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What am I doing wrong?

salja03 14 12 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2009 8:47AM
Hi all,

First let me start by saying this is not a trawl for votes, but a genuine question..!

I have only been doing photography for a couple of years now, and am really loving it. I signed up the first time to ezine and enjoyed it because I was getting feedback that was helping me. This second time I signed up I can't help but notice that I get few votes and fewer comments (what I do get seems good), and I am wondering if I am just taking really bad shots that no-one likes and no-one has wanted to tell me.

To be honest it is a little dis-heartening, because if that is the case, I'd really like to improve. Perhaps you could tell me what you think? I'm not looking for votes, just some feedback so I can get better!

Could it just be the time that I am putting my shots up, my style is wrong for this site, or are my shots just not good enough...?

All feedback recieved is extremely welcome.


Boyd 18 11.2k 11 Wales
24 Dec 2009 8:52AM
For feedback why don't you try submitting shots to the critique gallery? Hopefully you'll receive more in-depth comment in there.
roxpix 17 2.2k 11 Scotland
24 Dec 2009 8:54AM
Well from your PF its three years since you used the Critique function so that won't help in getting ppl to give feedback

Edit: damit too slow
salja03 14 12 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2009 9:02AM
Fair call, I'll try uploading to that for a while and see if I get better feedback. I've just read some other similar posts (probably should have done before I posted this really), and am getting the idea this is not a unique issue. In any case, I'll try more on the CG (note that I had a years break between the first year and recently, so hence the particularly long time....


roxpix 17 2.2k 11 Scotland
24 Dec 2009 9:14AM
Good stuff
It's just that there are so many ppl who use the site only to share their pics with like minded friends, that leaving feedback in the normal gallery is strewn with pitfalls & consequently many of us dont bother or have to choose very carefully before commenting
Daffy1 13 407 Ireland
24 Dec 2009 9:17AM
Hi James, Don't worry abouts votes etc,I looked at your PF and your photographs are brill. I don't get many votes either but I don't mind because I know my photographs are excellent, its just that there are a lot colleagues out there who have trouble with their eye sight,too much Photoshopping !!! Happy Christmas and Beautiful new year. Damian
salja03 14 12 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2009 9:31AM
Thanks Damian, much appreciated.
AngieLatham 17 790 2 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2009 9:33AM
The critique gallery is the way to go James.
There are far too many photographers and photographs uploaded into the gallery everyday for people to look at every image. The problem is that when we skip through the gallery, obviously the photo's that stand out are the ones people are most likely to open up for a closer look....and that usually means they are eye catching in the first place (often because they are of a higher quality than the images around them). This can be frustrating for beginners and photographers who haven't found their own style yet.
Having a quick look at your PF I would say that you have an eye for pictures but maybe need a bit of advice on composition and cropping, especially with the wildlife.
As well as the critique gallery there is a beginners group not long started up here too.
When I realised I was passionate about landscapes, I sought out photographers on here who I admired and tried to study what their technique was, what equipment/lenses etc they used and tried to follow their lead in how they were composing their shots and processing etc. Most people here are happy to share their knowledge and techniques if directly asked under their image uploads.

Good luck Smile
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
24 Dec 2009 11:36AM
Angela has put it in a nutshell.....Smile

I would add this, " ePHOTOzine " has grown in membership over the last few years, So much so that it is impossible to keep pace with the daily uploads to any in depth/degree.

For my part I have tried an experiment, To see if it was possible to view every upload, Conclusion was that it would have to be a full time job, I really don't know how the boss " Pete " does it.....!!!

So like Angela, I tend to skip through the gallery, In all probability missing many fine images as I go, These days I switch from one " Genre " to another when it comes to viewing the gallery, One day it might be " Landscapes " another it might be " Portraits " etc etc.

Obviously I have my own personal favourite subjects, So it is quite likely that I will view these in preferance to others, Hence I might miss many more.

It all comes down to time, Just how much can one view in 10 to 15 minutes of cruising the gallery, Let alone make any worthwhile comments.

As others have said, Don't get to hung up on votes or comments, Shoot your images to please yourself first, If others like them thats good....Smile But its not the be all and end all.....!!!

First rule of taking photographs is enjoy what your doing.

Have a good Christmas and a Snappy new year Wink
salja03 14 12 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2009 4:03PM
Thanks all, and I will be taking your advie (indeed I have already to good effect!) and start utilising the CG much more. I have to admit, I am never sure just how much to crop, and tend to err on the side of caution - sounds like I need to be a bit more experimental in this area.

Much appreciated,


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