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West of Ireland Meet 2012- Connemara - 23/03/2012

Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
14 Mar 2012 12:16AM
Sh*t, I thought it was last wonder the house was empty..
mondmagu 11 75 Ireland
18 Mar 2012 7:36PM
Very close now!!!!!!! Tick tock!!
What's the story on arrival/check-in time? Do we need to bring grub or are we pooling funds or whatever? Do we need to bring bedding etc?
To hell with this......I'm leaving for Tully Cross now(there may be a traffic jam on the way).HaHa.


Ps: Won't be able to sleep Thursday night....too excited!( re-living my second childhood or is it the third?).
irishman 17 1.1k 2 Ireland
18 Mar 2012 8:35PM
Des, just take your camera and a spare pair of socks, grub wise, everyone fends for themselves.

A few will be there from thursday, will pm you my mobile also.
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
18 Mar 2012 9:48PM
the socks don't need to match...
irishman 17 1.1k 2 Ireland
19 Mar 2012 6:49PM
Ok, looks like there will be at least 14 going this weekend, the down side to that is there is only 13 beds, so everyone will have to cram into the 2 houses somehow, I will take a air bed just in case, so if anyone else has one, please take it along as a spare.

So will see everyone on friday then, any questions, please ask.
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
20 Mar 2012 8:02PM
OK, will be setting off early Thursday morning. Should be there sometime after lunch, but I might stop off in Galway or Clifden for a while... or even have a snooze. Wink
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
27 Mar 2012 4:26PM
Well, home again, a lovely few days in amazing weather (though not perfect photography weather!). Great to meet old pals and also the newbies..a good mixture. Cheerts to Martin for doing all the work this year, hope you enjoy the next few days.

Can I suggest uploading some shots on the meet page (and not just on Basef**k Tongue Smile ) ...for those who haven't done it before, go here and click to "attend" the meet. Then upload a photo to the main gallery but link it to the meet with the option near the bottom of the upload page

I'll put mine up in a wee while

Hope the rest of yous got home OK
Ganto 15 769 2 Ireland
28 Mar 2012 9:05PM
Come on then lads. Make with the pictures!!! GrinGrin
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
28 Mar 2012 11:08PM
Yeah, come first is up.

The meets/groups debacle has made things very confusing recently, so for those that don't know how..

go to this page

then if you haven't already, click "attend" on the right hand side.

Then, upload your photo in the main gallery, and on the upload page click the link to west of Ireland/connemara meet near the bottom.

Then yourpic will appear in the main gallery and on the meet page.

get yer paps out as well... Wink
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
31 Mar 2012 6:11PM
Sigh, this meet/group thingy is a real balls up... Only Derek's sunrise piccy is on the group page. Has anyone else uploaded???

On a brighter note - big thanks to Martin for organising this. I had a whale of a time Smile

It was good to see all you'se lot too, except Bish - something to do with religion kept him away. Shame, it woulda been nice to see ya Pat!

Nice to meet some new faces too! Smile
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2012 8:27PM
I got a bit confused too as to how to get the right page to connect to.

Is there a pap page yet... I know there are a few on fookbook but we're not all on there... so I shall upload a pic and make it the pap page if ye like??

We're kicking him right up the a*s* and kidnapping him next time. (Pat that is) and anyone else who would like to be kidnapped for the Irish meet (it's worth it!)
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2012 8:34PM
HERE is my latest upload on which i've alllowed mods if anyone wants to put paps there...
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
1 Apr 2012 12:10AM
@Pete/Goggz - seemy comment above re how to upload to meet page. I think the problem is since they decided a meet was not a meet but a group because it was a group of people who went on the meet, there seem to be two meet pages, but one is actually the group page for the meet but not the meet page. THis was done by EPZ to make things easier and more intuitive for us. Then they told us it really was a good idea, we just haven't realised why yet. No wonder people go to Basefook really. Tongue

On this meet page I can see 12 photos uploaded

Could anyone persuade Chris to upload the group pic?

here's to next year, be it Doolin or Connemara..


Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
1 Apr 2012 12:14AM
Stephen.... can paps be uploaded onto this page without having to upload a pic onto a portfolio with mods in place? Really confused by this? I've uploaded a pic tonight if anyone wants to put a pap on (unless you can do this on the group page?), in which case i'll delete this one...

Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
1 Apr 2012 12:24AM
Hi mari..

I think if you upload directly onto the page it works differently than if you upload to your PF and link it to the meet. Strangely, I can see your pic but can't see the option for mods, though there's chat on it that mods have been loaded. How did you upload yours?

(Meet - group - group - meet - - sigh, it used to be so simple, one of the best things EPZ did IMO, then they defiantly dismantled it in favour of a system that no-one understands Sad )

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