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Well after all your scary comments I decided to do it anyway. My first Wedding.

7 Jun 2015 1:00PM
So back in March I posted a new topic

I had loads of input, comments and concerns. The main advice I got from most of the users on here is don't do it. Which was already to late at that point as I had told the couple I was going to do it for them. The photography was completely free as they didn't have enough money to afford a professional photographer.

The results of my work can be see in a 7 minute video at the following URL

If you decide to watch the video then please choose to watch it in HD and if you like it then please like and share. Any criticism please can you use this this post rather than the Facebook page.

I did make a few mistakes on the day but mistakes which I have learnt from and I think they were only noticeable to me. The arranged shoots I am not completely happy with. I was shooting in P mode when I should of really had it set to Manual and I might have got the guests in better focus.

The day was very busy and I got to meet and know a lot of people. I didn't just hide behind the camera but i made myself a part of the family. I had a few ideas that I got the couple to try for example Walking through the water; at first they really didn't like the idea but I was able to persuade them and they loved it and the photos that came from it. You might notice there was a lot of photos missing that should be included but the couple simply didnt have the items there for me to take i.e favours and table names etc.

EQUIPMENT - I didn't have a lot of equipment on the day and I wish I did have more but I am slowly building up my array of photography equipment.

I did the whole day using a Nikon D5500 and a 18mm - 140mm DX AF Lens. A 200+ telephoto and 50mm lense would of helped out a lot but I had what I had. I didnt have a spare camera I just hoped that it wouldn't break on me but I would like to own an additional camera when I can afford one.

The most important thing about the day though was I really enjoyed it a lot more than what I thought I would have and if any of you photographers out there wouldnt mind offering me the chance to be a 2nd, 3rd shooter at any future weddings you attend then please send me a message.

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Spencer1966 7 85 1 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2015 1:30PM
Whilst they are not outstanding images you have captured their special day well. You will probably understand now why wedding photographers charge what they do or what they should be charging anyway. It's a tough job not just the photography but people skills, time management etc and this can be developed. Get booked on some wedding courses to learn lighting and posing your groups and couples, this will build your confidence. One piece of advice though don't do for free, your time, the stress - its not worth it. Also get some insurance and back up equipment, doesn't have to be fancy but enough to carry on should something fail. Smile
7 Jun 2015 1:32PM
Good on you! Unfortunately I do not have a Facebook account to watch your video. So- no comments!
7 Jun 2015 2:15PM

Quote: One piece of advice though don't do for free, your time, the stress - its not worth it.

@Spencer1966 How much would you even charge for the standard of work I produced. I was working 8am - 1pm then I edited and selected the photos for use. the reception was at 7pm so I arrived, I played the photos on my laptop that were taken previously in the day. I then stayed until 10pm and that was me done. Went back to edit the photos of the reception.

I have always done free photography because I don't know if I am up to the standard to be able to charge and I wanted to do a good gesture of helping somebody out.
Spencer1966 7 85 1 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2015 6:25PM
Personally I would charge 100 per hour of photography coverage then charge for either the images on disc or album/book costs which would include a mark up and also time for design and build.
You must start charging a reasonable amount to cover your time and costs - how ales will you be able to invest in equipment, training, insurance, travel not to mention the taxman Wink
8 Jun 2015 12:59AM
At the moment it comes out of the money I earn working my day job but eventually I would like to start charging but not yet as I don't want to be over charging people.
MikeA 14 1.3k England
8 Jun 2015 9:52AM

Quote:I would like to start charging but not yet as I don't want to be over charging people.

You need to change your attitude or you will never success Tongue

Well done on your first assignment
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
8 Jun 2015 10:12AM
I'm pleased to hear it went well and they are happy with the pictures.

Quote:At the moment it comes out of the money I earn working my day job but eventually I would like to start charging but not yet as I don't want to be over charging people.

How do you know when you will be ready? Will it always be 'tomorrow'?
There are some (relatively) mediocre photographers doing very nicely out of it because they have very good business skills and very good people skills. There are also many excellent photographers who suck at it because they don't know how to get a large wedding party to do what is needed and are crap at business.
I will probably get panned for saying this but technical excellence is often overplayed: people on this site are photographers, who know a fair bit about it and are aware of small details that pass the average punter by. I have seen long discussions on various fora about how you owe it to the client to buy the best possible gear when in reality the B&G will not know if it was taken with a one-year old body or a 5 year old one, 12MP or a 36MP, ISO 100 or ISO 800. They very often don't care.

I am not saying you are now ready to dash out into the wide world and screw up a whole load of weddings with impunity but only you know how the customers are reacting to your photos and that will tell you if you are 'good enough' to charge.
You could start slowly: expenses, then increasing amounts of packet money, then start charging on photos accepted then start charging up-front payments. You may even find that charging only 20 changes the way you approach the job - some people don't like it others find it helps focus them.

Good luck, anyway.

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