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WEX Part Exchange - Warning

robs 16 685 2 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2013 4:33PM
I part exchanged a 300mm f4 Nikon lens a few weeks back, had a quote for the value which was a bit short of what I had hoped for, but was in a rush.

Some time later - after I really needed the process completed by - WEX were in touch saying there was some fungus in the lens, and that it needed sent off for a quote to be cleaned - fair enough I thought - and eventually it came back with a quote of 90 so I said to go ahead.

A couple of weeks later my credit was made available, with 175 taken off for said repair. Nearly DOUBLE the amount quoted. I emailed to query this, they responded saying they would look into it, and have since gone completely silent on me.

So - I won't be using WEX again for anything and would suggest others treat them with extreme caution if they wish to do so.

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redsnappa 17 2.0k United Kingdom
8 Oct 2013 5:29PM
I'd take the matter up with trading standards, also using a public forum such as twitter to voice your unhappiness at the way they have treated you and their lack of customer service will increase your chances of getting a reply.
elowes 15 2.8k United Kingdom
8 Oct 2013 5:36PM
I have used LCE and Jessops in the past to part exchange. Jessops were the better to deal with in way of value though I had no complaints with LCE.

I was able to deal there and then in the shop. LCE had a problem with the 24-105 lens I exchanged which stopped working when it was 'demonstrated' to customer for the first time. I found out when I went back to the shop some couple of months later. I had already sent this lens off for repair and service. I had told the dealer at LCE that it was still within the repairers warranty. It was their problem not mine. Funnily enough it cost both me and them 90 as no spares were needed.

What evidence do you have of the problem? What evidence do you have that it was your lens and not a mix up by them?

My view would be if they did not come across the fault at the time you made the deal with them it's their problem. Caveat Emptor!!
robs 16 685 2 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2013 6:35PM
Trading Standards - not a bad option, shall look into that.

I have always used MPB in the past who have been absolutely excellent - they just didn't have what I was needing in stock so I gave Warehouse Express a go.
MikeRC 14 3.6k United Kingdom
8 Oct 2013 8:06PM
I don't think this PX thing ever works, I much prefer selling what I don't want and buying what I do.

....In any event I stopped dealing with WEX after I paid extra for Saturday delivery on a lens I wanted for a christening on the Sunday...I waited in all Saturday and it arrived on the Monday when I was out.
Mozzytheboy 9 710 4 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2013 8:10PM
Cheers for that; I was just about to make a substantial purchase from Wex, if they ripped you off then that is enough for me to move on to an alternative supplier.
scottishphototours 15 2.6k 2
8 Oct 2013 8:25PM
You made a fatal error here - you EMAIL'D them. They can't tell how p'd off you are in an email. Get on the phone and give them hell and demand they read about themselves on Epz...that should get them moving!
peterjones 17 4.9k 1 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2013 8:36PM
If you wish to avoid the clutches of Stealbay or WEX perhaps consider Ffordes as an alternative for selling your gear?

I hope this thread isn't an indication that WEX's excellent customer service is about to go the way of the rest of UK industry .... absolutely terrible!

dcash29 14 2.4k England
8 Oct 2013 8:37PM
If they gave you the original cleaning quote via email. Just give them a phone call insisting to speak with the manager, get a name and note the time. State that you have substantial evidence that they have stolen 85 out of your account. Inform them that they have 24 hours to reimburse your account before you report the matter to the appropriate authorities.

Then follow up stating the same in another email, referring to the given phone call including the contact and time.
robs 16 685 2 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2013 8:50PM
Alas it was over the phone.

But even so - 175 is an insane amount to pay to clean a rear element. I had my 24-70 f2.8 repaired by Nikon (extensively) for only a mite more than that which was a considerably more complex job with several spare parts required.

I shall revert to using the alternatives again. WEX used to be good, but it really does seem that they have lost their way badly now.
puertouk 8 1.1k 17 United Kingdom
9 Oct 2013 11:05AM
If WEX accepted your lens in P/X, then that should have been the end of the matter. Did they inspect your lens or was this done over the phone? If it was over the phone, then they will have leverage and would say, the goods were not as described. If they inspected your lens at their premises, then you have the leverage. Get in touch with Citizens advice first, through email and they will tell you what options you have. If this is in your favour, copy the email and send it to WEX, it works wonders. I did this when I hired a car and did not get the type of car I ordered. They gave me a Mondeo estate, instead of a Mercedes C220. The hire car company ( soon paid up the difference within a few days of sending them the email. Go for the full amount back if they inspected your lens. All the best in getting your money back.
robs 16 685 2 United Kingdom
9 Oct 2013 7:00PM
Quick update - they read this forum, phoned me - appologised for the complete breakdown in communication and issued a credit note for the difference.

The power of the internet and all that.
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
9 Oct 2013 7:04PM

Quote:The power of the internet and all that.

Or the power of one of the Internets oldest relationships Wink
JJGEE 14 7.6k 18 England
9 Oct 2013 7:05PM

Quote:The power of the internet and all that.

And you have probably now been black listed by WEX !
peterjones 17 4.9k 1 United Kingdom
9 Oct 2013 11:56PM
Just a credit note and not a refund?

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