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What do people think of the Nikon F55 and F75.

quinny 15 167 United Kingdom
15 Nov 2004 11:08AM
What do people think of the Nikon F55 and F75?

For anyone who has replied to my posting about the Canon EOS range for beginners new to SLR camera, I am still collecting peoples opinions so I can make a decision before I have the money to buy one.

I've heard that if I get the F55 I may have to upgrade around a year later as it doesn't have enough spec once you have got the hang of it. What do people think of the F75? Any opinions welcome.

Thanks again.

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scottishphototours 16 2.6k 2
16 Nov 2004 12:52AM
I'd lay out a little more and go for a F80. It's got a good spec and some nice features for a beginner (grid-line viewfinder for one).

Either that or buy a second-hand F100 from ffordes.com for around 500. It's the best 35mm camera they've made IMHO.

Either way, whether C or N - make sure you HANDLE the cameras before you buy them. The ergonomics of both are slightly different and I know of people who have bought on "feel" alone - you maybe one of them.
seabloke 16 844
16 Nov 2004 2:31PM
Get a secondhand F801 - they were mostly am-used, far cheaper, ie you can get them for 150 if you shop about.
randomrubble 15 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2004 3:41PM
seabloke has a good poiny, consider the secondhand option. I got an immaculate, though unboxed, Eos for less than half the new price earlier this year. I'd also agree that handling your chosen canon and a nikon, side by side would be the best thing you can do. for all that it's yur eye not the camera that makes the shot, the more comfortable you are with the cam, the more you'll use it.

btw, Jessops are ace for trying out s/h kit. You can get stuff sent to your local store from any other branch with a quick phone call, it costs you nothing and you have no obligation to buy. so if you can find a couple of good ones, you can do the comparison.
a11sus 16 568 Northern Ireland
16 Nov 2004 4:31PM
I bought an F75 recently after reading Pete's excellent review on it. It is a grand wee camera for waht I wanted it for. S
SteveCharles 17 2.3k 18 England
18 Nov 2004 4:23AM
Between the two, I'd say F75, although I've not used either.

The 55 will of course take perfectly good shots with a capable lens, but if you're serious about your photography, you may quickly find limitations in a cheap, budget model. On the plus side, it's not expensive to try out slr photography, and you won't be too out of pocket if you want to upgrade to a digital slr in the near future.

I toyed with buying a 75, but went for an F80. For a little more money I just think it's much more camera, more robust & better specified. And the grid lines really are useful, I leave them on all the time!

The secondhand route should definitely be explored, a lot of people are getting rid of good cameras as they go digital.

Nikonmania 15 57
3 Dec 2004 7:20AM

I have had a Nikon F55 for a couple of years, and its served me very well. I have a 75mm lense and a 75-300mm lense which just about does me. I use it for equine shows, portrates, landscapes, etc (the 75-300mm, giving excelent flexibility) the 3D Matrix is superb for catching moving objects, although you do have to have in mind what kind shot your looking for. The next modle up from this one has a more comprehensive metering system which manages a bit better. It all depends on what you want to do with it.

I wouldnt say that this modle is cheap in its features or build. I have used it in all the 'wrong conditions' for film photography and its done very well. Ive used more expensive cameras and I find (unless you are taking pictures for reproduction over the size of A4) that theres little difference in the results you get.
Also the lighter body build of the camera suits me as I have smaller hands and hate carrying around heavy camera kit.

NikonMan 15 149
7 Dec 2004 10:48AM
Go for second hand, i got my f90x kit for 260 including battery graip altough they are a lot cheaper now u could get the lot for around 160/180 's that is. i work for jessops and its mostly good stuff, i managed to get an sb28 flash for 50! id recommend an f80 2nd hand, f75 at the least you may want a battery grip too, this improves the overal feel of the camera and some have a vertical shutter Smile
quinny 15 167 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2004 2:08PM
Thanks for all your invaluable advice again it's really appreciated.
8 Dec 2004 2:08AM
I've owned an F75 for 6 months or so, and I love the little thing. It was my first SLR, and it's been a pleasure to use. There is in my opinion ample manual control for creativity, and whilst it's regarded as 'small' I've never personally had any problems ergonomics wise (though this is a subjective issue, so do follow earlier advice about holding any prospective purchases first).

I can only see two problems with it. One; there is no setting to have the camera leave the film leader out after auto-rewind. This is only a problem though if you want to do home processing (which I have just started doing!), and there are ways around it.

Two; everytime you read a discussion about the F75, about half of the contributers will tell you to buy an F80 for a 'little more money', and subsequently their is a danger of losing some degree of faith in your F75. I have seen this argument everywhere, and in some ways it makes sense, but it does depend on your definition of 'a little more money'. The difference, in broad terms goes as follows; an F75 with the basic 28-80mm G kit lens is approximately 240 in most places, whilst the F80 (with it's 28-100mm G kit lens) is 400 (though these relative prices can vary if you shop around). So that's 160... which may not seem much to the F6 purchases out there, but is an increase of 66%.

Neither kit lens is seen as particularly 'special', so you may want to go for the F80 body on it's own for 300-odd. Then, though, you have to budget for several more hundred pounds to get this 'better' lens, and if you're doing that, the extra 60 available from getting the F75 and replacing the kit lens could still be helpful. For example, 60 is nearly half the extra money you'd need to 'upgrade' from the AF-S 24-85mm F3.5-4.5G to the AF-S 24-85mm F2.8-4D, which is quicker and has an aperture ring (not that you need the latter on either body, but it adds flexibility for using the lens on older bodies). I think most people would say glass is more important than the body it's attached to.

Even if you don't invest the price difference in better glass, it's still enough to get a decent set of tripod legs (like a Manfrotto 055 if you shop around), or a good bag (Lowe Pro's or simmilar). Or you could make some headway into a filter set. Or whatever.

My point is that it depends on your budget, and whether the 160+ difference is a 'little difference' to you, or a 'bigger difference' that could perhaps be spent on other things that enhance your photographic opportunities.

It's just my opinion of course, and the F80 sound like a solid piece of kit, but think about the true economics first. It could be the money isn't so much of a problem for you, in which case get the 'best' that you can. Or you may have priorities in mind that steer you towards the F80 more. If you're really on a budget though...the F75 is a great little beast. Just be prepared to constaly read about how you should have gotten an F80!

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