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Weight loss and exercise

Tutterzzz 14 160 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2007 12:42AM
hello everyone

im wondering if the fit and healthy people amongst the forums could help me out

A year ago or so I lost all care for going out and doing any exercise what so ever. I was moderatly slim at that point

I got xbox live and me and my friend played from january to november last year with barely any exercise or going out.

He hasnt put any weight on but ive grown a slight belly, man boobs and my thighs and bum have got noticably bigger LOL

recntly ive taken up a new hobby and i have generally started getting out alot more which will help to an extent with weight loss but im lookin to do extra to be as slim as possible

i used to be overweight when i was young and then i lost it when i usd to go and see my other friend every night. my diet at that time was basically chips from the local pizza shop everynight. and during that time i lost all my weight.

wont be doing that again though cause theyve changed the chips and now theyre chips are horrible haha

but to the point anyway -
what excersizes can i do to lose weight off around my thighs, bum, chest and stomach

i have a decent metabolism and ive cut down alot on the rubbish i eat so if i carry on as i am now i shouldent lose or gain weight but i defenitly want to lose it

i dont particularly want to go to the gym but if needs be i will
the hobby ive taken up is bmxing which im currently loving as photography comes into it aswell
and the only excersizes i know are ones to tone the bum, tummy crunches and pressups

if your able to help me i will really really really appreciate it!!!
Badger 18 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2007 12:57AM
Excercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, but doesn't actually contribute much towards weight loss.

Diet is the major factor in any weight loss programme, so I'd concentrate on that first and foremost.

That doesn't mean you should forget excercise, quite the opposite as it aids your health still.
ElmsArt 14 82 1 Scotland
8 Feb 2007 1:07AM
Can sympathise with you. My thyroid gland packed up and my weight shot up by 4 stone. I am watching what I eat very carefully but so far (2 years later) weight is still not shifting. Doc just says "It will come off if you have patience and persevere". Have stopped going to him now, as if I here that once more I will thump him.

Westers 16 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
8 Feb 2007 1:10AM
This is a wind up, yes?

If not, just get off your arse and do some excercise ya lazy git.

And stop eating crap food.

It's not rocket science - just be active and stop eating *****.
spaceman 17 5.3k 3 Wales
8 Feb 2007 1:14AM
Perfection is a wonderful thing.............I've heard.
Doclassie 16 1.1k England
8 Feb 2007 3:30AM
The thing to remember is, crunches or situps won't make you lose weight around your stomach, same as lunges won't make you lose weight around your arse.... The body places weight around the midrif, and then chest and thighs and butt..... it loses weight in the reverse order.... more or less. So, concentrate on aerobic exercise and the fat will be reduced.

Circuit training is a good way to lose weight and tone up. You need to be burning a lot more calories than you're taing in. Diet is half this equation, exercise the other.

BMXing will help. Just stop eating crap and you'll soon lose weight.
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
8 Feb 2007 3:52AM
When I was your age, here it comes, I was sitting on my bed playing my guitar, loudly to everyone except me. My father came in; now this was a man who built railroads, fought wars, was never beaten in a fist fight, walked home from his father's lumbercamp, 14 miles in a snowstorm, with snow up to his armpits, with scarlet fever; wrestled a bear single-handed till he could grab a shotgun to shoot it point blank, and walked 25 miles and back in the same day to get a job; and said; "Denny, why don't you take the axe and go over to the woods and cut us a cord of wood." I said; "Why?" He said; "I don't think you need a reason, just get off your a*rse and do it, like a good boy."

45 years later, I'll bet that pile of wood is still there.
NevP 15 853 13 Canada
8 Feb 2007 4:31AM
You cannot "spot reduce" one area, weight comes off evenly all over the body.
Eat a healthy breakfast as soon as you get up.
Eat a small healthy "meal" every 3 hours to keep your metabolism high.
Join a gym or excercise class, I would recommend circuit training or a martial arts class for quick effective training.
Excercise 4 or 5 times a week.
Drink lots of WATER.
Don't eat anything you haven't prepared yourself from raw ingredients.
If you want a healthy lifestyle, get yourself one.
Develop healthy habits.
Tutterzzz 14 160 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2007 4:24PM
thankyou for the advice

i'll stop eating the crap
just ate my first healthyest meal in ages
lettuce, tomato, cucumber mixed together with a bit of pepper

and a banana

im now going to go excersize for abit. and my nearest circuit is quite abit away from here

so i might go for a jog

thanks again for the advice though!
fraser 17 631 14 Scotland
8 Feb 2007 5:44PM
High energy bursts burn glycogen already stored in the muscle tissue, so no fat loss until you "hit the wall". Slow burn exercise burns fat better - cycling, running, walking and swimming are best while you are getting fit.

Once your fitness levels improve you need to start exercise classes - the gym is useless; boring and no motivation to keep going. Once you get over the concept of classes they're pretty enjoyable and the whole social side keeps you going. These will improve your fitness levels further to the stage that your body will burn fat while you're resting. I've been a cyclist for years but have attended classes ofr the last 2/3 years and they lifted me to another fitness level altogether.

Whatever you do go for it. You'll feel better mentally and physically.
sammyboy 14 12
25 Feb 2007 10:36PM
As im in the army excercise is second advice- when you feel youve had enough just keep on going for another 5-10 mins.Build yourself a plan and then grdually extend this.sit ups, squats, press ups, chin ups, running, swimming, cycling.Drink lucozade during your excercise!!(it does help).Im expected to do 52 sit ups in 2 mins,42 press ups in 2 mins and a 1.5 mile run in under 12 mins.
Also, if you find running to much, try walking with say 10 kilo's in a rucksack.I run with 25 K.

Good luck


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