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What do people like to see?

pdarby 10 3 1 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2010 4:27PM
I confess I'm a little confused.

I've posted a number of pictures that compare to other peoples easily but get little or no reaction from you, the audience. Where am I going wrong? Im pretty convinced that my Ladybird picture and Spider are pretty good close up images but they had virtually no reaction. I've seen a few similar images that get lots of reaction.

Is it timing of when I post things? is it having a big friends group on this site, or am I simply missing someting in my pictures?


try posting in the critique gallery you will get more valuable feedback on your images rather than counting clicks
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2010 4:36PM
Well one aspect is activity to posts ratio. you make about 3 comments for every picture you post. In that ratio few images will get posted. Its a busy place so an active person gets others looking at their images etc . there is a social aspect to the site, some call it cliques, but I prefer to view it as a social site. Some friends comment regardless on an image, some only comment on exceptional. It is how it is. Expect some frustration in how people feel about it.

Some of is it is dammed hard to make an image stand out in this place. I know I struggle to show my work as stand out and exceptional here, so I cannot be alone.

So my advice is give a bit more to the critique and someone may well pay you back. Me I go for comments not votes as the comments show someone has taken time or reacted to the picture.

and some of is it is life. Some of my quietest images on here have won little competition awards. Some have gone into regional competitions and done well while barely getting noticed here. And so you come to another factor taste. But if its your art enjoy.

Right I have just set up over an hours worth of batch processing out for a cycle ride while its dry.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
3 Oct 2010 4:42PM
First of all, don't worry about votes, just do and post what you like to see.

Secondly, those close up shots are very much average, IMHO, and the votes somehow do reflect that. The lighting on that ladybird shot is very harsh, full of highlight and ugly shadow. The background of that spider shot is too busy. So try to be more careful and attention to details is very important.
Brian_Scott 11 42 27 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2010 4:43PM
If you really want clicks then spend a couple of hours and click as many photos in the photo gallery as you can and most will return the favour by clicking you back if just a click is what your after. But clicks mean nothing at the end of the day as you will soon work out for yourself Wink
devlin Plus
10 653 39 India
3 Oct 2010 4:47PM
Like Ian says above try the critique gallery for some worthwhile advice, forget votes its not always an indication of a good image...and vice versa...alternatively try the "Tell It like It Is" group..and finally enjoy what you do there will always be perspectives, opinions and taste which might go contrary to your own ideas but such is life...
cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
3 Oct 2010 5:36PM
Unless you're going to make a living by selling your pictures it doesn't matter a toss what other people think of them. If you like them and are happy with them, so be it.
Critique as asked - the ladybird is nice, but as has been said, average. Look closely at the head - it's in shade and not sharply in focus so yes, average. The spider again is not in sharp focus, a bit more depth of field needed so again, average. One of the biggest problems of macro/close-up photography, is getting good DOF. Practice makes perfect in this field.
pdarby 10 3 1 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2010 7:53PM
Thanks for the comments. I certainly take none of it badly - I have masses to learn. The frustration is seeing other peoples average shots with masses of responses whilst my average attempts get very little.

I must stress, I want to learn from this, so feedback good and bad is worth having. It's comments I want.

I think a lot of it is taste. I'm not bad at photographing motor racing and I've had very positive critique from other proffesional sources against a few of my images of this sort - 1 or which I've posted here which had very little response.

Anyway, I'm not losing any sleep over this stuff. I use a little Xacti camera most the time and I don't use Photoshop (minimal manipulation using PhotoScape only). So all in all I'm pretty pleased with the results Smile

Thanks again.
pdarby 10 3 1 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2010 8:03PM
by the way, I only used the spider and Lady birds as examples cause they were the latest I'd taken. I think I have some better pics than those in my album and certainly some that are a lot worse.

Again, thanks for the comments.
tepot 16 4.4k United Kingdom
3 Oct 2010 10:17PM
you need to be active in the forums and get known on the site, commenting on other pics also helps, you need to build up a collection of friends, then they and you will feel obligated to vote on each others stuff and your votes will rise significantly.

quite honestly the number of votes has nothing to do with the quality or subject of your work.

Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
3 Oct 2010 10:39PM
. . . but please don't ever vote for one of mine 'cos I never respond!

pdarby 10 3 1 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2010 8:05AM
Votes give nothing - I'm after comments that I can learn from.
devlin Plus
10 653 39 India
4 Oct 2010 8:08AM

Quote:Votes give nothing - I'm after comments that I can learn from.

well i doubt you'll get anything meaningful in the general gallery then try the Critique gallery or the groups
JamesGarfield 12 915 4 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2010 11:08AM
It's disheartening isn't it, you take a shot that you think is some of your best work, process it, upload it into the gallery and it bombs. There's no real rhyme or reason as to why that seems to happen on here but I'm sure most have had it happen. As mentioned there are nice little groups of people on here who will vote blindly on their "friends" pics because they vote blindly on theirs, it's shocking to see how some peoples pics regularly achieve 60+ votes but lets be honest do you really want to be part of that crowd?
If you want to improve there's no point in it as you will start to believe you work is THAT good when really it is not and as wisely said above try uploading into the critique gallery for proper feedback. Enjoy your photography and remember you're doing it for you and not the people who view the gallery on here.
ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
4 Oct 2010 1:31PM
This thread describes how to get a landscape RC

People tried the method and some got their first ever RC as a result.

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