM

Half a Millionaire.....

.......okay it's only Turkish Lira.

From a holiday to Northern Cyprus (Famagusta) and Istanbul, Turkey with a work colleague from the northern Cyprus area back in 1997. This shows my English to Turkish Dictionary, a 500,000 Turkish Lira note and 60 Lira in coins.

A little reminder of the holiday
SlowSong Plus
12 9.3k 30 England
30 Aug 2020 7:16PM
Gosh Linda, I have that exact same dragon. Smile
cattyal Plus
15 9.2k 6 England
30 Aug 2020 7:18PM

Quote:Gosh Linda, I have that exact same dragon. Smile

I've got the frog version - I'd love to go back to Barcelona one day......
cattyal Plus
15 9.2k 6 England
30 Aug 2020 7:19PM

I've had this little glass dog for as long as I can remember - I'm not going to try to work out how long!
30 Aug 2020 11:25PM
Hello all (only one bottle of wine shared between three of us so I feel able to crack on)

A wonderful selection of memories and images, thank you. I love the stories that go with the pictures, and of course the images themselves.

Mammarazzi - love the detail in your monkey and it took me down memory lane as I went to what was then Ceylon slightly over half a century ago.
Dave - love the sentiment and hope you still have some brownie points in the bank.
Phil, very poignant background story, love the crispness and colour.
Malc - it's been a while since I wore any of those accessories but you have presented them beautifully.
Chris - I bought my wife a Stanley Gibbons catalogue last Christmas (I'm not as sentimental as Dave, obviously) as she has a collection of stamps up in the loft that we keep meaning to do something with. Nice detail and also memories for me as they are places I've been to.
Linda - love the colours, great shot. Reminds me of my honeymoon but we just got the Gaudi place mats rather than the lizard.
Eddie - a Turkish delight - nice mix and a great depth of field from the dictionary cover down to the note. Must have been nice to have been a nearly millionaire.
And finally - Alison's little dog. I have a swan or maybe a duck, it's hard to tell. I love the lighting and colours and of course the perfect focus on the eye.
I have really enjoyed looking at all of these and as always there are many that deserve to win, but choose I must so this week I am swayed by the cheeky little dog. Over to you Alison, which I'm sure you'll be delighted about Smile

EddieAC Plus
15 2.9k 2 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2020 2:24AM
Thanks Andrew. When I went on the holiday I had several of those notes and now can't honestly say how many Lira I went with but it was several Million. Transfer it to BGP though and it doesn't sound exciting. Grin

Many thanks for this weeks fun Andrew and well done to IL (Alison)!! Smile
DaveRyder Plus
6 4.7k 7 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2020 5:00AM
Well done Alison, I'm sure your thrilled to be leading us in September. Wink

Thanks Andrew, a nice little challenge and great choice of winner.

saltireblue Plus
10 11.1k 68 Norway
31 Aug 2020 7:23AM
Well done to IL on a memorable victory, and many thanks to a sober Andrew for the challenge and judging.
cattyal Plus
15 9.2k 6 England
31 Aug 2020 8:37AM
Good morning everyone! I'm more or less awake and waiting to see what the weather is going to do today - maybe get nice enough to go for a walk - who knows.......

Thanks Andrew for the honour - I've not a clue what new challenge to set but shall endeavour to come up with something as soon as possible!
31 Aug 2020 8:43AM
Just woken up and seen that the result has been posted.

Well done to Alison and her little glass dog.
And thanks to Andrew for this week's fun.
philstan 3 478 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2020 8:44AM
Good one Alison and thanks for the challenge Andrew.
SlowSong Plus
12 9.3k 30 England
31 Aug 2020 1:36PM
Sweet doggy, Alison.
Thanks for a memorable challenge, Andrew. Smile
cattyal Plus
15 9.2k 6 England
31 Aug 2020 1:43PM
Right - I've just got in from my walk along Dog Bark Lane - I'm going to have a spot of luch and then shall see what I can come up with for a new challenge