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What do you class as digital imaging?

BOB S 18 2.6k
21 Nov 2002 5:25PM
Wheres Matt when you need him ?
If you send a Jpeg it is a FILE not an image.
Look at Matts question again and he asks about images not files.
Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
21 Nov 2002 5:31PM
Correct, it is a FILE. All digital images are files, as are digital sounds, video etc.
And a traditional photo is a PIECE OF PAPER.
so what ? It is called a photograph because of what is on the paper, just as a digital image is called a digital image because of the contents of the file.
BOB S 18 2.6k
21 Nov 2002 6:08PM
In his original question Matt asks -
"If this same image is then scanned onto a PC to add it to this site, is it then classed as a digital image, even if nothing has been changed?"
Well the answer has to be NO in the context of his question - yes it is digitised I grant you but it is NOT a digital image originally so how can it become a DIGITAL IMAGE.
You need to add one more option to your first response and that is "analogue image digitally converted"
In his response Matt says "Bob is right about my original question, does an IMAGE change to digital just because it is in a digital form."
Of course it does not change only its form is different and this is his question "does it change?"
Badger 18 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
21 Nov 2002 6:54PM
I've missed more than I expected on this discussion, took a while to read all the posts. I'd rather be here all day Bob, browsing this site but work drags me in all day. The best I can manage at work is a few minutes in my lunch hour.

Some very interesting thoughts thrown into the discussion. I understand Brian's and Bob's views on this question, it's certainly made me think more.
Bob would you class it as a digital image if it was altered in PS?
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
21 Nov 2002 9:14PM
It does not matter if it is altered or not the fact that it was scanned means it results in a digital image. I think you are basing your arguments on semantics and not facts.

By the way Bob my printer prints digital not analogue.

BOB S 18 2.6k
21 Nov 2002 10:01PM
So it prints 0's and 1's then ?

The printer images are built of dots but they mean nothing if they do make an image our brain can recognise.
This must be analogue.
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
21 Nov 2002 10:12PM
Yes, it prints "0"s and "1"s in groups of 32 so that each group causes the printheads to print a different coloured dot, when it has finished the result is "lovely" image that everyone can enjoy. Smile

Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
21 Nov 2002 11:01PM
Bob, you are misreading the original question.

Matt did NOT ask "does this CHANGE to a digital image" he asked "Is this then classed as a digital image". He NEVER asked "does this change".

My interpretation (and I think the only one) is that he is asking if the SCAN is a DIGITAL IMAGE, which of course it is. The original does not CHANGE to a digital image, but the result from the scan IS a digital image.

Using one of my rather dodgy analogies, imagine I make an copy of Michelangelo's David, sculpted in ice. (unlikely I know but bear with me). The sculpture in ice is a COPY of the original sculpture, but does that mean it is NOT an ICE SCULPTURE ? Of course it is. And a digital copy of a traditional print is a DIGITAL IMAGE.

Can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeease rest my case ?
Badger 18 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
21 Nov 2002 11:06PM
Brian, you've convinced me. My question was a little vague initially, but it has been answered ten fold.
Interesting anologies, but it worked.
Thanks to all for their input. I'm sure this post hasn't run it's course yet.
Digital1 19 93
21 Nov 2002 11:19PM

is it:

A) Joint Photographers Experts Group
B) Jolly Photograph Electronically Gathered
C) Jesus! Pete Ephotozines Good

BOB S 18 2.6k
21 Nov 2002 11:27PM
I submit - we have to agree to disagree on this point of detail.
However we seem to agree on the ICI papers thing and amount of ink used.
As we both live in the same county and I travel around a lot next time I'm near Hungerford we can discuss it over a beer.
Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
22 Nov 2002 9:05AM
Bob, what a superb idea.
pablo perez 18 67
19 Dec 2002 8:02AM
when the digital process has creative purposes it is digital art.digital photo is an image having digital and photographic process at some production stage. you can have a digital snapshot.
but in digital art theres more than just photography.
pablo perez 18 67
19 Dec 2002 8:06AM
you can take a non digital photo,scan that photo,process it by pc,print it on any material,retouch it physically,photocopy it,scan it again,process it again in the pc...and then,will you print it as a photo,poster,slide...?
maybe the term comes from tha last stage.
have ever seen the artists portfolios at polaroids site?

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