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What camera 650d, 7d or wait till next year and the reported 70d?

jazzygf 17 537 Scotland
13 Oct 2012 4:24PM
Hey all, so as the topic states What camera should I go for? Right now I am doing lightpainting and loving it so mostly night photography and I am wondering right now to buy or wait. I have a 800 budget but can be pushed up a little right now or build on it until next year. I have it down to 3 cameras. Do I go for the 7d body only and keep using my lenses that i have, do I buy a 650d with two lenses in a kit. Or do I hold off for a bit and keep adding money to the pot until the new 70d is out sometime next year. I have been doing my research and the 650d is great for video and the new DIGIC 5 processor, low image noise & I can get a lens or two with the price.
The 7d is one I have loved for ages and it would be the one if it was not for the fact it is now 2 years old and looks to have been over taken by the 650d with its faster DIGIC 5 processor, sliding picture view and touch screen. The same stuff is reportedly being rolled out in the 70d. So what do you all think 650d with lenses 7d body only or wait for the 70d? Opps also forgot I have been checking the prices on this site
ikett 10 545 England
13 Oct 2012 4:36PM
Hi, the 7D has twin DIGIC 4 processors and is very fast, there is strong talk of a 7D II early next year, link , just to add confusion.
jazzygf 17 537 Scotland
13 Oct 2012 4:43PM
Yea I noted that also but The price drop of the 7d was what got me interested in going for it. I know it is a superb HD video machine (mate has one and he rents it out for HD video work)
monstersnowman 15 1.7k 1 England
13 Oct 2012 4:47PM
There'll always be something to 'wait for' ... By next year there will be rumours of newer models to wai for ...
jazzygf 17 537 Scotland
13 Oct 2012 4:56PM
Very true Monster very true
steve_p 15 1.2k England
13 Oct 2012 6:54PM
Get a7d, I owned one and sold it, because I was a bit short of cash at the time. I wish I hadn't! The problem resolved itself shortly after. By that time I had got a Lumix G2, kept that for two months then bought a 600d couldn't get on with the controls. I now have a 60d which I am happy with, but I wish I still had the 7D as the focussing is much better, and it is a bit better all round.
capto Plus
9 6.6k 25 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2012 7:01PM
Unless you plan to put the camera through a very rough time go for the 650D. Spend the money saved on the best lenses you can afford. You can sell the 650 in a year or 18mths time for a good price and get the next must have camera. You will still have good lenses which wont be obsolete as quickly as the camera.
lawbert 14 1.8k 15 England
13 Oct 2012 7:14PM
I would go for the 7d....The new firmware upgrade improves what is a very good camera dramatically.

There are always rumours of new cameras and if you look at the said spec of the 7d MK II on the link then it looks similarly specced to the 1d mk 4 and with the way Canons going on prices it will be a small fortune.

You wont be dissapointed with the 7d at all....Im not Smile
SteveHunter 13 386 1 England
13 Oct 2012 7:42PM
Budget for the lenses you want before worrying about about what camera body to buy.

You do mention that you are considering the 650D with the kit lenses, which makes me think you don't have decent lenses already, stretching your funds to buy the latest and greatest camera body is a waste of time unless you put some decent lenses on the front.

I have recently got into wildlife photography and really wanted to get the 7D for the focussing capabilities, but I also wanted to get a 70 - 300 L series lens. I couldn't afford both so got the lens and went with the cheaper 60D instead. I'm really glad I chose to spend the bulk of the money on the lens as the better lens will make my photos a lot sharper than the better body will, and in 5 years time when the body is almost worthless, compared to what it cost new, the lens will have held it's value.
Johno450 10 24 1 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2012 4:58AM
I've used the 7D for the past two years for sports action and wildlife... you can get some good deals right now on the body.... its a bomb proof camera... fast focusing.... dual digic 4 processors and do the firmware version 2 upgrade.
Wise words from will always be waiting for something new to come along.... with new bells and whistles... and gimmicks...

Ade_Osman 18 4.5k 36 England
29 Oct 2012 6:46AM
SteveHunter above makes some very valid points, personally speaking I'm hanging out for the 60d replacement which is supposed to be released some time in the New Year when I'll be replacing my pair of ageing 50d's, that's if I don't plump for the new 6D in the meantime.

ckristoff 16 994 Wales
29 Oct 2012 8:22AM

I have the 7D, and I think it's a beauty.

My 3 'L' zooms that I have, I purchased the same time I bought my EOS 3.

My question therefore is, are my 'L' lenses capable of lasting me for next 10 years or so? When does a camera like the 7D become obsolete? I don't intend replacing it for about a decade.

In any case, just because the financial bods, suggest the recession may be over, is that a good enough excuse to splash out on equipment?

Just my opinion, of course!Smile

jazzygf 17 537 Scotland
1 Nov 2012 8:00PM
Okay folk, a quick update. Went and bought a new camera canon 650d. Cashback and a freebie from calumet photography. Will hold out till next year before getting a 7D or the 7D mkii.
UKMike2013 8 21 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2012 2:16PM
I've been waiting for the 80D and haven't had a camera for over 10 years - still, the 80D might be here the year after next ....... or the one after that Wink
PaulSR 15 511 England
10 Nov 2012 5:25PM
i never buy cameras when they are released, i wait til the price drops a bit. i am considering going for the canon eos 650 as it has been around for a while

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