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What interests you most in photography?

ade_mcfade 15 15.2k 216 England
23 Dec 2009 12:17PM
Photography's probably got a more "diverse" population than any other hyobby - from artists to scientists, train spotters to clubbers....

But what interests you most about it?

To answer that question, you've got to think about what you talk about most when discussing photography.

could be...

Kit - talking about lenses and new cameras
Technique - talking about how you go about getting your shots
Business - talking about making money from photos, what works, what doesn't
People - talking about models or teaching others about photography
Processing - do you love playing with filters, blending shots etc. in photoshop, doing wierd HDRs?

Obviously, the end result is the photo - be it electronic, in a book or on a wall - so we'll not include that in possibilities, cause we would all answer that! So to get to that point, which bit rocks your boat the most?

And has it changed - were you a kit lover, but now into business....?

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rowarrior 11 4.4k 9 Scotland
23 Dec 2009 12:24PM
The travelling to get the photo is what interests me the most. Since I took on the mammoth tasking of teaching a friend how to use his 50D in record quick time the other week, I've discovered I knew more about technique than I thought though!
digicammad 16 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 12:32PM
Seeing new places, hopefully at their best.
Meeting new acquaintances and old friends
Capturing memories
Getting an image that makes people go 'Wow'
Coleslaw 14 13.4k 28 Wales
23 Dec 2009 12:34PM
What Ian said.
User_Removed 10 718 9 England
23 Dec 2009 12:36PM
Meeting people is always a pleasure, and discussing ideas with like minded models is a joy.

But i get a big kick out of planning shoots, tossing ideas around with models, discussing what to wear, colours, styles, themes.

Actually the biggest kick i get is when the model sees the images for the first time and actually loves the work we did, that has to be the biggest buzz i get.
mcgannc 10 389 3 England
23 Dec 2009 12:37PM
I suppose for me it started off last year as a desire to get some 'great' shots when I went to Iceland in January. I bought my 1000d in November last year and thought "I'll learn how to use this in a month". Have to laugh now though, as the majority of shots I got in Iceland were poor, and the others were average at best!!

But the key thing was that I found a real tangible thing to strive towards, which for someone who works in Insurance was a welcome break. So since then I have seen a real progression as I go from place to place, learning each time how to improve my shots next time. Culminating in some more recent shots from Scotland that I can honestly say I'm quite proud of.

So for me, it's all about the journey and being able to see a noticeable difference. I've just got a 7D though, and I feel like a rank amateur again as it such a significant upgrade from the 1000D, so I'm starting to try and focus on more of the 'technicalities' of shots - new years resolution is to learn more about different uses of light/flash as well.

Think I'm just rambling now but hopefully this answers the question Smile

ade_mcfade 15 15.2k 216 England
23 Dec 2009 12:45PM

Quote:Seeing new places, hopefully at their best.
Meeting new acquaintances and old friends
Capturing memories
Getting an image that makes people go 'Wow'

so "people" really in your case Ian

I'd ahve guessed that though - that kinda guy Smile

Reet - off up the pennines and down the other side now

TrevW 10 118 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 12:52PM
Quote - But what interests you most about it?

The satisfaction of seeing the finished picture, sitting back and thinking, "yeah! I like that. That looks good." That's what I enjoy the most. It gives me a buzz.
JJGEE 14 7.6k 18 England
23 Dec 2009 12:57PM
For many years taking the roll of transparencies out of the developing tank and holding up to the light to see the images I had taken earlier in the day gave me a "buzz", so to speak.

Originally it all started with holiday photos, so the interest was a way of looking back at the prints / projected transparencies re-living the trip.

Generally, the interest is getting out-and-about, some exercise and having a chat with people you meet ( sometimes bumping into other epz members unexpectedly Smile ) and deciding whether to take a shot or not and if so what composition, exposure, filters etc. to use.

Nowadays I am not that bothered with the "end result" as such, although it is a good feeling if some shots do not end up in the waste bin ( transparencies) or the trash can ( digital files) !
fraser 15 631 14 Scotland
23 Dec 2009 1:07PM
It has to be the search for the subject, whatever it is, and then seeking out how to make the best of it in terms of composition, colour (or B&W), exposure, texture, form and processing. A journey I've been on for 30+ years and yet I still feel I've barely started!
User_Removed 12 2.1k 7 England
23 Dec 2009 1:08PM
Interesting question. I think itís the process of creating the image. Seeing something and knowing itís a shot I want to take. Photoshop and equipment donít interest me really. I just canít get excited about technical details of cameras.

So, seeing the image and then clicking, looking at the finished photo and being happy with it is what interests me.
miptog 14 3.6k 63 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 1:10PM
At present its technique (both in capture and post process), as I am still on a learning curve. Subject matter is People and Studio work. Kit is simply becoming a tool to use and a means to an end.
brian1208 Plus
16 11.5k 12 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2009 2:11PM
For me its Technique and People.

Learning new ways of capturing the images I have in my mind and then sharing that with others, either in a one:one training situation or via craft markets and exhibitions talking to the people interested in buying my work.

My first love is still printing though, nothing beats seeing a new A3 print coming out of the printer, particularly if its a new image on new paper.
Franticsmurf 17 837 Wales
23 Dec 2009 2:28PM
I started off answering this by considering what I enjoy about photography - the process of getting to the location, setting up, making the exposure(s), seeing the end result and (hopefully) getting a 'wow' reaction.

But what interests me is slightly different. I'm interested in how photography works; the science behind it and the reaction of people to composition, exposure, techniques etc. Equipment and technque doesn't grab my attention as such, but I do like to know how something I like was created or how something I use works so I can get the most out of it.

A recent example is HDR. Like many, I've seen examples I like and examples I find false or 'overdone'. I wanted to know how the software works so I could control the level of processing and the results for myself.

I'm also interested in other people's work and the thoughts behind it. Not just how the photo was taken, but why the photographer chose that moment/subject/lens.

ade_mcfade 15 15.2k 216 England
24 Dec 2009 11:14AM

Quote:Generally, the interest is getting out-and-about, some exercise and having a chat with people you meet

A few peopel have said things along this line - the thihng is, you could do this by joining the Ramblers or just going for walks... and there's nothing wrong wityh it Smile

But what is it about the photography that you enjoy the most? What made you choose photography over just rambling?

It has to be the search for the subject, whatever it is, and then seeking out how to make the best of it in terms of composition, colour (or B&W), exposure, texture, form and processing.

That sounds like "technique" to me.

So no one's really mentioned "kit", which is odd because so many times on meets and going out with mates, people do go on about kit, the latest cameras and how much better they are than the last one... and on and on they go......

People keep asking me whether I've "upgraded" to a 5D mark 2... my answer is "why, is my photography that bad that I need a new camera?" Smile

Kit talk leaves me cold, I often don't respond or just change the subject as soon as it rises.

Now technique. That's the thing anyone who wants to improve should be concerned about. Things like learning about lens selection, exposure, correct focus, composition, using lighting and all taht good stuff is well worth talking about. Trying new techniques is what keeps photography fresh, you're in a position where you're not sure what the outcome will be, so it's exciting.

I love using off camera flash at the moment, be it light painting or lighting models, and to be honest, it's still quite exciting as I've bought light modifiers tro experiment.

People... that's a big part of photography too, having someone to share those rainy days with, or fthe excitinemement of that perfect sunset of course. Also, shooting people adds an interaction that I've never had before - getting people to move and put themselves in positions you'd never normally be able fo do is very strange.

Business... that's a scary one, right outside my con#fort zone there, as are many creative types I'd expect. But diuscussing that with people who have been there already is invaluable if you're trying to build somethning with your photography, it's probably the most important thing to talk about in fact. Forget lighting positions at events, talk about how to sell the photos - what printers to use, do you use a radio transmitter so the images are beamed straight to the PC and onto a projector etc. etc.

Post Processing.... I keep that simple, use masks and Curves top selectively add contrast and the same with sdharepening

Many sides of the dice with photography, but my favourite has to be the techniques - the "what you do" when out in the field.

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