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What does and doesn't get liked *NO ARGUEMENTS PLEASE**

chriswebb 13 893 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2005 4:45AM

Quote:It's often the work that I can be really proud of that gets little attention, and the stuff that I wasn't too sure about that can get the most comments etc.

A photographer is most likely to be most proud of photographs which are the most thought-provoking or meaningful, but which because of that require a bit of time and effort on the part of others to fully appreciate.

The ones that get the most attention are those that instantly grab the viewer, while original or thought-provoking photos are largely ignored because most people can't be bothered to spend more than a few seconds on them.

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agoreira 14 6.0k Wales
31 Jul 2005 6:09AM
"Well done Frank - good to hear you got some sales already Smile"

Thanks Brian! There really isn't anyone visiting it, it's literally at the end of the line, so expected absolutely zilch, but I'm up to four so far, with someone wanting at least a 30" x 20" version. We're currently in negotiation on that one! Wink I'll probably frighten her off when I give her the price!
u08mcb 14 5.8k
31 Jul 2005 9:31AM
Does it surprise me that an innately subjective medium is viewed subjectively?

mwatkins9801 13 190
31 Jul 2005 10:45AM
that's always been interesting for me too- there are lots of dynamics at play here and it has all been discussed before. i think once one comes to terms with their own work, and the reason for doing it, clicks and awards suddenly have little meaning. that revelation was just as important, if not more, than any technique or lesson i have learned and photography is so much more rewarding to me now.
heatherb 13 23 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2005 11:49AM
it's funny that none of my favourite shots get much attention, sometimes i think that the best shots don't always stand out in the thumbnails the details are lost.
I have tried two shots just to get attention judging by what readers like and it worked they have been the most successful but they are still my least favourite. Now I look at the portfolios of the few that like my least clicked pics and find the most interesting and varied portfolios there, now that's much more fun
elowes 14 2.8k United Kingdom
31 Jul 2005 1:05PM
Some images get glowing comments when there are clear faults.

I feel it is good to encourage but it is short sighted when doing so not to comment on faults or poor presentation. Horizons out of level is one, often very obvious, sin which should raely if ever be committed.
IanBW 12 65 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2005 4:46AM
Oh My God!. I feel like I'm going to get slaughtered for this but

Quote:Some images get glowing comments when there are clear faults


Quote:Horizons out of level is one, often very obvious, sin which should raely if ever be committed

Surely it's down to the photographer, the image, the intent whether a horizon is out of level ??. If we all shoot so our verticals and horizontals are parallel to the edges of the frame, our images composed to the rule of thirds, and our exposures spot on according to the image histogram, where lies the scope for creativity ?

Photography is meant to be a creative medium, when it becomes rule or convention bound, that creativity dies.

strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2005 5:14AM
Well Ian you asked for it, but to be fair you have a point, in bits.

I think you need to distinguish between the "I set this off to an angle for artistic reasons" from the camera was squint.

Then to the rest of the conversation, is it healthy to adjust your photos to what is popular?
User_Removed 12 279
1 Aug 2005 5:33AM
Hey IanBW, a fellow newbie! Well, don't worry about getting slaughtered. I've still got plasters from previous posts!

The issue about the horizons is a good one though. There was a double-page fashion shoot recently (I think it was Marie Claire) taken on a beach during an obviously washed out day (sky was burned out, etc). All the shots were taken using innovative angles. Not one sea-horizon straight! It was amazing!

So, what gets liked? In my short time here it's pretty obvious. Puffins or Tits, but the latter doesn't always get posted in the wildlife section. And I agree with Sugarbird. I'm off to the bookies to place a big wad of cash on Kingfishers.
IanBW 12 65 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2005 8:05AM
Strawman, I haven't a problem in adjusting photos, but only so long as it's a case of adjusting to get something you think is right for your image rather than what other people might like. That's what all the tools we have at our disposal are there for.

Simon. Not really a newbie. I first joined EPZ in about 2003 but then went away for various reasons (mainly just not enough spare time to spend on the site, but also some reservations about whether I was getting worthwhile critique here to be of value).

Now I'm back and I think I've changed in terms of how I see photography, so (when I get around to posting some pictures - that time thing again !) I'll be posting things I like and I've enjoyed playing around with rather than pretty landscapes, colourful sunsets and cutesy wildlife.

Populism and good technique be damned !, lets see some originality !.

elowes 14 2.8k United Kingdom
1 Aug 2005 8:52AM

There is a considerable difference between an uncorrected horizon and one deliberatly squiffed for effect. There is a difference between the obvious manipulation of images for effect and images poorly manipulated with obvious signs left. There is no need to leave these faults. If you look through the landscapes you will see numerous examples of what I mean.

To praise images like that without comment on the faults is either lazy or worse and of no benifit to the photographer.

Landscapes with squiffed horizons need something special to work and I can't recall seeing one recently on this site.
tepot 13 4.4k United Kingdom
1 Aug 2005 10:34AM
If you are looking for attention/clicks/comments you need to upload pics of semi-naked/naked women, they along with pics of kids.....YUCK!!! seem to get a lot of attention.
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
1 Aug 2005 10:57AM

Quote:If you are looking for attention/clicks/comments you need to upload pics of semi-naked/naked women, they along with pics of kids.....YUCK!!! seem to get a lot of attention.

Is this based on research? This is not the case according to our figures... you can view the most viewed pics in the gallery, and it's a very interesting mix.
u08mcb 14 5.8k
1 Aug 2005 11:01AM

Quote:Is this based on research?

grrrmmppphhh Wink
elowes 14 2.8k United Kingdom
1 Aug 2005 11:18AM
Glad to see at least one female nude in there.

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